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Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program And The Eu


Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program And The Eu


Montenegro Citizenship By Investment And Residency Programme

Once The Stringent Programme Requirements Have Been Met, The Applicant And Their Family Can Be Granted Full Citizenship

€450,000 if a project will be launched in the coastal regions of Montenegro and Podgorica, which are developed areas. Offering a comprehensive suite of financial and advisory services, APEX assists clients in navigating the complexities of international investing. Montenegro is an independent and sovereign state located in South East Europe. This Balkan country offers breathtaking views, amazing mountains and beaches along its stunning coastline. Find your bridge to a new world with Nysa Global’s immigration services. You will only need to travel to Montenegro once at the end of the procedure for the biometrics scan and to get your passport.

The new status symbol in today’s world is a second passport, or at least a second residency abroad. Currently No governments officially accept Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies for CBI schemes. Antigua approved accepting bitcoin, but the process still in the pipeline. Revoking citizenship means also passport is revoked which could lead to statelessness. All applicants have to undergo four tier enhanced due diligence and background checks for criminal activity and source of funds by governments and third party due diligence firms.


It is currently one of the countries with the largest economic growth rate in the Balkans. The specific procedure is different in each country but, essentially, it is similar to buying a passport. You agree to invest an initial amount of money in the country and, in return, receive Montenegrin citizenship. The amount of investment is determined by the government but is also affected by the profits that the State has to offer. If you invest €250,000 in this hotel and pay an additional €100,000 you will receive Montenegrin citizenship and passport within 3 months. The citizenship scheme is limited to 2000 applicants and will close by December 31st, 2021.

Montenegro citizenship by investment

Together we will be able to offer you the specialized help you require for your business start-up in Montenegro. If you are interested in opening a company in Montenegro with or without this program, you can rely on the support of our company formation officers. Our Montenegro company formation specialists can offer more information on the Startup Visa Scheme.

Latest Updates On Montenegro Citizenship By Investment Program

Montenegro is a republic country known for its beauty and promising nature. This country is offering an assortment of investment options for foreigners to acquire the citizenship of Montenegro. Terranova Global will provide you with a list of required documents and once these have been collated, we will process the application from start to finish on your behalf.

Citizenship nearly always comes with full civic rights, such as voting and due process under the law. While rare, it can also come with obligatory requirements such as military service. Your children must either be included as dependents under your residency visa, or they must secure their own residency visa as adults. Residency is temporary and can be revoked at any time through a change in policies or laws. Often, residency is contingent upon you meeting certain criteria, such as maintaining a full-time job in the country or paying an elite residency fee every few years and spending a certain number of days each year in the country. Americans may not need a second passport for visa reasons, but many love the idea of living in Europe or elsewhere abroad.

A candidate may apply with his family and in rare cases grandparents or dependent elderly parents. In this article, we would like to share with you why we think Montenegro Citizenship is a perfect investment option for you and why you should buy it. Budva during the summer becomes the “capital” of Montenegro and without exaggeration, it can be said that the entertainment in this city never stops. In law firm turkey addition to the local population that has much to offer, anyone who comes on vacation usually enjoys food and drink. All applications are submitted through intermediary agents such as Henley & Partners, which have been officially accredited to the Government of Montenegro for this purpose. Once received by the relevant government department, applications are processed within three to five months.

The cost for a family of four, including the main applicant is €10000. Property owners also enjoy low utility bills and several tax breaks to make the investment in real estate affordable. The process of purchasing real estate is also hassle-free and can be done in a matter of a few days. Through the program, there are no requirements for residency at any point before or after applying to be granted citizenship.

The first step on the way to acquiring Montenegrin citizenship by investment is completing the application form that can be found at the competent government agency website. The applicant cannot contact the country authorities directly in order to file an application for citizenship with them. The services of an authorized licensed immigration staying permit turkey agent shall be used. We are well-positioned to guide you in Montenegro on your path to success. If you want to obtain permanent residence, then you should live in the country for at least five years. However, note that during that period you should not be outside the country for more than ten months in total, or 6 consecutive months.

Montenegro citizenship by investment

“Montenegrin citizenship can be acquired by investing in a development project in tourism, which includes the construction of a hotel / mixed complex, and thus the creation of a hotel according to the condo business model. Montenegro economic citizenship program, allows foreigners to be granted the citizenship of Montenegro at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration through a designated investment. The Business Innovation and Investment visa is a permanent residency visa for those who hold a four-year provisional subclass 188 visa and are looking to continue to own and manage a business or investment activity in Australia. You are required to invest a minimum of €250,000 in a government-approved development project in the undeveloped northern inland part of Montenegro. You must invest a minimum amount of €450,000 into the developed area of Montenegro in the southern coastal region or the capital, Podgorica.

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