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You have a right to fight for full and fair compensation, and we can help you do it. With our practice focusing exclusively on personal injury law, our top-rated personal injury lawyers have won over $300 million for clients across the Garden State. As our results, excellent reviews from past clients, and reputation demonstrate, we have what it takes to handle your case. Aggressive and Thorough DWI DefenseWe leave no stone unturned when defending our clients.

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Our attorneys have helped associations and owners answer these questions for over 40 years. We will guide you through the difficult process of selecting experts and analyzing their reports to help you determine the value of your claim and whether it is worthwhile to pursue. At this critical time, it is essential to rely on knowledgeable and experienced attorneys, who specialize in construction defect litigation and have a track record of success.

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New Jersey truck accident can be heartbreaking because they generally involve severe injuries and fatalities. It is important for anyone injured in a New Jersey motorcycle accident through no fault of their own to consult with a New Jersey Motorcycle Accident Lawyer because, many times, the injuries are severe. No person shall operate or ride upon a motorcycle unless he wears a securely fitted protective helmet of a size proper for that person and of a type approved by the federal DOT. Such a helmet must be equipped with either a neck or chin strap and be reflectorized on both sides.

The divorce must be filed where either the plaintiff or defendant resides or where either is regularly employed or has a place of business. The law limits the authority of the court to grant divorces (known as a question of jurisdiction-can this court hear this divorce?). The law also dictates when the court has jurisdiction over a divorce proceeding.

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We are the only law firm in the state of New Jersey to own both the original breath testing machine, the Draeger® Breathalyzer 900, and the newer and currently-used Draeger Alcotest® 7110 MKIII-C. All of our attorneys have gone through the Draeger manufacturer training to become certified in the operation and maintenance of the Alcotest 7110 MKIII-C. Based on our involvement in the Chun litigation, we know the Alcotest, its significant flaws, and the best ways to have the machine’s results suppressed. Mr. Levow’s constitutional argument before the New Jersey Supreme Court was instrumental in obtaining the computer source code for the Alcotest. This is the first time anywhere in the United States or abroad that a breath testing company was compelled to provide the source code for a breath testing machine. This resulted in a remand of the case to the lower court so that Mr. Levow, the defense team, and the experts that Mr. Levow hired could analyze the Alcotest in detail.

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ERISA requires an employee to file an administrative appeal the denial of a claim, but the denial letter the claimant receives is often confusing. In some cases, the insurer provides a single page labeled “appeal” with the denial, baiting the claimant to simply write a one page appeal of the denial. ERISA gives the claimant the right to file an appeal within 180 days of the denial letter, AND to obtain a complete copy of their entire claim file from the insured, free of charge. Most claimants do not understand their rights when their claim is denied. We step in immediately when retained by a claimant whose claim was denied. Obtain the entire claim file, review it carefully and plan with our client what evidence to gather and how to most effectively lodge an appeal of the wrongful denial.

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Many cases are settled through pre-trial settlement negotiations. Those injured in car accidents do not have the necessary experience in assessing or negotiating an injury settlement, and hence, could undervalue or overvalue their claim. An experienced New Jersey car accident attorney is a skilled negotiator in these situations and ensures that you obtain the compensation you deserve. Now, we are Specialists in Criminal Law and are Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as Criminal Trial Attorneys. This means that we have passed the rigorous requirements for becoming experts in the criminal justice system of New Jersey.

We have studied with top forensic scientists across the country, attending comprehensive seminars, in order to help us identify and evaluate blood and urine testing issues in your case. Field Sobriety Testing QualificationsAll of the New Jersey DWI lawyers at Levow DWI Law are trained and qualified in field sobriety testing by the same agency that trains the police, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, Evan Levow is one of only five attorneys in the state, certified as an instructor in field sobriety testing, which means he is qualified to teach the police how to administer the field exercises you took road-side. The reason we underwent this training is to know the “testing” as well as or better than the officers.

Through the experience and persistence of our trial attorneys, our firm saved the client over $8 million after a lengthy jury trial. The Sloan Law Firm works on a contingency basis when handling personal injury cases, which means there is no upfront legal expenses and there is no attorney fee unless damages are recovered on behalf of the client. The laws in the 50 states provide for two categories of child custody. Legal custody is defined as the authority of a parent to make major life decisions on behalf of a minor child. Legal custody can be exercised by one parent or shared by both, depending on the agreement of the parties or order of the court.

It is also unlawful for an employer to require “more or different documents” than those required to prove employment authorization under the INA, or to refuse to accept seemingly valid documents. They may not, however, file a complaint of national origin discrimination with the DOJ if they have already filed turkish citizenship by investment a Title VII complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging national origin discrimination. Every year Super Lawyers selects attorneys from all firm sizes and over 70 practice areas throughout the United States. Straight answers – Our clients come to us for honest legal advice.

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Your case could result in a complete repurchase of the vehicle, a brand new vehicle, or significant monetary compensation. When you choose Kimmel & Silverman to represent your New Jersey Lemon Law claim, you’re getting 100% cost-free representation, win or lose. 🍋 Legal representation should always be 100% cost-free, regardless of whether you win or lose.

  • When you have a business and need to address any of the myriad issues that you face in the commercial marketplace.
  • Economists and financial experts have said that most people are one serious injury away from losing everything.
  • With offices in Edison, Red Bank and Toms River, we’re only a phone call away when you need us the most.
  • Attorney Steven Hernandez will review the details of your case to determine the most effective way to defend your rights and protect your freedom.

Sometimes plaintiffs decide that they do not want a Final Restraining Order because of all the serious consequences that are placed on a defendant if issued. Conversely, and obviously, if a FRO is necessary to protect a plaintiff’s safety and well being then he or she should move forward and pursue a FRO in court. Further, in some cases an agreement can be reached called “civil restraints” which resolves the case outside of court without the need for a trial or hearing. However, you may be eligible to file an appeal if a final restraining order was issued against you. In addition, after some time passes, you can file a motion to vacate the final restraining order based on a change in circumstances such that the restraining order is no longer necessary. A temporary restraining order can be issued by a Superior Court Judge in NJ when he or she believes a predicate act of domestic violence has occurred against a protected party.

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A ranking in “Band 1” by Chambers indicates the very top of the field according to clients and peers. Call the New Jersey criminal defense lawyers at the Tormey Law Firm for a free consultation about your trespassing charge. Reasonable fees and personalized service make us the perfect firm to represent your divorce, custody case or other family law matter.

Our office has recovered millions of dollars on our clients’ behalf. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a fatal accident, we will fight to protect your rights and hold all responsible parties accountable, from insurance companies to large corporations. With our firm, your initial consultation with a personal injury lawyer in NJ is always free. Have you or a loved one sustained a personal injury in the New Jersey area? It’s never too early to contact the experienced New Jersey personal injury attorneys at The Rothenberg Law Firm LLP. The aftermath of a serious accident can be very difficult. In many cases, families cannot pay the medical bills resulting from their loved one’s injuries.

The seller of the vehicle is in a better position than the buyer of the vehicle to assure that the representations with the purchase are accurate truthful and not misleading. The inappropriate conduct by car dealerships and other unscrupulous businesses cost customers millions of dollars in the State of New Jersey. Having a local lawyer makes a difference, which is why we have 11 locations across New Jersey and a new office located in Philadelphia. We deeply believe that communicating with our clients is the key to good business, and the key to winning cases. Given that internet background checks are cheap and simple, your criminal record is no more than a few clicks away from any prospective employer, landlord, girlfriend, volunteer organization, nosey neighbors, or anyone who cares to look into your past. Depending on the situation, I may be able to offer you this free consultation over the phone, or it may make sense to meet in person so I can carefully examine the police report and other documents in your case.

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This assessment determines who was at fault and how the accident happened. A New Jersey car accident attorney handles all of these arrangements for you to ensure you receive fair and equitable compensation for your injuries. We strongly advise that you do not speak to anyone about your accident without the advice of a New Jersey car accident attorney. They are your advocate and take care of all communications/negotiations between your insurance company and any other driver’s insurance company that was involved in your accident.

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Our New Jersey personal injury lawyers take the time to help victims understand their options for a financial recovery and how we can fight for the compensation they deserve. Thankfully, the laws of the state of New Jersey are designed to protect your rights. New Jersey provides No-Fault insurance coverage to all injured parties involved in an car accident.

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