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Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program

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Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship By Investment Program


Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship

Getting The Help You Need For A Successful Application

Agricultural land is taxed the lowest, while the highest tax is levied on buildings other than residential. Besides, if you decide to dispose of your property at some point in the future, you will need to pay 7.5% stamp duty and 1-2% legal fees. Foreign nationals and companies, registered in and outside the country, can purchase a property in Antigua and Barbuda subject to holding a non-citizen’s license. Besides, foreigners have to provide a criminal record certificate from their country and also evidence of sufficient funds. A wide choice of properties includes waterfront villas, townhouses, beach cottages, apartments, land lots and commercial properties.

Partially vaccinated returning residents may be required to quarantine as directed by the Quarantine Authorities, which might include paying to stay in government quarantine facilities at a cost of XCD 82.00 per night. An applicant is only required to make the minimum investment irrespective of the number of dependents that are included in the application. Two or more applicants may together invest in one real estate property on condition that each applicant contributes an amount at least equal to the minimum investment required under the Option.

Do I Need A Visa?

If you want to head to the United States for every treatment, no matter how minor, then purchase a medical evacuation insurance policy which allows you to go to the hospital of your choice. However, if you are happy for local services to cover most of the potential treatments you may need, you can buy a cheaper policy. This type of decision is a matter of personal choice for what is right for you and your family.

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The other benefits of Antiguan citizenship include no capital gains taxes and estate taxes. The country is connected to major cities like London, New York, Toronto, and Miami through direct flights. That is why for the rest of 2020, Saint Lucia is offering a new citizenship by investment option. We have an in-depth article covering all currently available citizenship by investment programs that will give you a complete overview of all the options available to you.

Start A Business From Your Couch Right Now

The passport can be couriered at home or obtained at the nearest Consulate from the country of applicant’s primary citizenship. Authorities of Antigua and Barbuda do not notify the country of your initial citizenship in regards to your newly received passport and they guarantee confidentiality of your commercial activity. Citizenship Shop is a shopping platform for citizenship and residence by investment schemes. Malta is the only country that has visa waiver agreement with United States. If you are not interested in citizenship or your home national prevents you from holding dual citizenship, GV schemes will be the best fit for you. It will cost you EUR 100,000 in Govt processing and administrative fees.

Panama is considered by many to be the easiest place in the world to obtain residency through their Friendly Nations Visa program. You just need to come from one of the 50 eligible countries and demonstrate economic ties with the country to apply. Throughout the five years, law firm you cannot leave the country for more than 6 consecutive months. You will also have to prove that you have sufficient means to support yourself. For wealthier individuals, Portugal also offers a fast-track residency option through their Portugal Golden Visa program.

To request a telephone callback, please complete the contact form and a specialist citizenship advisor will be in touch as soon as possible. An investment into an eligible business, either as sole investor or joint investor. Antigua & Barbuda’s attractive tax regime offers freedom from inheritance tax, capital gains tax and wealth tax. Apply for your next Citizenship and get the best protection for life, money and freedom in just a few months time.

This is one of the few countries which offer a Golden visa or citizenship by investment. As one of the newer programs in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda’s citizenship by investment program offers a direct route to dual citizenship that cherry picks the best aspects of older CBI programs in the Caribbean. Please note that The Passport Office reserves the right to request additional information during the application process. Emergency processing is also available, and applicants can get their renewal in three to five business days at an extra cost.

What Is A Passport Card?

There are currently a total of 122 Antigua and Barbuda passport visa-free countries, 30 Antigua and Barbuda visa-on-arrival countries, and 1 eTA destinations. Since the client wanted to include children and a spouse in the application, the Antigua program was law firm turkey the most favorable option for him. Saint Kitts program was also attractive for the client, but as soon as he contacted us in mid-March, it was impossible to collect the entire package of documents and submit it before the special offer’s expiration date .

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For travel to the United States on a temporary basis, including tourism, temporary employment, study and exchange. Frequent travelers and travelers to certain Middle East countries are eligible to obtain a second passport with limited validity. Select this option if your most recent passport was stolen, and learn how to have a replacement passport issued. For a single applicant or family up to 4 members US$100,000 contribution .

A member of NATO with a fast growing economy, with a minimum investment of only EUR 350,000 this investment citizenship program will definitely be one to consider. The cost of acquiring citizenship by investment in St Kitts and Nevis has been temporarily reduced. A family of four can now qualify for second citizenship in St Kitts by making a fund investment of only USD 150,000 .

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An Enhanced Driver’s License is a special driver’s license that can be used for both driving and as a travel document. An EDL comes in handy for domestic travel within the United States and can even be used for travel to the Caribbean via a cruise. An EDL will allow you to re-enter the U.S. from Canada, Mexico and some countries of the Caribbean. At time of publication, all of the above memberships can be used as identification when embarking on a cruise to Antigua. However, none of the Trusted Traveler programs will replace the passport when flying to Antigua. All air travelers need a passport to travel to Antigua, much like with all non-U.S.-administered destinations.

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All arrivals to Dominica who provide false information on the health questionnaire are subject to a penalty of EC $1,000 or three months imprisonment. Vaccinated travelers must also present their vaccination certificate upon arrival. YesTravelers from High, Medium, and Low-Risk countries are required to submit a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken hours prior to arrival.

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