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Seven Best Places To Get Residency And A Second Passport In Europe

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Seven Best Places To Get Residency And A Second Passport In Europe


European Citizenship

Fast Approvals: Investment Passport Processing In As Little As 60 Days

Antigua and Barbuda is known for the ease of access due to their international airport that serves as a terminal hub linking to other countries. You can travel to all Schengen countries visa free as well as Russia, Turkey and Singapore among others. Please note that in order to travel to USA, UK, Australia or Canada you will still require a visa. Until Montenegro joins the EU it is no possible to live anywhere else other than Montenegro.

Montenegro citizenship

The subclass 188 visa has five streams available through the Department of Home Affairs’ Business Innovation and Investment Programme, each requiring different levels of business experience and offering various benefits. The E-2 Treaty Investor visa allows citizens of Grenada to operate a business and reside in the US. Visa-free travel throughout the Schengen area to over 140 countries, including the EU, the UK and China.

Investment Program In Europe Countries

Discover opportunity and adventure as a citizen of Montenegro courtesy of the national Citizenship by Investment Programme. Buying a managed residence at Boka Place gives you a rare chance to participate in the scheme and gain citizenship to this extraordinary country. Moldova and Montenegro announced their new citizenship by investment schemes in July 2018 and set to open officially for applications in Oct 2018.

Montenegro citizenship

Montenegro is also one of the fastest growing economies in the region. With its fantastic location in the middle of Mediterranean and its new citizenship program, Montenegro is now an ideal destination for families looking for security, mobility and European lifestyle. Yes, Montenegro does allow dual citizenship and will never ask investors to give up their existing citizenship. Terranova Global will provide you with a list of required documents and once these have been collated, we will process the application from start to finish on your behalf.

Investment Type

The requirements for the Montenegrin citizenship-by-investment programme are a qualifying investment of at least €450,000 and a government contribution of €100,000, plus associated admin and processing costs. The government contribution is put into a special fund to help develop the more rural areas of the country, while the bulk of the investment would be made into a foreign currency asset that could earn you an income. The applicant will need to invest in development projects that are approved by the government. The investment can either be made in developed or underdeveloped regions. It is expected that investments secured through this program will further accelerate the country’s luxury travel infrastructure boom, with major upside potential to investors.

Finally, you need citizenship to be issued a passport for visa-free travel. Americans may not need a second passport for visa reasons, but many love the idea of living in Europe or elsewhere abroad. For instance, you can live overseas with a work visa sponsored by an employer.

Countries That Dont Allow Dual Citizenship

They also dropped the required donation for citizenship significantly, with the donation option now costing a mere $100,000 – the same as Dominica. Basically, it offers a simplified procedure to live part-time in the US as a business owner, and that makes it rather attractive to many people. Grenada offers visa-free access to China and is one law firm of the best citizenships for E-2 investor visa access to the United States. Just don’t forget that Dominica has additional fees that apply when one chooses the donation investment route. You make a donation and they’ll give you a passport in just two to three short months. Learn more about St. Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship by investment here.

The spouse, dependent children and dependent parents and grandparents of the main applicant are also eligible for the investment program at additional costs. Make an investment in an approved real estate project in either the mountainous Northern or Central region OR in the coastal Southern region. Your investment must be held for at least five years and the approved real estate properties are most likely to be hotels and resorts.

Our specialists can offer the necessary information on the requirements associated with obtaining Montenegro citizenship by investment in 2021. The Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Scheme is open to both EU and non-EU citizens. Moreover, this program implies one of the lowest investments among European countries. The program launched by the Montenegro government is one of the fastest ways of obtaining citizenship in this country. The most employed business form is the limited liability company which is subject to very advantageous requirements.

Our specialists in company registration in Montenegro can help you set up a company and apply forMontenegro residency. The main law related to obtaining a Montenegro residence permit is the Act on Registers of Temporary and Permanent Residents which was amended in 2008. The law covers aspects such as the procedure for applying for the residence visa, the documents required when applying for the status of a Montenegro resident and the rights acquired through the permit. The government of Montenegro provides protection to citizens who are persecuted in their home country and allows them to apply for a residence permit with the possibility of obtaining citizenship in the future. The firm also runs a leading government advisory practice that has raised more than USD 10 billion in foreign direct investment.

Is The Citizenship Reported To Other Countries?

Development projects in the field of agriculture and the processing industry. Porto Montenegro luxury waterfront development gaining massive international attention in 2020. Montenegro, with a population of over 620,000 people, becomes the 32nd United Nations member country to recognize some version of civil partnerships between people of the same sex.

Another European country where you can be granted citizenship is Cyprus. However, you don’t have to be a resident for a year and directly be a Citizen. You will be investing about EURO 2M into real estate plus donations of about EURO 75K. Cambodia is the only South-East Asian country on our list where you can be a Citizen if you invest. Cambodia perhaps has the lowest cost of living on our list but has the least powerful passport. The Montenegro-invested citizenship program is always temporary and the sunset date is December 31, 2021.

As this development project is carried out in the north of Montenegro, the investment required for acquiring citizenship in the country amounts to 250,000 euros. At the Government session held at the end of September 2020, three Turkish staying permit new resort complexes under construction were added to the list of Government-approved real property in Montenegro. Now foreign investors applying for citizenship of Montenegro have a larger choice of property that they can buy.

Montenegro citizenship

Montenegro is also becoming a key destination for investors seeking mobility, security and increased quality of life. Montenegro offers something to everyone, people can enjoy spectacular nature, this is a place for absolute relaxation and recreation. This is where people can absorb new energy and have great fun, adrenalin outbursts, competitive and research thrills. Montenegro is another pearl in the unique treasure chest on the Mediterranean. Your chosen service provider, will work with you to start compiling the application.

Montenegro citizenship

Then the investment program was closed after the international community criticised the government of Montenegro for issuing passports to applicants involved in corruption and fraud. There are also additional fees such as due diligence fees, notary fees, background check, advisor and lawyer fee. The amount of these fees depends on the size of the families who will submit an application. Investors will be issued permanent residency within 3 weeks and after 6 months will receive naturalization certificate for citizenship and passport. The citizenship acquired under the Montenegro Citizenship by Investment program is fully recognized by the Government of Montenegro.

The main applicant and family members must also hold full EU medical insurance to the value of €30,000 for an indefinite period. The E-2 Treaty Investor visa allows citizens of Montenegro to operate a business and reside in the US. You must invest €1 million into a qualifying Irish enterprise for at least three years. The enterprise can be an existing business, or you can start a new one.

Montenegro citizenship

To comply with its internal KYC policy, ARTON will request principal applicants and their spouse to send a clear copy of their valid passports and a CV of the principal applicant. Subject to successful completion of this internal procedure, applicants will be invited to sign a Client Facilitator Agreement with ARTON and will be onboarded for the process. Applicants must make mandatory contribution to an approved Government fund and to make an investment in a real estate development that is approved by the program. Tourism is developing into a major industry in the country with tourist arrivals registering a 10% increase in 2018.

Montenegro citizenship

Moreover, all those who start companies in here are eligible forMontenegro residency. So here is all the information that we have collected for you, anyways now you probably know what you want turkish citizenship by investment and what kind of journey is waiting for you. Just remember that the investment program is valid until the en of the 2021. It is paid by foreigners who have a “second property” in Montenegro.

Foreign investors interested in obtaining thegolden visa in Montenegrocan set up large hotels by investing at least 15 million euros in the region of Podgorica, with the condition of creating at least 80 jobs and have a minimum 60 rooms. Travel to Montenegro to submit residency and citizenship application and have biometrics collected. In case of approval, the applicant is invited to the process with the contribution and the investment. Offers fast-track residency in just 3 months, Montenegro citizenship approval in another 3-4 months. One of Europe’s most attractive destinations, it offers a high-quality lifestyle in a stable socio-political environment and eligibility for E-2 Investor Visa in the USA for a five-year renewable period. That will allow to obtain Montenegrin citizenship for investor, wife and children.There are additional costs for investor to pay.

Keep yourself updated for upcoming events, job fairs, exhibitions, technology, immigration, travel, education, fashion and music. Service for buying, selling and leasing of flat / house / office / shop / business / agricultural land. Successful EU membership is probably on the mind of those trying to get a Montenegrin passport today, especially under the citizenship-by-investment program. Those with more to invest often consider Maltese citizenship as well. Understandably, the strength of Montenegro’s passport makes it an attractive choice for frequent and adventurous travelers, international businesspeople and location-independent entrepreneurs. Montenegro’s citizenship-by-investment programme was always intended to be temporary and the sunset date is 31 December 2021.

Montenegro citizenship

Government processing of the application and due diligence checks, taking between 4 and 6 months for completion. It is not required to permanently reside in the country, but you will have to spend at least five days in the country during the period of five calendar years. According to the World Bank, Montenegro is one of the fastest growing economies in the Balkans and is quickly becoming a key destination for some of the most important industries around the world due to its strategic position.

Montenegro citizenship

Ranging from studio to one-, two- and three-bedroom homes, duplexes and penthouses, prices start from just 190,000 EUR. These airy and open-plan homes managed by Kerzner International give homeowners the promise of a modern and wellness-focused lifestyle, with beautiful outdoor areas, fitness centres and pool facilities, as well as restaurants. Montenegro has no restrictions on foreign ownership and offers one of the most favourable tax regimes in Europe. Boka Place is a new urban quarter in Porto Montenegro built with conviviality and wellness at its core. Here, the spirit of community is underpinned by a collective desire to live an active lifestyle among great friends in a warm coastal setting. With busy shops and cafés, world’s first hotel SIRO – immersive lifestyle experiences by Kerzner International, green outdoor spaces and new discoveries at every turn, this is a place where children play, revellers meet and laughter flows.

The list of such properties is currently inaccessible on the official website of the program – perhaps the perfect metaphor of the new the program and how inexperienced the government and its officials are in running it. A donation is not unusual when it comes to CBI programs and other jurisdictions. For example, Antigua and Barbuda will ask for the same, only the amounts will differ. So, if Europe is a focal point for you in terms of doing business, it might make more sense than buying a citizenship in St Lucia, for example. Heavily reliant upon tourism, thanks to its natural beauty, the country doesn’t have much other choice but to capitalize on its European location and quality of life.

Montenegro citizenship

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