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30 Countries Where Buying A Home Also Gets You A New Passport


30 Countries Where Buying A Home Also Gets You A New Passport


Malta Investment Citizenship

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cbi Program

For reference, the world’s “worst” passport provides visa-free travel to only 26 countries. You can join a Golden Visa program in Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, or Portugal, Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD to become a resident and eventually a citizen there. However, there are some requirements for naturalization, such as learning the local history and language.

Approval in principle or rejection is usually provided within a period of 90 days. St Lucia recognizes dual citizenship so there is no requirement under St Lucian law for applicants to give up their current citizenship. Thanks to a straightforward application process you could receive your new St Lucian passport in 3 to 4 months. Successful applicants receive a St Lucian passport which offers visa-free or visa on arrival access to approximately 146 countries worldwide, including the EU-Schengen area, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others. In an uncertain world increasing numbers of people are looking for the security of a second citizenship for themselves and their families. A second passport can provide increased freedom to travel internationally, peace of mind, as well as enhanced financial security.

An Investor Is Eligible To Apply For Citizenship By Investment By Fulfilling All Of The Following Requirements:

Contact us yet today to discreetly discuss your individual situation and needs – we will advise you and find the tailored solution for you or your family. This program is designed to boost investment in the various industries that operate in Germany. The program is inherently very different to the typical Golden Visa program. For instance, there are no requirements in terms of minimum stay with the host country. Germany typically does not offer a typical Golden Visa immigration program, unlike most other European countries. However, like Belgium, France, and the UK, it does offer a residency program called the Entrepreneur Visa Program.

However, there are various trade taxes, created in pursuance of the region. For instance, the trade tax is possessed at a rate of 14% to 16%, but it can also be possessed at a rate of 7% of companies are registered in economically challenged regions. With almost 90 countries Germany has signed double taxation agreements to maintain the business environment and to boost mutual commercial relationships.

How To Become A Norwegian Citizen Through Naturalization

You can also start a business with minimum investment, and this would be the cheapest citizenship by investment 2021 program. If a relative who is not from the EU/EEA/Switzerland wishes to join you in Germany, they will have to apply to the German embassy/consulate in their home country, for a residence permit for the purpose of family reunification. Among the state duties, the largest payment is the Due Diligence fee. It costs Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD $7,500 for the investor and $4,000 for each relative over 16 years old included in the program. The complete set of government forms, as well as the production of a passport and a certificate of naturalization, costs $800 for each person in the application. Immigrant Invest’s lawyers conduct a preliminary background check of investors in order to timely detect potential issues that could lead to the application being rejected.

germany citizenship by investment

But learning Turkish is a great benefit because Turkish is now a language spoken from many different geographies as a world and trade language. It is an active and well-established language spoken in a wide geography from western China to Bosnia. But you do not have to know Turkish to become a Turkish citizen by investment. There is a 2000-year-old Tamil saying which goes like this “Yaadhum oore, Yaavarum kelir”.

Much like Bulgaria, Croatia’s dual nationality law is a bit complicated. Ethnic Croatians, who obtained citizenship through birth or by descent, are allowed to have another citizenship. However, you can’t obtain Croatian citizenship without first renouncing any other citizenship. However, foreign citizens who become naturalized in Bulgaria must renounce their foreign citizenship. Australia allows its citizens to get citizenship of another country or multiple citizenships. Can you buy any property to acquire Turkish Citizenship by Investment?

Pre-screening reduces the risk of an application for citizenship by investment being rejected to 1%. Often when you are a citizen of a country, you have the Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD citizenship and passport of that country. This means that if you have dual citizenship, you’ll most probably have citizenship and passport of each country.

Economic Citizenship Program

This is called citizenship through naturalization, which designates the fact that the person does not have German descent, nor is he or she related to German citizens, but wants to become a citizen of this country. Besides these documents, the investor must present papers that refer to the purpose for which the visa is issued. Notably, one of the biggest advantages of Canada Residency by Investment Program is that the investment is guaranteed by the Canadian government. After five years, the Canadian government will return the investment to the investor.

germany citizenship by investment

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