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30 Countries Where Buying A Home Also Gets You A New Passport


30 Countries Where Buying A Home Also Gets You A New Passport


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Citizen Lane is your personal and competent partner for Residence & Citizenship by Investment. We will provide you with comprehensive support for the selection of the correct program for you, continuing on to its integrated execution. Contact us yet today to discreetly discuss your individual situation and needs – we will advise you and find the tailored solution for you or your family. It’s exciting to see more countries getting on board with these “digital nomad” visas!

Also, citizens who marry a foreign national do not have to give up their Afghan citizenship unless required by their spouse’s country. Those who become citizens of another country at birth may keep both passports until the age of 25, upon which they must lose their foreign nationality or law firm turkey they will lose Venezuelan citizenship. The UAE does not permit dual citizenship, except for those who acquire another citizenship at birth. Such citizens must enter and leave the country on their Emirati passport. The Solomon Islands recognizes dual citizenship only on a limited basis.

Faqs In Applying For Bahamas Tourist Visa

If you’re the parent or grandparent of a Canadian permanent resident or citizen, you may be eligible for a super visa. A super visa lets you visit Canada for up to 2 years at a time. It’s a multi-entry visa that is valid for a period up to 10 years. Great Britain-While the UK doesn’t offer a specific retirement visa, it does have many options for resident permit turkey expats who are looking to work, study, or invest in the country. For high net worth individuals, time to permanent residency can be reduced through investment to 3 or 2 years (for £5 million or £10 million, respectively). Belize-Those looking to qualify for permanent residency must spend a little under a year in the country prior to applying.

After completing the two-year temporary residency period successfully through whichever visa, you can apply for the permanent residency visa. The two easiest residency options that offer permanent residency from the first approval are the pensionado and Friendly Nations programs. All things considered Ireland qualifies as offering the world’s best citizenship-through-residency opportunity. Flag Theory is an internationalization and offshore solutions provider.

How To Get Turks & Caicos Residency

This information is provided as a general guide and is based upon information provided to the high commission by the relevant local authorities and may be subject to change at any time with little or no notice. The FCDO and the British High Commission will not be liable for any inaccuracies in this information. British nationals wishing to obtain any further information must contact the relevant local authority. There are a number of banks in Antigua and Barbuda and advice should be sought directly from them on how to open an account.

Panama residency gives you and your family the right to live, work, invest, and retire in Panama. However, if you plan to apply for a passport in Panama, for better chances of naturalization, we recommend you visit Panama every year. Some countries make you jump through bureaucratic hoops or require you to spend several months per year in-country to maintain your residency, but not Panama.

Frequently Asked Questions About Antigua And Barbuda Visa

For example, anyone arriving in Curaçao (which is considered a low-risk country) from a high-risk area must undergo a PXR test within 72 hours prior to departure. That’s because many employers felt that their employees wouldn’t be productive if they worked away from the office. Those who needed to work from home were given special permission for certain reasons, such as family or a lack of workplace accommodations. Many offering countries allow individuals to apply for themselves as well as for dependents. These visas are available to students and workers, although the costs and requirements tend to vary.

That’s a substantial improvement over similar programs in Latin America, which often require you to stay in the country for most of the year. You can also become eligible for citizenship in just five years, but you’ll need to spend most of your time in Panama if you’re interested in a Panamanian passport. With its strong offshore banking sector and low cost of living,Panamais one of the best places to get an easy second residency. Nicaraguan residence thus may not be the best option if you’re a frequent traveler, but if you’re willing to commit to living there, Nicaragua can be a great place for you to start building your business. However, to maintain your Nicaraguan residence, you’ll need to be willing to live there for six months out of the year. While you’ll need to deal with some paperwork, bureaucrats in Nicaragua are surprisingly helpful.

I’m on a mission to travel to every country in the world on my “weak” passport. As a digital nomad, I have been traveling full-time for over 4 years now. My knowledge and experience have helped many secure their visas and fulfill their travel dreams.

The long-stay Caribbean visa allows nationals who do require a visa and wish visit Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, St Eustatius and St Maarten to apply for a residence permit. A residence permit is required for visits lasting more than 90 days. The application must be submitted in person to the nearest German Embassy or Consulate. Before applying for the residence permit, prospective travelers must secure a German residence and register it with the local Residence Registration Office.

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