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Spain Golden Visa Program


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Albania recognizes dual citizenship for both native-born and naturalized citizens. This is a key distinction from the previous entrepreneur visa. The applicant must now have a genuine and original business plan. It must meet new or existing market needs creating a competitive advantage.

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Afghanistan recognizes dual citizenship only for those who had taken up new citizenship after fleeing the country because of political instability. Also, citizens who marry a foreign national do not have to give up their Afghan citizenship unless required by their spouse’s country. The UAE does not permit dual citizenship, except for those who acquire another citizenship at birth. Such citizens must enter and leave the country on their Emirati passport. Minor citizens who gain a second passport at birth are allowed to maintain both nationalities, but must relinquish one by the age of 18.

How To Apply For A Visa Or

E-Visas are, in essence, official documents issued online by a country’s immigration official that grant visitors with permission to enter it. These are an alternative to the regular paper-based visas that are issued by a country’s embassy. The immigration authority shall confirm receipt of such report in writing. The immigration authority shall be immediately notified in the event that a travel document, which was presumed lost and reported as such, is found subsequently. The competent immigration authority shall deliver the document evidencing right of residence to the applicant by way of post. The entry visa for receiving a residence permit shall be issued by the competent consulate officer based on the regional directorate’s decision.

dominica staying permit

Dear applicant, please read the step-by-step instructions in case the System returns Your application. If you want to immigrate to Denmark and know more about life in the country, as well as how we can help you come to this country and relocate here, you can always reach out to our immigration lawyer in Denmark for more answers. Information about visas is available from your nearest Irish embassy or consulate.

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Returning residents will be required to quarantine for 21 days upon arrival. The biggest problem with programs in United States, United Kingdom, Canada, yes they give you permanent residence status but you are required to physically immigrate and live there permanently. Many investors dont want to move and live there away from home. Another problem is you are taxed on worldwide income, if you get permanent resident status.

The Spanish residency permit is granted for two years, and it can then be renewed for five years. The Spanish government does not require golden visa holders to live in Spain at all, and all family members will have the right to travel throughout the Schengen zone without any other visa applications. The renewal of the residency permit can be done online from anywhere in the world. After five years, golden visa holders can apply for permanent residency, but this will require them to have lived in Spain for at least six months of each year. Portugal offers residence permits called ‘Golden Visa’ to non-EU citizens provided they invest in the country for at least 5 years. With extremely reduced minimum stay requirements, the Golden Visa is clearly one of the most attractive residency programs for investors in the world.

The citizens of Iran can visit 12 countries without a visa ✅. Iranian passport holders also have access to get 30 e-visas or 20 visas on arrival. Iran has a population of 79.4M people and the capital is Tehran 🇮🇷. The citizens of Ghana can visit 42 countries without a visa ✅. Ghanaian passport holders also have access to get 19 e-visas or 15 visas on arrival.

Getting a work visa in China with the new system is a lengthy and exhausting process. From start to finish, you can expect it to take several months. If your employer is used to hiring foreigners, it might be quicker and easier, same goes if they have 关系 (guānxì)with the right people. • If your documents were not issued by a government authority you’ll need to get it notarized by an official notary . When you’re done, this should add an apostille to your documents. The new system grades foreigners by several factors, such as academic background, professional experience and Chinese proficiency.

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Married couples and families can apply for citizenship three years after first applying for residency. We advise that you keep copies of all your relevant immigration documents at both your office and home, just in case you are caught in an occasional ‘sweeping’ check of expat documents. These are relatively routine operations that are conducted periodically and are not necessarily an effort to harass or otherwise inconvenience the foreign community. They are usually checking for people who are here illegally. If you are here legally and your papers are complete and up-to-date, you have nothing to fear.

Getting citizenship by descent should still be the first option you look at, because you may be eligible for a very high-quality European passport that could be even better than your US passport. So, if you are an investor or business owner, you can use this strategy to slash your taxes to a negligible amount without giving up your US citizenship. The limit on housing expenses varies depending on the country you live in , but usually it amounts to another $15,000-$20,000 per year. And to renounce it, you’ll first have to get a second citizenship and passport. On top of that, foreign residency also means you’re on the path to naturalization. And if you’re eligible for citizenship by descent, then your children can also get a second passport.

Portugal Residence Permit And Citizenship

The rentista visa option requires an applicant to have a minimum income of at least US $2,000 per month from any investment-derived income during the past 5 years. The pensionado visa option requires an applicant to have a minimum income of at least US $1,500 per month plus US $250 per dependent from a pension. Permanent Residency Cards are valid for 2 years and can be renewed for a fee at the Immigration Department for periods ranging from 2 to 10 years.

Visitors who wish to apply for a Dominica Residence Permit, should prior to that, apply for an extension of stay at the Immigration Department. Photocopy of Treasury receipt Turkish staying permit as proof of payment of application fee. Statement of financial position from a reputable banker from the applicant or person accepting responsibility for the applicant.

During the process, the immigration authority may request further documents, apart from the mandatory enclosures, for ascertaining the relevant facts of the case, and may take further procedural steps as well. The administrative time limit shall not include the length of time between the receipt of the notice for remedying deficiencies until the time of compliance. After the application is submitted the applicant or his/her representative shall be able attach documents by way of post or electronically. In case the application has been submitted electronically, the notification for remedying deficiencies and the provision of missing documents will be carried out electronically as well.

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