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Saint Kitts & Nevis Passport Update

citizenship by investment

Saint Kitts & Nevis Passport Update


New Citizenship In St Kitts & Neviscitizenship

Question 4: What Are Requirements For An Investor?

Unlike the United States, St. Kitts & Nevis doesn’t tax on the basis of citizenship. The program was streamlined in 2012 – with the government now promising a decision within three months of filing an application. Certain projects will even give you cash back on your real estate contribution – for instance, you come up with the $400,000 and they then return $200,000 to you as you can strip equity on the property. By making this investment, you can qualify yourself, as well as your spouse, and any minor children under the age of 18 for citizenship. They will only be released if your application for citizenship is approved.

st kitts passport

Obtaining a St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship and passport can transform your life, open new opportunities, elevate your global mobility, and secure your family’s future. We want to answer that question and go a bit further in detailing the eligibility criteria, process, and costs. The resident permit turkey cost will vary greatly, depending on the investment option chosen and whether the investor is applying as an individual or with family members. The following two examples will provide a snapshot of what is the cost of citizenship in St Kitts.

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st kitts passport

There is no difference between the Nevis passport and the St. Kitts passport because both islands belong to a federation and are administered by the same government. Consequently, only one St. Kitts-Nevis passport is issued even though Nevis passports and St. Kitts passports may show up when reading about the islands separately. Thus, whether the intention is to reside only in Nevis, a St. Kitts Nevis passport will be issued to the applicant. You must legitimately apply for St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment, or go through another way to acquire citizenship. Talk to one of our professional team members here at Global Citizen Solutions.

About The St Kitts And Nevis Cip

St Kitts and Nevis’ CBI Programmehas been a popular route to achieving greater travel freedom and business opportunities. Introduced in 1984, the programme is the world’s longest-standing and is internationally renowned as a ‘Platinum Standard’ brand. Those who make a qualifying investment into the programme’s Sustainable Growth Fund and pass the necessary security checks earn the right to live, work and study in the nation along with increased global mobility.

• Certified copy of your current passport showing name, photo, citizenship/nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number and issuing country. • Medical Certificate including original results of an HIV test . To be eligible for the citizenship of St Kitts & Nevis under its Citizenship by Investment Program, there are two options to choose from. Nationals holding diplomatic and service passports require visas to enter Turkey and Israel. Should be completed by the person verifying the declaration of the applicant.

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In the contribution option, the investment amount starts at US $150,000 as mentioned earlier, and increases as more family members are included in the application. A family of four would incur an investment amount of US $195,000. Any further dependents would then incur an additional US $10,000, except in the case of adding siblings as that amount would go up to US $20,000. Due diligence fees are set at US $7,500 for the main applicant and US $4,000 for any dependent aged 16 years or over.

  • The contribution for a family of up to four will be US $195,000 following incremental steps.
  • St Kitts & Nevis has since 1984 been running a citizenship-by-investment programme, where wealthy foreigners are invited to invest in certain local projects in return for citizenship on the island.
  • The St. Kitts official in charge of the citizenship by investment unit, Cheryleann Pemberton, says the sugar program is “an independent charitable foundation” registered privately.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis passport is a type of passport that allows international travel, that too, visa-free via investment.
  • It has distinguished itself from many other similar programs by rigidly enforced investment requirements and meticulous due diligence procedures.

PAS grant programs support projects that further U.S. foreign policy in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. This includes strengthening regional security, building prosperity for all peoples, promoting clean energy, promoting human rights, and mitigating climate change. You should check with the St Kitts and Nevis High Commission in London before you travel. This page reflects the UK government’s understanding of current rules for people travelling on a full ‘British Citizen’ passport, for the most common types of travel.

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The concept of buying a second nationality and a second passport is something that many wealthy people are buying into. Those who can afford it are making it easier for themselves and their immediate families to live wherever they choose and travel freely. As the popularity work permit turkey of the program gains, the government plans to continue to increase this minimum. There is something for everyone, and it is even possible to arrange a fractional ownership scheme where you can go in with other investors, to collectively buy more real estate.

In any case, budget at least $10,000 in additional fees for the service provider doing the work. As the longest running program of its kind, we can see that the government has fulfilled its promises, renewed the passports, and upheld its end of the bargain. Other countries came out with new options, like St. Turkish staying permit Lucia which introduced COVID-19 Relief Bonds — an investment that you actually do get back, but does not carry any interest. In this article you’ll learn everything you need to know about this program as well as some alternative routes to obtain a second passport (One of which may cost you next to nothing…).

Pet Passport St Kitts Nevis

The capital city and headquarters of government is on the larger island of Saint Kitts. In terms of practical matters, perhaps the biggest difference between the countries is in entry and exit requirements. St. Thomas is a United States territory, meaning U.S. residents don’t need a passport to enter or exit – though of course you still need a valid ID to fly or cruise to or from the island. St. Kitts, once a British colony, requires U.S. residents to show a valid passport.

st kitts passport

This should take about 1-3 months for approval once all the paperwork has been submitted. We can recommend local attorney’s who can help you with this process. How to get to St. Kitts- St. Kitts, Antigua or St. Martin are convenient entry points, from the USA.

Money laundering and use of illegal financial sources are forbidden. Another advantage of St Kitts & Nevis citizenship by investment program is that you do not have to prove your knowledge of St Kitts & Nevis history and official language. St Kitts & Nevis official language is English, so the majority of foreigners have no difficulties while communicating with local citizens and public officers anyway. Under a Limited Time Offer, the investment contribution for a family of up to four members isUS$150,000. The Limited Time Offer excludes siblings, for which an additional US$20,000 must be paid.

st kitts passport

Invest in a government approved real estate project for not less than $400,000. A citizenship by investment program was launched in 2013 under regulations and guidelines of Grenada citizenship by Investment Act. This was adopted to ensure visa-free travel for its citizens to over 110 countries. In fact, several small island states in the British Commonwealth offer wealthy foreign investors their citizenship in order to boost the economy with foreign investments. So let us find out what attracts people to Saint Kitts and Nevis, what benefits you will get, having applied for a “golden passport” and whether this decision has risks. Established in 1984, the Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship By Investment Programme put CIPs on the map globally.

st kitts passport

During the meeting with advisors, you will have to describe your case to them so that they will be able to work on the questions that security services may ask you. The majority of businesspeople refer to experts also to ensure that all the forms are filled in correctly, all the necessary documents are collected and there will be no halts in the process. There is one more requirement that must be considered if you want to obtain St Kitts & Nevis citizenship. You will not be allowed to apply for St Kitts & Nevis citizenship yourself. St Kitts & Nevis authorities work only with the agents that are licensed and have their representatives in St Kitts & Nevis.

Children aged over 18, as well as parents and siblings have to be financially dependent on the main applicant. Legal source of funds for investment and payment of government fees and charges. Investors are required by law to apply through an authorised agent; it helps to go through the process smoothly and reduces the risk of refusal. The longest running Citizenship by Investment program in the world was launched in 1984 in Saint Kitts and Nevis, two small islands in the Caribbean Sea.

st kitts passport

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis has not imposed any restrictions on dual citizenship and does not share with other countries information about the fact of granting Caribbean citizenship to their citizens. But, if you are going to issue a St. Kitts passport, in order to avoid possible problems in the future, it is recommended to research whether Turkish staying permit the legislation of your home state allows multiple passports. An individual is entitled to obtain a St. Kitts & Nevis passport within three to six months period from the date of submitting the application. However, if you make an additional payment, you will be able to speed up the application process and get a St. Kitts passport in about 45 days.

st kitts passport

Acquiring second citizenship is not a transaction; we believe it is a lifelong relationship. Our ‘My PassPro’ portal is your online portal for enjoying life as a citizen of a new country. Just sign in and receive access to a host of specialized services, including St Kitts and Nevis immigration and visa updates, consular guidance, assistance opening bank accounts, and lots more. The Sugar Industry Diversification Fund was set up by the government as a non-profit foundation to help support former sugar workers in the country and to help improve the industry. St Kitts and Nevis citizenship applicants are required to make a non-refundable donation of USD 250,000 to the SIDF.

Within the framework of a limited-time offer, the required donation amount for a family of four has been reduced from US$ 195,000 to US$ 150,000 (a 23% or a US$ 45,000 reduction). The state duties, the due diligence fees, and the immigration agent’s charges remain the same. The St Kitts and Nevis passport is great for investors seeking global mobility, while the Dominica passport is the cheapest passport by investment in the Caribbean. On top of that, Dominica has the reputation of having an excellent immigration by investment scheme, having been voted the best country for Citizenship by Investment for the fourth time in a row by the CBI Index.

We have an in-depth article covering all currently available citizenship by investment programs that will give you a complete overview of all the options available to you. For more information, you can visit the official site of St. Kitts and Nevis’ citizenship by investment program. This fund requires a contribution of US$150,000 from a single applicant, plus the government fee of $7,500. St. Kitts and Nevis’ program has been around the longest of any citizenship by investment programs in the world, so it has a proven track record.

st kitts passport

When it comes to expanding your mobility, freedom and business opportunities, a second citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis truly opens up a beautiful paradise for work, leisure, and wealth management. As a bonus, this program also includes the application and processing for the St. Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis passport. All of the government fees associated with the SIDF and SGF options must be wired directly to the Government Escrow accountvia one of the banks listed on form C4. A copy of the wire receipts should then be emailed to High Net Worth Immigration . Please note that the applicant is also required to pay legal fees for the purchase, registration, and the tax on the property. Information about the Canada and Saint Kitts and Nevis relationship, including bilateral relations, travel, international trade and investment.

Is it GDP perhaps because you undertake a lot of business travel, or Travel Popularity for leisure and vacations? Our report is free and La Vida is the only St. Kitts authorised agency offering this level of analysis and invaluable service to our clients. Main applicants to the St Kitts Citizenship by investment program must be over the age of twenty one . Under the available options for Saint Kitts citizenship program, applicants and their dependents are eligible for St Kitts and Nevis citizenship and St. Kitts and Nevis passports. As already mentioned earlier, St Kitts and Nevis makes the whole citizenship application process for migrant investors fast and painless. Once investment is made and the citizenship application is submitted, the dark blue passport books with traditional golden letters on them are issued to the new citizens within about 60 days.

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