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The Lowest Cost Second Passport Is From The Dominican Republic

citizenship 250.000 USD

The Lowest Cost Second Passport Is From The Dominican Republic


Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program 2020

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Thereafter, it takes only 3-4 months to be granted full citizenship. Most of this article has focused on those countries which are easiest to obtain citizenship by naturalisation and other affordable means. However, for those who want to speed up the process and have the financial capability, the Caribbean nations offer some of the most affordable and easy citizenship by investment options.

dominica citizenship

Single ApplicationA single applicant will be required to make an investment of US$100,000. VISA-FREE TRAVEL – Dominica’s Passport offers Visa-Free travel to over 120 countries, including all European Union States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Investing into The Residences at Secret Bay is a qualifying investment under turkish citizenship the program. Detached villas are also available for sophisticated investors looking for full ownership, with prices for those villas starting at USD1,221,000. The couple officially not married but having two common children cannot apply as a family for citizenship in Dominica. If marriage is not considered, either parent can apply with the children.

Dominica Cbi Application Options

If an investor is thinking about obtaining Dominica citizenship for a Russian citizen, there are no special requirements. He or she just needs to fulfill the general conditions of the program. In order to qualify for citizenship, you must hold authorised real estate for 3 years from the grant of citizenship. Furthermore, you may only resell that real estate under the CBI program after 5 years of receiving citizenship. The Citizenship by Investment Unit carries out the processing of the case during the period from 3 to 5 months.

  • The amounts quoted here apply to single applicants, and they vary based on the number and age of family members included in the citizenship application.
  • We are an official Government agent for the Dominica Economic Citizenship Program and have processed more economic citizenship applications in Dominica, since 1997, than anybody else.
  • Register as a buyerif you are interested in buying real estate in Dominica.
  • You are also required to bring $100,000 to one of the island’s banks in order to qualify, however you are able to spend this money while in Dominica.
  • Dual citizenship is allowed in Serbia, which also has a citizenship-by-descent program.

Due to their similar names and geography, some people mistake the Commonwealth of Dominica with the entirely unrelated country of Dominican Republic. Although both countries have fantastic weather and beaches, there is no Dominican Republic citizenship by investment program, and to the best of our knowledge the country does not offer any form of investor visa. Please note that the Dominican Republic passport is also substantially less powerful than the Commonwealth of Dominica passport, and does not offer visa-free travel to any EU countries. For this reason, even if a Dominican Republic citizenship by investment scheme existed, it would not be nearly as attractive for international travelers. Although Dominica is a cheap citizenship by investment country, they do not skimp on compliance measures, and their due diligence process is top notch.

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Children of naturalized men automatically derived Dominican nationality, but could renounce it within a year of reaching their majority. Foreign wives were unable to acquire independent nationality or naturalize separately law firm from their spouses. Foreign women who had gained Dominican nationality retained it even after termination of the marriage, unless they remarried, because Dominican law did not permit the expatriation of nationals.

dominica citizenship

It grants visa-free access to a number of countries, including the UK, all Schengen countries, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and more. Because Dominica is a full member of CARICOM, it also grants the conditional right to live in more than a dozen countries, including the Bahamas, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago. Government processing fees for citizenship-by-investment on The Commonwealth of Dominica are between US $50,000 – $100,000 depending on the number of applicants apply. Jungle Bay vacation villas start at US $2,00055 per unit inclusive of all property purchase expenses. Qualified buyers are eligible for Dominica citizenship under the CIP subject to meeting the application requirements and approval.

Citizenship By Investment Program

Dominica has no physical residency requirements in order to qualify. Within your application, you can include any dependent children under 30 years old. You can also include any dependent parent or grandparent, so long as they are over 55 years old. There is no managerial experience nor educational title required to receive your citizenship. Once you’ve received your citizenship by investment from Dominica, you can travel visa-free to over 125 countries, including the EU Schengen zone and UK. As a citizen, even if you are a non-resident, you will not pay extra taxes.

A unitary parliamentary democracy governs Dominica within the president, acting as the head of the state. The country is also a member of several international organizations, including CARICOM, OECS, and Commonwealth of Nations. Having been a former French and British colony, English is the official language within the country. Malta currently offers a one-of-a-kind program and has the cheapest EU passport that you can buy which gives you access to all of Europe through its citizenship through investment program.

Applicants making such a contribution are granted full citizenship for themselves and their family allowing visa free travel to over 152 countries including the UK and the EU Schengen zone. Supporting documents that are not in English must be translated by an accredited professional translator and duly notarized. A parent or legal guardian must sign for all applicants less than 18 years old.

dominica citizenship

The Government of Dominica monitors the construction progress of approved real estate projects and oversees all funds transferred to real estate projects in an escrow account to avoid mismanagement of the funds by developers. remains with the applicant for life, even if he/she decides to sell the real estate purchased. Yes, applicants are required to show that they have enough funds to make the investment.

Government Fund

There are no large commercial shopping centres on the island but there are shops which offer duty free shopping. Person can buy local art and craft souvenir from vendors at the craft market in Roseau, vendors at Tourist sites and other areas around the island, to remember Dominica travel. We will treat your case individually, and we will guide you every step of the way. We have huge experience and expertise in Citizenship by Investment programs.

We will be able to advise you on the preparation of the documents and how to have them legalised. You also must meet that being at least 18 years of age, of good character, without a criminal record, and able and willing to make the required contribution. Dominica citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 140 countries and territories which include Schengen, United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, South Korea etc. There are no capital gains, inheritance, gift or wealth taxes in dominica. Unless you live in dominica as a resident, there are no income taxes on your worldwide earnings.

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