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Capital Projects In Dominica Funded By Citizenship By Investment Continue Progressing Smoothly


Capital Projects In Dominica Funded By Citizenship By Investment Continue Progressing Smoothly


Dominica Citizenship By Investment Program From Dubai

Case 2:  Dual Citizenship Not Ok Not Allowed

In addition, some of the international banks of specific countries have proven to be safer, more secure, and relatively accessible than other countries’ banks. When you get your second passport, you have an additional benefit of fleeing in the event of political unrest or any form of economic instability in your home country. But, when law firm istanbul it comes to just marrying for citizenship, the government may take action against you if caught. One only needs to apply for citizenship if they intend to get married or are in the middle of getting married. Grenada is a mountainous volcanic island decked out with beautiful rainforests, amazing waterfalls and impressive beaches.

dominica citizenship by investment

With a diverse blend of English, French, African and Caribbean people and cultures, obtaining a Dominican second passport allows you to reside and work in a politically and economically stable state with the lowest crime rate in the region. Visa-free visits to 140 countries, such as the United Kingdom, Singapore and other countries, and visa-free Schengen countries, make world-wide travel more convenient (such as B1/B2). Apply for your next Citizenship and get the best protection for life, money and freedom in just a few months time. We provide Citizenship by Investment, Residence by Investment and Second Passport Programs for Caribbean countries and beyond. In addition to the monetary contribution made to the Government Fund of Dominica, Due Diligence fees and other charges are applicable.

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Furthermore, you may only resell that real estate under the CBI program after 5 years of receiving citizenship. Police clearance document must be obtained from your home country and all countries you have lived in the past 10 years for more than 6 months old. HIV clearance and medical tests from doctor must beless than 3 months old, before launching the application for citizenship with the Dominica CBIU. FBI clearance certificate may be needed if you have lived in the US. Please contact us and we will be able to advise you specifically what is needed. The cerificate of naturalization is the proof that you have become “Citizen of Commonwealth of Dominica”. They will ask for this certificate when you apply or renew the dominica passport.

dominica citizenship by investment

Dominica’s new Investor Visa offers new possibilities for citizenship by investment in the public sector or in a startup of your own. In addition to these benefits, the visa can extend to your family and they can join you on the island as you all work towards citizenship. If you meet that condition of spending three months a year in Dominica, keep the investment active, and have the money deposited in a Dominican bank when you arrive, you’ll be able to qualify for citizenship by naturalization after two years. Another requirement for both options is that you will need to put a $100,000 deposit into a bank in Dominica. The good thing is that you can actually use that money while you are in the country, so it’s not like it’s locked up.

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Five years after becoming a Dominican citizen by purchasing real estate, citizens are allowed to sell their shares or suites to individuals also seeking citizenship from Dominica through its Citizenship by Investment Programme. Oriental Developers Ltd. will use its network to assist owners throughout this process. The family application can include dependents of the main investor such as spouse, parents/grandparents, siblings up to 25 years old, children under the age of 30 and physically or mentally challenged children of any age. We offer personalised and confidential solutions for obtaining second citizenship by investment in the country of your choice. You are allowed to invest only in projects from developers that have been approved by the state.

The island nation is in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Caledonia, east of Australia, and west of Fiji. One can go for the Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment program through a $130,000 non-refundable contribution in a government fund. A minimum of $350,000 investment Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD in real estate with a return on investment of up to 4%. The real estate investment amount has a holding period of at least five years. Caribbean passports are gaining popularity among high-income people looking for alternative safe places for residence and investment.

Europe offers great programs for a second passport, but they’re expensive and can take years to complete. For this reason, many investors are looking at countries in the Caribbean. To qualify for citizenship of Dominica under the real estate option of the Citizenship by Investment Project, you must purchase authorised real estate to the minimum value of USD 400,000. Things to consider are tax rates, tax incentive schemes for new capital investment, or no double taxation agreements with other countries. Some countries have no capital gains tax, personal income tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax, or gift tax; no estate duty, and no income tax paid on income from dividends or interest.

dominica citizenship by investment

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