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Citizenship By Investment Programs


Citizenship By Investment Programs


Montenegro Offers Investment Based Citizenship To Pakistanis

Why Choose The Montenegro Cbi Programme?

Those investors who would like to avoid the hassle and risks associated with the acquisition of real estate are offered the option with special certified funds. To obtain a residence permit in Portugal, you need to invest from € 350,000 in shares of a special fund . Of course, in this case, in addition to the investment amount, there will be additional costs, like duties and registration services. Portugal Golden Visa program, also called a residence permit by investment in Portugal, had become very popular in the last years. The first option is the purchase of real estate in Portugal in the amount of € 280,000 in a sparsely populated area, or real estate from € 350,000, built 30 or more years ago in the old center of Lisbon or Porto.

  • There are currently a few jurisdictions worldwide which provide citizenship by investment programs, golden visa, investor’s visa and residency solutions.
  • Furthermore, the reports suggested that the Cypriot government was knowingly enabling bad actors to obtain second citizenship under the program.
  • Through our vast experience, expertise and numerous services, we have been helping and facilitating business owners, companies and freelances.

As for the per-square-meter prices, there is a clear gradual increase from Ulcinj towards Herceg Novi. The citizenship by investment program of Montenegro is planned to be ceased at the end of 2021. To qualify for the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program, an investor is required to purchase government-approved real estate and make a non-refundable Contribution to the Government Fund of Montenegro.

Why Should You Consider Opting For Montenegro Citizenship?

In addition, the country already uses the Euro as its currency and has applied for membership of the European Union. I was most disappointed to discover that CIBC would not open bank accounts for people who had acquired citizenship by investment in St Kitts. The sole reason for refusing to open a normal bank account was that they apparently did not regard such people as proper/valid citizens even though they owned expensive property on St Kitts.

Montenegro citizenship by investment

The right to sell assets acquired for participation in the program at any time. The holders of investment citizenship have the right not to serve in the army. The right to work and conduct business in Montenegro without restrictions on the type of activity. You may hold leadership positions, be elected to government authorities. The “golden passport” of Montenegro is no different from the usual one received at birth.

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Full payment of the investment amount, any pending government fees, and the €100,000 donation. Low financial threshold, variety of investment options and the lowest property prices in Europe. Montenegro’s return to political stability in the recent years, and the imminent EU accession has resulted in one of the fastest-growing economies in the Balkans. The country ranks highly for quality of life including high standards of education and healthcare. It is a member of the NATO and has adopted Euro as the official currency. Montenegro is quickly becoming a key destination for investors seeking mobility, security and opportunity for growth.

The move sparked public criticism, but government spokeswoman Olivera Đukanović dismissed the concerns by claiming that other countries had similar programs. After Montenegro became an independent country in 2006, article Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD 12 of the new Constitution of Montenegro passed in 2007 established Montenegrin citizenship. The Law on Implementation allowed people who had dual citizenship before independence to retain that dual citizenship.

Citizenship & Residency

They don’t really have any other means of growing their economy and raising capital except through tourism and selling their citizenship. A citizenship by investment program is an instrument that a national government of any country in the world can utilize to raise capital and help their economy develop. Those who want to obtain Montenegro citizenship by investment must buy real estate approved by the state or donate to a specified public fund. The Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program was developed by the Government of Montenegro and was launched in 2019 as part of its ongoing efforts to attract foreign direct investment and increase economic activity in the country. Greece and Portugal are two of the ideal and popular golden visa programmes in Europe that are affordable to many budding foreign investors. If you can afford to invest millions, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are the best.

In the last few years, Pakistan has witnessed a surge among individuals and families that want to migrate to different countries across the world. Sable International has chosen to recommend the Boka Place development for investors as it’s designed to offer the best in urban living, with light, airy and open-plan homes in a hotel operated by Kerzner International. Montenegro’s favourable economic and political climate provides a solid investment opportunity, grounded by economic stability. The country’s impending EU candidacy demonstrates government commitment to both internal and international security and stability, resulting in a tangible return on investment for buyers. Brennon Nicholas, Montenegro resident and director at Porto Montenegro, says it’s a beautiful place to live, and the locals are welcoming to ex-pats. Other benefits driving investors include “the low personal and corporate tax rates capped at just 9%, the central European location, the safety of the euro currency and the natural beauty”.

Grenadian Citizenship Investment Options

As of 2015, around 90% of Montenegrin state-owned companies have been privatized, including 100% of banking, telecommunications, and oil distribution. Tourism, which accounts for roughly 20% of Montenegro’s GDP, brings in three times as many visitors as Montenegro’s total population every year. Several new luxury tourism complexes are in various stages of development along the coast, and a number are being offered in connection with nearby boating and yachting facilities. In addition to tourism, energy and agriculture are considered two distinct pillars of the economy. Montenegro plans to become a net energy exporter, and the construction of an underwater cable to Italy, which will be completed by 2018, will help meet its goal.

The apartments will feature an entrance hall, two to four bedrooms , a study, and a terrace with green plants. The “Hotel Kraljicina Plaza” is a modern remake of an old hotel that once was at the same place – right in the heart of the “Milocer Park”. The picturesque park is located on the Queen’s Beach at the Budva Riviera, not far from Sveti Stefan and Budva, a historic resort town that is very popular with tourists.

Countries Where You Can Buy Residency Or Citizenship For $100,000 & Under

No physical residency requirement before or after citizenship is granted and no need to visit Grenada during the application process. You can make a one-time non-refundable donation of a minimum amount of $150,000. This donation will go to the National Transformation Fund , a government fund created with the aim of developing the economy of Grenada. Our immigration specialists can help you choose the one that’s right for you. The US EB-5 visa is a route to permanent US residency for those looking to make a significant investment in the USA. It’s currently the fastest route to obtain a green card for you and your family.

If the citizenship is revoked, there will be no refund of the investment. Health certificate from doctor confirmation that they do not suffer from contagious diseases, issued in accordance with the regulations of the country in which the applicant is a national. Interested applicants must apply through authorized agents appointed by the Government. Montenegro is a beautiful picturesque country in south eastern Europe surrounded by Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and Albania.

CI professional team will assist and advise you with the collection of the documents required by the Government. Once the file is ready for submission, Government Processing Fees, Due Diligence and CI submission invoice are payable. E-2 Treaty Program signed between Montenegro and the United States which allows citizens of Montenegro to apply for an E-2 Investors Visa to reside and work in the U.S. Montenegro is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after destination for businesspeople seeking to invest, mobility, security and an increased quality of life.

Montenegro citizenship by investment

Montenegro is a full member of NATO, the UN, UNESCO, the WTO, and OSCE. The country is also significantly progressed in the negotiation process for joining the EU, a clear indication that Montenegro is harmonizing with EU member states and adopting new standards. In a world in which most things are only two clicks away, Montenegro is an extremely well-kept secret, a destination that has managed to maintain its mystery. It is for this reason that Montenegro’s association with luxury and elegance is fast attracting affluent travellers and investors, which is an incredibly exciting prospect for the country. Montenegro really stands out as a luxurious and sustainable destination.

The amount and procedure for payment is established by local government bodies. It all depends on the object’s location, class, how far it is from the coastline, and the rest of the 12 factors. What is the difference between the Montenegrin citizenship and Caribbean passports, or citizenships of EU member states, Cyprus and Malta?

Montenegro citizenship by investment

Government processing of the application and due diligence checks, taking between 4 and 6 months for completion. To apply for Honorary Citizenship Montenegro applicants must be at least 18 years of age, be of a good character with no criminal record, and have good health. An applicant may apply together with his or her spouse and dependent children, and, in some cases, dependant elderly parents or grandparents. Montenegro is the smallest ex-Yugoslav Republic country but one of the most beautiful and promising, having a wide range of investment possibilities with outstanding geographical diversities and landscapes.

Montenegro citizenship by investment

The slower pace of life means less stress and the abundant natural beauty only helps bolster that image of serenity. Montenegro is a country of lush natural beauty, perfect for the many nature lovers out there. If you love hiking, the “black mountains” – as the country’s name suggests – cover most of the nation and provide numerous opportunities to enjoy the gorgeous natural vistas.

Budimir Aleksić of the Poslanik Nove for his part complained that the government would “sell citizenship” while leaving 60,000 residents of Montenegro stateless. Stephan Meyer of Germany’s Christian Social Union also spoke out against it, and said it might threaten the recent moves to grant Montenegrin passport-holders visa-free travel within the Schengen Area. However others offered public praise to the programme, including Canadian ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia John Morrison, who compared it to Canada’s own visa policy, which has provisions for granting visas to investors. We have our own offices in all relevant countries and constantly monitor the worldwide situation. Montenegro’s citizenship by investment program is by far the fastest way for third-country nationals to obtain European citizenship. The entire process takes only three months from the date of submission of the application.

Montenegro is a member of NATO and is an official candidate country for EU membership. It is the fastest growing Balkan country with a powerful passport that gives visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 122 countries worldwide including EU Schengen Area. When talking about this project to the mass media, Premier Marković said that this new tourist complex is going to be one of the most beautiful such complexes in the region. “We promised that we would develop the whole of Montenegro, not only the coastline. Durmitor Hotel and Villas is going to make Žabljak one of the best tourist places in Montenegro and attract more foreign investment to the country”.

I approve that the above details will be sent directly to the real estate agent for this property. The eagerly awaited One&Only hotel, part of the Portonovi luxury resort and mega-yacht marina, will bring a new level of lifestyle elegance to Montenegro. It will the first One&Only hotel in Europe and is set to open in March 2021. In Portonovi, clients can purchase apartments starting at EUR 400,000 or One&Only villas starting at EUR 5 million. Investors are looking keenly to the future, considering how Montenegro will have evolved in five to ten years and banking on strong price growth and increasingly attractive yields.

The law covers aspects such as the procedure for applying for the residence visa, the documents required when applying for the status of a Montenegro resident and the rights acquired through the permit. To qualify for the program, the main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the application requirements, and make both a qualifying investment into a government-approved project and a qualifying contribution. By adding Montenegro’s exclusive citizenship program to the already impressive list of investment options law firm istanbul for HNWIs, the firm has further cemented its reputation as the industry leader when it comes to residence and citizenship planning. Similar to other programs, Montenegro has recently launched its Citizenship by Investment Program . This program aims to encourage foreign direct investment in the country. Montenegro’s newest neighborhood, Boka Place, provides an amazing investment opportunity to Pakistani citizens that want to acquire a second citizenship for travelling and are looking to invest for a better future.

It has a population of around 650,000, with a balanced mixture of Christians and Muslims. Its two main languages are Serbian and Montenegrin, but English is relatively well-understood on the coast and in its capital, Podgorica. €15,000.00 for the applicant; €10,000.00 for each family member, up to four members at maximum; and €50,000.00 for each next family member. Spacious and contemporary, Dukley’s distinctive open-plan interiors are constructed to the highest global standards using premium materials, before being outfitted with prestigious imported fittings sourced from Europe’s finest brands.

Montenegro citizenship by investment

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