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10 Questions About St Kitts & Nevis Passport And Citizenship By Investment

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Full relevant information on each of the stages of obtaining the status of a citizenship, a complete list of required documents, the ability to add dates for filing documents. The application process may take as little as 90 days but may be delayed for cause. Applicants will be kept appraised of the status of their applications through their authorised person. All permitted dependents can be included in your application for economic citizenship.

st kitts citizenship

Fills out questionnaires , information from which is necessary for filling out government forms for the application for a St. Kitts citizenship by investment. Signs government forms filled in by the company and ready for submission. Reviewing this information will take minutes, however this is the most comprehensive guide which will give you the answers to each question that you might have.

Saint Kitts And Nevis: 133+ Visa

The citizenship and passport application process does not require the applicant to travel to St Kitts and Nevis. The issuing of a power of attorney to us will mean that we can resolve any issues locally and we will take care of everything. Government contribution $100,000 or real estate investment from $200,000 and quick processing time, with money recoverable after 3 years. After you get an approval in principal, you will need to make a relevant investment. Once your passport application is approved, your passports will be sent to us and we will forward them to you. It means you and your family do not need to travel to the Caribbean to collect your documents.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss the whole process of obtaining residency or citizenship in St Kitts and Nevis, which is also a popular expat place. We have talked a lot about how to get citizenship in different countries, some of the options are naturalization or marriage, but we will be mainly focused on one of the most possible options – investments. These 156 visa-free destinations include the European Union as well as the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia and practically all of South America. Some additional government fees and bank charges also will need to be paid. Usually, these expenses are quite small and depend on the number of the family members and their age. Real Estate Investment is one of the most popular citizenship acquisition options, however, there are certain additional taxes that apply.

Updates On The Review Of The Application

To qualify for citizenship under the real estate option the government requires applicants to make an investment in designated, officially approved real estate. The government of St Kitts also offers the Accelerated Application Process which was approved in October 2016. This allows applications to be accelerated to a 60 day turkish citizenship by investment processing period, with some applications completed in as early as 45 days. The processing fees under the AAP are; US$25,000 for the main applicant, US$20,000 for any dependent above 16 years and US$500 for any dependent under 16 years old. The application process is between four to six months, making it relatively fast.

st kitts citizenship

Kitts and Nevis citizenship applicationprocess can guarantee results via a smooth and tested process. These schemes are beneficial for the country’s involved too, which stand to make substantial economic gains alongside enhancing their cultural scope through a greater diversity of people, ideas and backgrounds. It’s the ultimate example of a mutually beneficial scheme, meaning its success should come as little surprise, nor should the rapid number of countries and individuals getting involved. Applicants are able to choose between a wide variety of countries, meaning while one country may not necessarily offer more than another, it may be better suited than another. For many people, thanks to its many advantages, including the passport index of the country allowing for a wide range of travel, the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship has emerged as an obvious frontrunner.

Normally it takes 1-2 months to arrange for these documents in your home country. There are several other documents needed at a later stage, and we will assist you accordingly. The Citizenship-by-Investment Program of St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis was established in 1984, making it the longest established program of this kind in the world.

st kitts citizenship

Grenada passport, investors are able to travel visa-free to over 140 countries such as China, the EU, the UK, and Russia. Yet if you’re applying for a family of 4, St Kitts and Nevis occupies a sweet spot, with a government contribution of $195,000 covering a family of 4 . As an added bonus, dependent parents over the age of 55 and dependent single children under the age of 30 years can be added to the application for an additional $25,000 per person. The Twin islands federation of St Kitts and Nevis is one of the smallest nations and also among top 10 richest caribbean countries with a population of 55,000 and also a birthplace of Economic citizenship program in 1984.

Benefits Of St Kitts And Nevis Passport

You can also invest $200,000 in an approved real estate project, but you will only be able to resell it in 7 years. In this article, we will try to answer most popular questions about applying for St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment and obtaining a second passport. Our global team of citizenship by investment experts will aid you in finding the best possible package/option that would suit you and your family’s needs. All the packages listed above will include the following additional fees in the form of government charges, processing, application and due diligence fees.

There are also additional fees such as due diligence fees, notary fees, background check, advisor and lawyer fee. The amount of these fees depends on the size of the families who will submit an application. The citizenship acquired under the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment program is fully recognized by the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Processing, due diligence, and government fees are additional, and excluded from the cited investment amounts above. Under this new option, an applicant can place an investment in the escrow account of an approved infrastructural project or other approved development project. The programme offers immediate permanent residency followed by the option of citizenship post a residency of 7 years.

To start your journey on the St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by investment program click here to contact us today. St Kitts and Nevis has been issuing biometric passports since 2012. The new passports contain an RFID chip which stores information about the passport holder – name, date of birth, sex, and e-picture. If you Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD have had a recent name change then former names will be shown on the passport. Once your passport has expired, it can be renewed through one of the St Kitts and Nevis high commission offices, consulates or embassies or by courier. You will be required to pay the due diligence fees to your local agent, such as RE+C.

st kitts citizenship

Single applicant USD 150,000, spouse USD 25,000, dependents USD 10,000 each, donation to the Sustainable Growth Fund. The capital city is Basseterre on the larger island of Saint Kitts. The smaller island of Nevis lies approximately 3 km to the southeast across a shallow channel called The Narrows. To the north-northwest lie the islands of Sint Eustatius, Saba, Saint Barthélemy, Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten and Anguilla. To the east and northeast are Antigua and Barbuda, and to the southeast is the small uninhabited island of Redonda and the island of Montserrat.

What Is The Validity Of A St Kitts And Nevis Passport?

There are all types of St. Kitts real estate for sale, starting from small sea-side studios priced as low as $150,000 to traditional houses at around $500,000 to luxurious villas for sale in millions. According to the local real estate listings, a three-bedroom house with a pool, for instance, rents short-term for $2500 to $3000 per week during peak season and $1200 to $1500 per week in low season. Under the Programme, business leaders and their families are allowed to invest in this peaceful country in return for full citizenship. Coldwell Banker St Kitts Nevis Realty offer buyers the widest choice of homes and property for sale on the islands.

The other option for applying for citizenship is Real Estate where the required investment amount is $200,000 irrespective of the size of the family. An investor Turkish resident permit therefore has various options to choose from when deciding to apply for citizenship. Irrespective of the option chosen, the process remains basically the same.

But there is still time to take advantage of the second passport deals that are available now. Having a second citizenship gives you the freedom of knowing that no matter how bad things get in your home country, you’ll always have at least one other place to go to live, work and prosper. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about this program as well as some alternative routes to obtain a second passport (One of which may cost you next to nothing…). USD 250,000 for an applicant with three dependants; dependants can include one spouse and two children under the age of 18. The vast and beautiful natural resource here topped up with great infrastructure and other modern resources makes this place a heaven for tourists. Many like to come here again and again and others opt to stay here forever with a St Kitts and Nevis citizenship.

Once your application is received, the St. Kitts & Nevis government will process it in around three to five months, or perhaps longer if you take the real estate option. First, you – the main applicant – must be over 18 years of age in order to apply for citizenship in St. Kitts & Nevis. See below for a quick summary of the fees and costs of each option.

st kitts citizenship

While Douglas’ government wanted him to continue selling St Kitts And Nevis passports, Kälin was thinking bigger. Kälin said that his firm received $20,000 each time money was deposited in St Kitts’ national trust fund. That was how it took its payment, since the government could not afford to pay up front for Henley’s work designing and marketing the programme.

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