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Saint Lucia Offers frictionless Virtual Citizenship Application


Saint Lucia Offers frictionless Virtual Citizenship Application


Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment 2021

Saint Lucia Economic Citizenship With Imperial & Legal

The authorized agent will sign client-professional agreement and ensuring the confidentiality of the documents and information and will give a green signal to start the application process. The St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program was established in 2015 as a mean of evolving further its economy, injecting the contribution funds strategically in its own economy. In the CBI Act No. 14 of 2015, St. Lucia grants individuals to acquire full St. Lucian citizenship through an investment in the country. In pursuing this citizenship law, St. Lucia undertakes strict and efficient background check each applicant pursuing industry standard compliance procedures.

For example, if you have parents, grandparents (and in some cases even great-grandparents) from Italy, Ireland, Greece or several other countries, you may be eligible for a second passport through citizenship by descent. For individuals with substantial assets, however, citizenship-by-investment programs offer an easy shortcut to obtain a second passport. Ultimately, a second passport is all about options – the more options you have for you and your family, the more freedom you will experience.

St Kitts $ Nevis

Our vision is to provide hassle free, easy, fast and client oriented immigration service. For a single applicant the contribution amount is USD 3,500,000 and in case of more than one applicant the contribution amount is USD 6,000,000 where each applicant shall contribute no less than USD 1,000,000. Owing to its jaw dropping beauty St. Lucia has earned the accolade of ‘Helen of the West Indies.’ It boasts of white sandy beaches, emerald green rainforest and aromatic spring. The beauty of this island is that it is encapsulated by rich greenery and inviting ocean. We disclaim any warranties expressed or implied, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. We shall in no event be held liable for any loss or other damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

Visa-free travel to 140+ countries with dual citizenship, no physical stay required. We will handle all paperwork with Saint Lucia’s Government, which will conduct a due diligence check. Once your application is approved, you will receive a certificate of naturalization and you will resident permit turkey be able to apply for your passport. Our global team of citizenship by investment will help you in finding the best possible package/option that would suit you and your family’s needs. You can also help by meeting the qualifying investment within the time allocated to do so.

Eligible Investments

Step 5 – Once this is done, you will need to complete your investment comprising of either non-refundable donation, buying of real estate or investment in government bonds. The category of ‘qualifying dependant’ has been expanded and now includes the option to “add-on” qualifying dependants in all investment options for the granting of citizenship. Besides your spouse, you can now include children up to the age of 30 as well as parents over 55 if they are fully supported by you. Individuals can make a non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund – with the contribution determined by the number of dependents, or invest in an approved Real Estate project.

st lucia citizenship

An Austrian passport grants visa-free travel to 177 countries, ranking at number 17 out of 198 passports in our passport ranking. For now, the passport gives you access to 111 visa-free countries, including the European Union . The hold period ended in early 2020, but the government of Montenegro confirmed that the program will be shut down at the end of 2021. So if you’re considering applying, there is no time left to procrastinate.

With St. Lucia, you have the option of buying the passport for $200,000 to $250,000 or investing $500,000 to $550,000 in government bonds for five years. Independent investments must be valued at USD 1 million and create at least 3 permanent jobs. The government bonds are non-interest bearing and have a 5 years holding bond.

Marigot Bay is an award-winning five-star resort which offers fine dining, spa treatments, and luxurious suites. The marina in Marigot Bay accommodates some of the biggest superyachts in the world. All supporting documents must be submitted in the original language. Where the original language of the supporting document is NOT English, then you MUST also submit an authenticated English translation of the original. Therefore in the cases where the original supporting document is not in English, you will have two submissions – one of the original document accompanied by the English translation.

How To Apply

For financially dependent children over 21, the maximum age limit has been raised from 25 to 30 years, however the child must still be fully financially dependent on the primary applicant. In an effort to counter reduced demand for the St Lucia CIP in 2020, the Government of St Lucia has recently enacted some significant legislative changes to the program, in the form of Amendment Act 4 of 2020. In the main, the key legislative changes relate to the definition of eligible qualifying dependents.

st lucia citizenship

Siblings of the main applicant can also now be included in a nationality application provided they are not married and do not have any kids. There are also economic citizenship countries with weak passports, such as the Comoros Economic Citizenship Program. Although Comoros offers one of the cheapest economic citizenship programs in the world, with a minimum investment of a mere $45,000 USD, a Comoros passport turkish citizenship only offers visa-free travel to 52 countries and territories. The vast majority of qualified investors simply have zero interest in procuring citizenship in a country with such a weak passport. Comoros economic citizenship participants do not gain visa-free access to the European Union, for example, which is a key objective for almost all global business professionals evaluating second citizenship options.

Once presented, permanent residency grants EU Nationals and Non-EU Nationals and their families, the right to permanent residence in Monaco. Specific criteria must also be met to cover the family of the main applicant, for example, the property has to have sufficient bedrooms to accommodate the total number of people applying. The work permit turkey countries are offering investment citizenship for their economic advantages. These investment programs offer a legalized citizenship status to the investors and help them to obtain a second passport in exchange for investing in the country’s economy. The investment values and structures vary according to the different nations.

St. Lucia offers four different investment options to qualify for citizenship. The Saint Lucian government has created that opportunity by launching a citizenship by investment program. Having options is great and that’s exactly what Saint Lucia offers when it comes to citizenship by investment – many options. The process is actually relatively quicker than other countries and if everything goes well, the time for processing can be completed within six months with passports being issued at the four-to-five month mark. But whereas St. Lucia’s donation option would cost a family of four $167,500, you only donate $147,200 for a family of four for the Antigua passport.

For applicants who chose to buy real estate, this residence could be included in the €2,000,000 overall investment. The main reason why we remind our readers about certain residency or citizenship programs is that it’s always possible that such programs may become more expensive, be suspended, or even disappear altogether. Malta was home to the first European Union-approved citizenship by investment program. Although Grenada’s citizenship by investment program only started in 2013, it has quickly established itself as a serious player in the field. Up until recently, St. Kitts real estate citizenship required an investment of $400,000.

st lucia citizenship

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