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Namibia Citizenship And Residency By Investment Programs Are Coming

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Namibia Citizenship And Residency By Investment Programs Are Coming


5 Countries With Easy Citizenship For Retirement

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On average, the USCIS takes around 12 to 18 months to process I-526 petitions. Once the application has been processed and approved, you will receive a notice from the USCIS. The difference between the $900,000 and $1.8 million investment capital minimums is the location you are investing in.

germany citizenship by investment

When you are applying for citizenship by investment, it becomes important to check your passport’s validity. Passports having 10 years of validity are best, as with long-term validity, you don’t need to renew it again and again. Because, the Provincial Migration Administration requires health insurance on behalf of applicants in residence permit applications. Therefore, it is obligatory to present the health insurance policy in question. In addition, the health insurance to be made must have valid expressions necessary for the residence permit.

Minimal Residency Required

Immigrant Invest’s certified anti-money-laundering officer examines the investor’s documents and identifies possible risks that could result in their citizenship application being rejected. Maria Teresa Vanacore is the head of LEXIA Avvocati immigration department. Specializing in immigration matters, she practices law in both contentious and non-contentious matters, providing advice in the fields of citizenship rights, mobility and stay of European and foreign citizens within the Shengen area. The application for the StartUp Visa Program in Italy can be submitted online and our immigration lawyers can assist with the procedure. Our immigration lawyers in Italy can offer more information on the Investor Visa Scheme.

You can obtain detailed information as well as expat support if you want to move to Italy based on one of the residence schemes mentioned above from our immigration lawyers who are specialized in the procedures forgolden visa for Italy. The applicant must invest a minimum of € 150,000 in government bonds and other investment vehicles. Children between 18 and 26 years old who are unmarried and financially dependent on the main applicant.

Ntl International Webinar ask The Expert

By appointment arranged by lawyers, the family can apply for ID cards and passports of the Republic of Turkey from the Turkish Consulate in the country where they are located. Based on the regulation, the main applicant who keeps 500,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish Lira in his bank account for 3 years can be a Turkish citizen. It is possible to say that the basic basis of citizenship law is national law. In the matter of immigration law, it is also referred to national law.

The new Bulgarian citizenship by investment program is now official. The Guatemalan passport has visa-free access to 119 countries, seven more than Nicaragua. This means that when you are traveling using a Nicaraguan or Guatemalan passport, you can get into any of those specified countries without having previously applied for a visa. If you are a foreign investor from a third world country who is used to applying for multiple visas each calendar year, you’ll be only too aware of what a relief that would be. The Nicaraguan residency program requires a real estate purchase of $100,000, or a government bond purchase for the same amount.

Immigrant Population In Germany By Country Of Birth

If you have not picked up your Beibehaltungsurkunde before you are sworn in as a US Citizen, you will lose your German citizenship. You need to send your BBG application to the US Consulate responsible for the state you live in. Certain certifications, government loans and support, such as Women-owned Business or Minority-owned business, etc require US Citizenship. As a Permanent Resident, you cannot petition for your family members to receive permanent resident status, so, for example, it is not possible to bring your aging parents to the US to take care of them.

Applicants will be issued with a five year US residency visa with unlimited renewals. Investing in a quality government-approved citizenship by investment programme will enhance your visa-free travel access dramatically, and in turn, open up other opportunities. For example, if you pair a Grenadian passport with a Nigerian passport, one will gain access to 163 destinations worldwide, which includes the UK, EU Schengen zone, China and Russia. Now you have visa-free access to 58.7% of the world’s GDP, a huge improvement on the 2.1% that a standalone Nigerian passport offers.

Two Passports

It is common advice to diversify financial investments across a variety of markets, asset categories, and industries, yet many people do not spread their political risk beyond their current jurisdiction. A second passport offers economic as well as political diversification and is the Turkish work permit ultimate emergency backup plan. The minimum price for a family of four to buy citizenship in Dominica, including all government fees, is broken down below. The minimum price for a single applicant to buy citizenship in Dominica, including all government fees, is broken down below.

germany citizenship by investment

Citizenship by investment is a process by which an individual obtains a second passport and second citizenship through investment in the economy of the country. Depending on the country, there are usually specific requirements for the investment you can make, and different benefits associated with the passport you acquire. The best country for citizenship by investment depends entirely on your circumstances. It can help to get in touch with a specialist to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. We guide you from start to finish, taking you beyond your citizenship or residency by investment application. “ARI” Autorização de Residência para Atividade de Investimento) is one of the most popular citizenship by investment programs in Europe.

We spend part of the year in St. Kitts and part of the year in China. Dollars, Australian Dollars, Euros, UK Pound Sterling Or New Zealand Dollar in lost money to taxes and compound interest. Our firm at the present DOES NOT hold itself out as an Investment Advisory Firm nor do we recommend any type of Securities Turkish resident permit to our clients or give out investment advice dealing with securities. We also are not an accounting firm and we do not do tax work for our clients. These are not high and updated information on them can be provided by our lawyers. We can offer our assistance to those who want to apply for Polish citizenship.

  • The Cyprus Residency by Investment Program offers several investment options from EUR 300,000 for Cyprus permanent residency.
  • Investment optionsSt Lucia’s Economic investor programme delivers five investment options, the most of any other country.
  • Malaysia is among the most thriving economies in Southeast Asia, which has benefited from continued industrial development and decade-long political stability.
  • You do not have to travel to Dominica during the application procedure, and you do not have to live there after your citizenship is approved.

Alternative investment projects can be Government or privately owned, with the applicant needing to invest US$175,000 for the former and US$200,000 for the latter. The United States EB-5 Program leads to permanent residency status and citizenship in the United States for a minimum investment of USD 900,000 in a commercial enterprise in the U.S. that generates at least 10 jobs for Americans. After 5 years as a permanent resident the investor may apply for U.S. citizenship. The Malta Naturalisation for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment regulation provides the applicant with Malta residency and citizenship & passport for an investment in the amount of EUR 600,000 or EUR 750,000 .

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