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Real Estate In Antigua And Barbuda

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Real Estate In Antigua And Barbuda


Citizenship By Investment

No Residence Requirements

Citizenship by Investment – National Development Fund What is National Development Fund? Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program grants citizenship through 2 investment Options. Recently the Turkish Citizenship Code regulation have been amended and the prices have been reduced by more than half, making it the most sought after citizenship program in the Middle East. An interesting combination of memorable history and unusual art and architecture, Turkey blends in the impact of the east and the west. Turkey is a cultural hub of the Middle East, Central Asia, Mediterranean, and the Balkans successfully mixing modernism, global capitalism and democratic ethos along with its religious identity.

Alternatively, you can invest at least $ 400,000 in a state-approved real estate project that has been maintained for up to 5 years or up to the substantial part of the project. Finally, you can invest at least USD 1,500,000 or at least $ 400,000 (total investment of $ 5,000,000). Also, there are many countries you can enter visa free with these passports. Dominica has visa free access to more than hundred countries, St. Kitts, 132 and Grenada 110.

Saint Kitts And Nevis

Please note Portugal grants Permanent residence permits valid for 5 years for 500k euro and above investments, all investments below this will receive Temporary residence permits valid for one or two years with extensions. GV scheme offers path to become portuguese citizen after 5 years, while maintaining all investments plus passing A2 language test and no criminal record. Portugal offers a number of interesting investment options for investors. As of 2020, Jordanian passport had visa free access to 51 countries and territories in the world.

The information about your dual citizenship is kept highly confidential and secret. Caribbean islands don’t share any information with any third parties. Obtaining second citizenship through Caribbean citizenship by investment programs Turkish staying permit is fast and hassle-free. As for the state review, the application process is confidential, with no disclosure of or exchange of information, except where necessary checks are to be carried out by an authorized due diligence agency.

Antigua And Barbuda: 132+ Visa

For example, to visit South Africa, you can only visit using Antigua passport. One-time contribution to the National Development Fund – The government of the country established this to sponsor projects to diversify and support the national economy. CS Global Partners assists clients who wish to obtain citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis, providing them with the guidance and commitment they need to see their application processed seamlessly. Our team then ensures that clients who obtain their citizenship also apply for, and receive, St Kitts and Nevis passports should they wish to. Investments in real estate provide wider benefits for the economy of St Kitts and Nevis through direct and indirect job creation.

antigua citizenship by investment

Two or more applicants may make a joint business investment with an individual threshold of at least USD 400,000 and a total investment of at least USD 5 million. Under the Real estate option, you may choose to purchase real estate with a minimum value of $400,000. Real estate projects are approved by the cabinet once the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority have made a recommendation.

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Turkey is a candidate country but citizens does not have schengen access. Considering many CBI citizens do not move or live in the country, this factor may seem impractical. Nonetheless we felt this is important and safety is priceless and cannot be ignored at all. resident permit turkey Vanuatu has improved its position from bottom to fourth place tied with St Kitts. In 2020, Vanuatu has made great improvements to the DSP and VCP schemes by processing applications faster than any country in the world and increasing passport validity to ten years.

antigua citizenship by investment

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