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St Kitts And Nevis’ Citizenship By Investment Programme Ranked As Best By 2021 Cbi Index

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St Kitts And Nevis’ Citizenship By Investment Programme Ranked As Best By 2021 Cbi Index


St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship

Additional Fees For St Kitts And Nevis Citizenship Options

The total debt burden the island incurred comes approximately 185% of its GDP. To overcome such poor condition, government has elevated the processes to develop the economy through making improvements in tourism, offshore banking, incorporation, insurance, asset management, agriculture etc. Citizenship program is one of the improvement activities of this kind that comes up with innovative benefits and second passport features to participants round the globe. St. Kitts is one of the islands belong to the Caribbean Federation and known for tropical heaven surroundings, which is blossoming and fertile with a South Pacific ambiance. St. Kitts Real estate is highly accepted among worldwide investors due to its opulent landscape and other unique features. Mount Liamuiga locates in the mid of St. Kitts, which is a dormant volcano lending to a riotous tropical forest.

st kitts citizenship by investment

St Kitts and Nevis has the oldest citizenship by investment program in the world. It was first established in 1984 still continues running even after 35 years. The citizenship by investment unit may request for a personal interview of the candidate at its discretion before approving the application. Such interview may be either held in St. Kitts & Nevis or in any diplomatic or consular post of St. Kitts & Nevis. A police certificate to indicate no criminal record needs to be submitted during the application process.

Legislative Framework For Citizenship Of Saint Kitts And Nevis:

To qualify for citizenship, the primary applicant must be over 18 years old, of good character, without a criminal record, and make an investment or contribution in one of the qualifying investment options. First of all you have to pay the entire amount only if your application is approved by citizenship unit. If you decide to halt the process in the middle, initial payments anddue diligence fees and processing fees will not be refunded. If you have lived in any other country in the past 10 years, you have to obtain, “certificate of no criminal record” in all the countries you have lived in the past 10 years.

st kitts citizenship by investment

Income, wealth, and inheritance are all tax-exempt and non-residing citizens of St Kitts & Nevis can benefit from their territorial tax system. Ask questions and get answers about international tax, asset protection, company formation, offshore banking, payment processing, residencies, or citizenships. St. Kitts and Nevis are mountain siblings that represent two sides of the same coin. Both islands offer a secluded and relaxing retreat that can be seen in a day but explored in life. 3.Fill out an original application for each applicant and send by courier to the Local Processing Agent along with all necessary supporting documentation.

Choosing The Best Real Estate Agent

Under the real estate option persons and families who invest US$400,000 in approved real estate projects and pay taxes and fees averaging over US$100,000 are eligible to apply for citizenship. The minimum real estate investment required on the basis of an investment in real estate is US$400,000.00 for each main applicant. Two or more applicants may apply for citizenship by investment together by purchasing one piece of real estate provided that each main applicant contributes the minimum investment law firm of US$400,000.00 towards the investment. For the St. Kitts citizenship program there is no standard requirement for the main applicant to travel to the country, but if the government deems an interview necessary, you will be required to visit. Otherwise, voiding an interview, all you need to do is provide all necessary documents and forms C1, C2, C3 and C4. As the agent, we will provide all forms, the support and information necessary to get the economic citizenship application completed.

st kitts citizenship by investment

Caribbean passports are gaining popularity among high-income people looking for alternative safe places for residence and investment. The countries in the Caribbean are among the easiest to get citizenship. One of the most significant advantages of holding a Caribbean passport or citizenship is travelling freely among 120 countries. An individual with dual citizenship is a national of two countries at the same time.

Citizenship Comparison

In a world of increasing globalization, more and more people are seeing themselves as global citizens of the world rather than as strictly national citizens. For them borders are not barriers and the ability to live, work and travel around the world is entirely within reach and desirable. Finalising and closing an investment property here will occur once you have been granted approval and your passport has been issued. To qualify for this programme, firstly, you will have to make a non-refundable contribution of about USD 150,000 against the SGF or Sustainable Growth Fund for one applicant or a family that has up to four members.

So, you don’t need to worry about losing your first passport if the country of your first citizenship doesn’t allow dual citizenship. Also, if you prefer to keep your second passport under wraps, St. Kitts will ensure that this is the case. That may be enough of a justification for others to choose the real estate option, but it’s also important to note that each approved property has differing investment costs. Some stay around the $400,000 range, but the majority of the properties’ investment costs are much higher. There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these options for the citizenship by investment program in St. Kitts and Nevis.

The “Platinum Standard” Citizenship by Investment Programme helps to fund community-focused projects that drive economic growth for local people and investors. It also guarantees increased mobility, sustainable investment opportunities and greater economic freedom for successful applicants. Today, St Kitts has become one of the richest caribbean nations in terms of per capita, attracting a number of HNWI to its shares with tax free benefits.

Apart from these, investors are also not asked to pay taxes for income, capital gains, gift, or inheritance. Buying properties at St. Kitts includes many reasons and one significant reason is fixed investment. It is more beautiful, comfortable and heavenly place than any other Caribbean islands.

St Kitts And Nevis Citizenship Benefits By Residency

The above mentioned include all government and due diligence and application fees. Under the economic citizenship programme St Kitts and Nevis, married couples are required to provide an Affidavit of support and a Marriage Certificate. If the applicant is divorced, he or she is required to provide a Divorce Certificate. A resume showing education and technical or professional experience where applicable must be prepared for every applicant who has not yet reached the age of 18. Health certificates are also a requisite and must be submitted for all applicants of the St. Kitts and Nevis economic citizenship programme. An HIV test must be taken, the results of which must be included in the health certificate.

There is a double taxation agreement between Russia and St Kitts and Nevis. An investor can choose the country under whose laws the taxes will be paid. US$3,500.00 for each applicant which must be paid to Government to cover its costs for conducting background checks on each applicant who is over 16 years of age.

Saint Kitts And Nevis: 133+ Visa

Citizenship by investment at St. Kitts has been established in 1984 by the Federation of the country. As per records, this is the longest citizenship program of this kind in the world. Designed for rural development, this investment program stimulates the growth of tourist industry and attracts more investors to the real estate field. St. Kitts government encourages foreigners to apply for this investment program by either investing in the real estate or donating to the Sugar Industry.

Harris further stated that the island country has built an environment that allows investors and their family members to participate and have easy access to the rest of the international community. The majority of our refusals are for security concerns, which have been flagged by the CBI programme’s various international law partners and internal mechanisms. Other denials are due to visa refusals from countries that St. Kitts and Nevis has visa free access or also due to previous criminal records, fraud, and situations that would represent a reputational risk to St. Kitts and Nevis. Saint Kitts & Nevis citizenship also confers very useful travel document. The passport gives you visa-free access to more than 120 countries, including all 27 members of the EU. If you have British ancestry, a St. Kitts & Nevis passport may also entitle you to live and work in the United Kingdom.

Once the Investor provides the evidence of the funds transferred to Escrow, the Authorized Agent passes it to the CIU and the office of Prime Minister issues Certificate of Naturalization and provides it to the Authorized Agent. In order to apply for the citizenship of St. Kitts & Nevis, an Investor should contact an Authorized Agent that will represent his interests under the Power of Attorney. Have at least 5 years of business association or affiliation as a result of his/her direct investment. Have made an investment of USD 1 million or more in a business in Seychelles. No tax on IBC’s and corporations conducting business activities offshore.

st kitts citizenship by investment

The first stage of the document collection can differ in length depending on the applicant’s ability to gather the documents. Additionally, you are required to make a non-refundable donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund or make an investment in government-approved real estate projects. The prime minister said the programme allows investors and their family members enjoy full citizenship for life, which can be passed on to future generations by descent. One new development has been the provision of alternative investment options giving investors the opportunity to contribute to different sectors that ultimately help our people. Thanks to these unparalleled efforts, the country is looking forward to materializing its reopening plans. We we work closely with our bank partners in St Kitts & Nevis to assist you in getting funding for your second passport.

The second option is to invest in pre-approved real estate, which is selected by the government and usually includes hotel shares and apartments. For years, citizenship by investment in the Caribbean has attracted investors who trust the programmes and who want to enjoy mobility and a stable and peaceful life. A lot of independent countries these days make and implement citizenship by investment programs to make people of high worth easier to earn a dual citizenship by making a direct donation to the country.

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