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Law Firm Vukmirović Mišić Becomes Jpm Partner In Montenegro

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Law Firm Vukmirović Mišić Becomes Jpm Partner In Montenegro


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The substantive test against which the admissibility of the concentration will be assessed requires that the negative and positive effects of the concentration be weighed and balanced. Consequently, the efficiencies stemming from the concentration need to be taken into account by the Agency in order to assess its admissibility. Efficiency considerations can also be seen in the decisional practice of the Agency, as it analyses possible efficiencies resulting from the Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD concentration in its decisions. However, to the best of our knowledge, significant attempts to substantiate and/or quantify efficiencies have not yet been undertaken by the Agency. If an undertaking performs a concentration without prior clearance of the Agency , it may be fined 1–10% of its total annual turnover in the financial year preceding the violation. The responsible persons within the undertaking in violation may be fined in the range of EUR 1,000–4,000.

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He has advised on the launch of various real estate and commercial businesses, including for regulated markets, and is experienced in setting up joint venture relations and their respective corporate structures. Wolfram’s practice involves M&A, restructurings, real estate transactions, loans and securities. He has set standards in the legal design of local individual sales and property maintenance of large residential developments. Wolfram serves as a trusted lawyer to the Podgorica Embassies of Austria and Germany. He co-authored the Montenegrin chapter of the International Real Estate Handbook.

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There are blockchain frameworks which would not satisfy the above-mentioned criteria by their very nature. For example, certain frameworks employ pseudo anonymity, so it could be argued these frameworks are not capable of identifying the signatory. Furthermore, ZET states that when an electronic message or an electronic form is used to conclude an agreement, such an agreement cannot be contested for validity simply because it is in an electronic form. The Law on Obligations overlooks the conclusion of agreements electronically.

She attended Faculty of Law in Podgorica, University of Montenegro where she obtained her Bachelor law degree. She is currently at specialist studies, and she will get graduation degree this year. She graduated from Faculty of Law in Podgorica, University of Montenegro where she obtained her Bachelor law degree too. The government worried about fallout from the new release, according to a letter from officials released by local media. The revelations from the Pandora Papers could further damage Panama’s reputation, after the Central American country’s image already took a hit in a previous round of financial scandal reporting known as the “Panama Papers” five years ago.


Main applicant owns 100% of the legal entity conducting the business innovation project in the U.S. We have an organizational structure unique to our jurisdiction, which is one of the reasons why highly sophisticated clients choose us for the most challenging legal assignments. My case manager Ruby was a Godsend on those days when I felt the walls were literally closing in on me.

For now, we just need contact information for the main person with whom you dealing in this transaction. Do you intend to sell something to your family for a sale price price similar to the price you would expect to receive in a sale to someone outside your family? Their various issues Turkish work permit we would need would address, depending on your answer to this question. We just need to know what you want to do so we can advise how to do it with minimal problems. It is difficult for a lawyer to prepare for hearing on short notice, so please provide the date shown in the notice.

Furthermore, the Agency may, upon a reasonable request of the notifying party, render a decision with urgency if it is necessary for the protection of that party’s rights or the assets of the acquired undertaking. However, there is little practice in respect of transactions resident permit turkey concerning a public offer, and due attention needs to be exercised in all instances where control is acquired over a joint stock company. The oldest commercial law firm in Serbia and the best for combining local knowledge with regional prominence and a global perspective.

Make your business stand out with high-quality photos from professional photographers. Get direct access to answers, lessons, and advice from the best minds in modern business. The Paralegal/Articling student mainly supports the Senior Associates of the Legal function in maintaining and organizing files, conducting legal research, and drafting documents. On 29 May 2014, the Slovenian (Karel Erjavec & Roman Jakič) and Croatian (Vesna Pusić & Ante Kotromanović) foreign and defense ministers sent a letter to the Secretary General of NATO, stressing the importance of inviting Montenegro into NATO. The Slovene defense minister also stated that he expects Montenegro to receive a NATO invitation during NATO’s 2014 Summit in Wales.

After that, Schoenherr moved into other jurisdictions and opened offices in Bulgaria , Hungary , Czech Republic , Poland , Slovakia , Moldova , Turkey , and Montenegro . Furthermore, the law firm has country desks for Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Ukraine. In the early 2000s, Schoenherr established co-operation partnerships in Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia as well.

Until now, the employer could not terminate the employment agreement only with reference to the woman on maternity leave. Likewise, an employer cannot declare a woman on pregnancy maintenance as redundant. If it is necessary for the employer to perform a particular job without delay, the employee may be temporarily assigned to other appropriate jobs on the basis of a written order of the employer, without offering an annex to the employment agreement. This assignment can last for a maximum of 30 days and for a period of 12 months, in which case the employee retains the salary determined for work position from which he is deployed if such amount is more favorable to the employee.

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