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Resources For Global Investment And Immigration


General Skilled Migration Program

What Kind Of People Apply For Alternative Citizenship?

The process can be meticulous, but each required step is clearly defined and there are many resources available to help guide you. Development funds – capital to develop various projects and programs within the country. St. Lucia offers many benefits to its citizens, including its relaxed lifestyle, tropical climate, world-class entertainment, and access to direct flights to all of the Americas, Caribbean nations, and Europe. Saint Kitts and Nevis offers several avenues for investors to secure a full citizenship for themselves and their families through economic contributions. Grenada has an E-2 Investor Treaty with the USA, enabling citizens to own a business in the USA and achieve temporary residence there.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

If you have any complaints about the real estate agent you’re using, or need advice or guidance, check out the Real Estate Authority of New Zealand’s website for support. Buying a home in New Zealand should be straightforward, and there are plenty of protections in place to make sure consumers don’t run into trouble. For example, once an offer has been accepted, it’s not possible for another buyer to make a last minute bid and get the property you’d agreed to buy.

The Benefits Of Citizenship By Investment Passports

New Zealand is an Island Country located in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean which is closer to Australia. The country is known for being a developed nation and apart from tourism, it is a major destination for business investment. The country is ranked to be one of the most business-friendly nations by the World Bank. In its recent rankings, the World Bank put New Zealand turkish citizenship by investment to the first spot in ease of doing business in 2018 which is a parameter that evaluates the ease with which one can do business in a particular country. Being this a reason, the country has attracted huge investment from all over the world. Kiwi Bonds are a simple form of investment, similar to a term deposit in that they offer a fixed rate of interest for a given term.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

The city is home to the Vanuatu National Museum, which explores the nation’s Melanesian culture. Being a regulated enterprise we offer the finest services to our clientele globally. To maintain these standards and an impeccable reputation, we have a team of experienced professionals with expertise in the field of Immigration to cater to our client base.

New Zealand Residence Benefits

Malta and Greece reported over 1 billion euro inflows since the inception of the citizenship scheme in the EU. Investor 2 visa holders who invest at least 50% of your investment funds into assets other than Bonds and Philanthropic Investment will qualify for a reduction of $0.5m of the investment amount. For example, if you nominate $3m of investment funds and invest $1.5m outside of Bonds and Philanthropic Investment, you will only be required to invest a further $1m to meet the visa requirements. There are two categories of Investor Visa for New Zealand, Investor 1 and Investor 2. Permanent Residency can be obtained by investing in residential property, commercial property, and certain high growth investments including government bonds. If you have NZ $10 million to invest in New Zealand over a 3-year period, you can apply for New Zealand residence.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

Any year that you have lived outside of New Zealand for four months or more will not count towards naturalization. To apply for citizenship by descent, you’ll need to download the application form online and send it in with the fee and original documents. Fees depend on which office you send you application into and whether or not you want to receive a passport at the same time as citizenship. You can also submit your application in person to one of the Department of Internal Affairs offices in New Zealand, Sydney, or London.

Investor Plus Visa Category

One of the powerful passports in the world allows you visa-free access to more than 156 countries. Operating since 1984, being the oldest citizenship program, St Kitts is the most reliable. The information about your dual citizenship is kept highly confidential and secret. Caribbean islands don’t share any information with any third parties. Caribbean island nationals also enjoy easy access to US and Canada long-term visas. It has decided to focus on utility scale solar projects in Southern Europe, as well as wind farms in the Nordic countries and Ireland, citing smaller projects and higher returns.

Please note Ireland is not a part of UK and neither part of Schengen, and non-EU people applying for Irish residency will require a separate visa to move into Schengen area and UK. The economic citizenship Dominica program is structured so that investments do not have to be made in full until after an individual or family has been accepted in principle. He or she does not need to actually purchase the real estate or make the donation in full until after they have been authorized in principle by Dominican immigration officials. As an additional layer of protection, the Economic Diversification Fund donation is held in an escrow Dominica bank account and cannot be touched unless the application is withdrawn, rejected, or approved. If the application is withdrawn or denied, the investor receives a refund, and if it is approved the Government will not withdraw the money until after Commonwealth of Dominica passports have been issued. After Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica in September 2017, the country significantly reduced the government processing fees for the real estate purchase option.

Once you have gathered all the documents and submitted your application, the government will perform their due diligence process, which can take several months. In recent years, governments have been coming up with more creative investment options for investors interested in citizenship. Other than Turkey, we don’t recommend the real estate investment as it must be pre-approved by the government and, consequently, is overpriced. You can buy almost any property in Turkey, and as long as you meet the investment amount, you can qualify for Turkish citizenship.

You may be able to buy real estate in Cambodia or donate €3 million to Austria and get a second passport out of the deal, but these programs are highly subject to political whims and are not available to every willing applicant. There are many programs that look like citizenship by investment because they involve an investment of sorts and you get citizenship in return, but they are typically not structured or commoditized and they usually aren’t fast either. Here at Nomad Capitalist, we take a holistic approach and consider all your needs, resources, and goals before determining which citizenship by investment program is best for you.

Changes To Visitor Visa Lodgement Arrangements

2 – New Zealand permanent residents who are ordinarily resident in New Zealand at the time of entering into a contract of sale. To be classified ordinarily resident, you must have lived in New Zealand for the preceding 12 months and have been physically present in the country for a minimum of 183 days during that 12-month period. Regional centers are business organizations approved by the United States government. They provide services and platforms to help foreign EB-5 investors manage their investments. These regional centers operate in different sectors, such as the real estate or hospitality industries. Each year, a total of 10,000 EB-5 visas are issued to applicants from different parts of the world.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

USD 100,000 (one-time donation to NDF government fund) or USD 150,000 contribution UWI University Fund or USD 200,000 Real estate investment. Jersey is a low tax jurisdiction with high standards of European living. Free movement in Schengen states with residence permit (“VERBLIJFSTITEL”) issued by Belgium. Ireland is an excellent business investment destination with corporate friendly taxes. Free movement in Schengen with residence permit (“TÍTULO DE RESIDÊNCIA”) issued by Portugal. In Europe, Austria (55%), Netherlands(52%), Sweden (62%), Finland(56%-62%), Denmark (56%) has the highest income tax rates.

Speak to Hunter Galloway about this in detail and get a free assessment with us today to find out about your personal situation. Certain banks actually favour New Zealand citizens due to the joint agreements for legal, trade and residency purposes in their country. As New Zealand citizens are considered to be permanent residents of Australia they are actually eligible for the grant. Due to this, New Zealand property investors are turning to Australia because they are still able to purchase property with a lower deposit.

In some countries, all male citizens of a certain age are required to fulfill military service. The requirements may range from a few weeks of basic training to a few years of active duty. However, if neither option works for you, then citizenship by investment could be a solution for you. This type of visa grants residency to skilled immigrants – and especially those with skills in high-demand fields such as engineering or medicine. However, before you renounce your US citizenship, always consider the travel inconveniences of a passport that’s not as high-quality as the American one.

The minimum is $150,000 on Island transformation fund Real estate investment starting from $220,000. Belgium’s residency by investment program is based on discretion rather than rigid rules. To qualify, non-EU nationals typically need to spend a minimum of $416,000 (£313k) on property in the country.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

This is because there are different tax rates and also different rules. The double dip arises because the losses are returned in Australia as well. Assuming there is no other income in Australia, the losses accumulate and carry forward. They are then available to offset future capital gains tax in Australia. If the rental property runs at a loss according to New Zealand rules, that loss will be available to offset against other taxable income in New Zealand (provided the structure is appropriate – more on that below). The fact that you calculate and return the rental income on both sides of the Tasman may seem like a disadvantage, but it can actually prove to be an advantage in that a “double dip” on any tax losses may be available.

  • This is based on the period you have lived in Australia and the time you have spent outside the country.
  • Alternatively, invest in a pre-approved real estate project of upwards of US$400,000 for the main applicant.
  • Centrelink decides the rate of benefit or pension they will pay you.
  • The tiny country of just 70,000 people became an independent nation in 1978 and remains very close with the United Kingdom today.

With the signing of the treaty and declaration of sovereignty, the number of immigrants, particularly from the United Kingdom, began to increase. For each island, either its English or Māori name can be used, or both can be used together. Similarly the Māori and English names for the whole country are sometimes used together , however this has no official recognition. Owing to their remoteness, the islands of New Zealand were the last large habitable lands to be settled by humans.

Global Migrate assists international students interested in pursuing a quality education overseas in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK. The Investor category is basically designed for those individuals, who are willing to willing to live and apply for residence in New Zealand by investing in a NZ business. The Investor/Investor Plus categories are basically you need to opt to apply for this stream.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

I am fairly certain I could qualify for a parental visa sponsored by my son who has lived in NZ for 5 years. By virtue of my wife being a citizen, I was able to retire to NZ with her, and did not have to put up with any of the financial requirements silliness. So if Tim can claim his citizenship by descent, he can easily bring his American wife with him. My wife was born in NZ, and went to the US when she married an American naval officer in the 1960s.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

If you do, you may incur a review of your eligibility and you could face deportation. Therefore, it is important to plan your investment profile wisely. You will need to provide law firm turkey evidence showing that your investment and/or assets are owned by you or jointly by you and your partner and/or dependent children if they are included in the application.

New Zealand citizenship by investment

Our expertise of over 15 years has helped many individuals to get their Australia PR visas. The application must have all the supporting documents for processing your PR visa. These documents are your personal documents, immigration documents, and work experience documents. The temporary parent visa offers the option for Australian permanent residents and citizens to bring their parents to Australia on a temporary basis.

The visa requirements for HK passport holders are shown in a map below. Accelerated processing for citizenship possible for additional fee paid to CIU. The St Kitts passport holders need separate visa to visit US and Canada.

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