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Antigua And Barbuda Government Denies Media Report Regarding Fake Passport

Antigua Cip Investment

Obtaining a second passport is much more than a declaration of dual citizenship, it is a gateway to a whole new world. Through Citizenship by Investment, you will be able to embark on a new adventure full of new possibilities from flourishing businesses to traveling freely without a visa or restrictions. Applicants are required to reside in the country for at least five days over the next five years from their application date.

antigua passport

Not many people choose to invest in real estate on the island and go for a donation to the government fund instead. Real estate has no residency requirements but must be held and maintained for a minimum of five years. Fees should be in postal money order or international money order made payable to “Government of Antigua and Barbuda” . Processing period for the issue of a visa is normally 10 business days. However, applicants who are in possession of a green card, or H-1 visa can pay an additional $20.00 for 2 day express service.

Visa Free Countries For Antigua Passport Holders

These agencies use various international and local sources such as Interpol, World-Check and other Government agencies. These fees are payable upon the submission of the application. How long did it take to pass the Antigua Citizenship application procedure? It took eight months from the conclusion of the contract up to obtaining citizenship and passports. If you are a Commonwealth citizen who has lived in Antigua and Barbuda for 7 years in good standing you can apply for citizenship. Antigua and Barbuda citizenship also allows you to live and work in any of the 12 member states of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS.) without visas, work permits, or residency requirements.

antigua passport

When driving or arriving by train, bus or boat, Green Card holders do not need a visa or an eTA, but they will need to bring proof of their permanent residence. Dual Canadian-Antiguan and Barbudan citizens need a valid Canadian passport to travel to Canada. All guests travelling to Antigua and Barbuda on vacation are required to stay at a certified accommodation property. If on arrival a guest cannot provide proof of stay at a certified property, guest will be required to make alternate arrangements at an approved property. If not, the guest will be required to quarantine at a government facility.


No time restriction on when a dependent may be be added to an application. NDF processing fee becomes $30,000 for families with slight increase. In case you usually wear prescription glasses, you can keep them on.

A certified copy of each applicant’s birth certificate is usually requested by the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program, however, in special cases older family records can be acceptable. Direct flights to Antigua from major cities such as London, New York, Miami, and Toronto are already available. As Antigua and Barbuda gains popularity and increases their tourism industry, there will likely be more cities added to the direct flight list. The largest airport in the country, VC Bird International Airport , is located very close to St. John’s, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda.

Do You Need A Passport To Visit Antigua As A U S Citizen?

Further information is also available from the National Travel Health Network and Centre . General information on travel vaccinations and a travel health checklist is available on the NHS website. You may then wish to contact your health adviser or pharmacy for advice on other preventive measures and managing any pre-existing medical conditions while staying permit turkey you’re abroad. At least 8 weeks before your trip, check the latest country-specific health advice from the National Travel Health Network and Centre on the TravelHealthPro website. Each country-specific page has information on vaccine recommendations, any current health risks or outbreaks, and factsheets with information on staying healthy abroad.

antigua passport

If the child is too young to sit up, you will have to hold him/her. You cannot wear anything on your head when you are taking your passport photo. Of course, if your religion does not permit you to keep your head uncovered, you can keep your headwear.

Yaroslav’s application for the UK police record was prepared by our partner lawyer in London, and the young man only had to sign the papers, which was very welcome seeing his tight academic schedule. The State programme of Portugal provides residency rights in exchange for a real estate investment of EUR 500,000. And even though these investments can be reclaimed later , the programme demands that all naturalisation applicants learn the Portuguese language. And despite Portugal’s fascinating culture, our Clients had other life plans and in the future saw their lives concentrated around the British Isles and their culture. Besides, obtaining Portuguese citizenship would take as long as six years. Before applying to us for help, Yaroslav and his permanence in the UK were completely tied to the duration and conditions of his student visa.

antigua passport

Each country has their own passport expiration rules and entry requirements. This kind of personal service is not available in every country. You should check your country’s passport website to know if you can check your passport expiration date online. You could be refused entry to a country even if your passport is valid and will still be valid by the end of your stay. That’s because a non-expired passport is not synonymous with passport validity. The Hungarian Residency Bond Program has been placed on moratorium by the nation’s Government.

Guidance is also available from NHS on the FitForTravel website. Local attitudes towards the LGBT community are mostly conservative throughout the Caribbean. Public displays of affection (such as hand-holding or kissing) between opposite or same-sex Turkish work permit couples are uncommon. LGBT travellers should be mindful of local attitudes and be aware that public displays of affection may attract unwanted and negative attention. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel.

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