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St Kitts And Nevis Possibly An Investor Immigrants Best 2nd Passport


St Kitts And Nevis Possibly An Investor Immigrants Best 2nd Passport


Buying Property In St Kitts & Nevis

Application Forms For St Kitts & Nevis Citizenship

There is also an interesting option of being able to invest USD 400,000 into a business if you are part of a group of other applicants investing USD 5 million collectively. Dominica also offers the option of making a USD 200,000 investment in approved real estate. This might be preferred for those with more free funds available turkish citizenship and who wish to recoup some of their investment in the future. Panama is considered by many to be the easiest place in the world to obtain residency through their Friendly Nations Visa program. You just need to come from one of the 50 eligible countries and demonstrate economic ties with the country to apply.

st kitts resident permit

You can buy stocks in companies listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, debt securities in airport or railway companies or certificates of deposits that mature after just one year. The route, taken by few and accomplished by even fewer, can happen for “rendering exceptional services in the interest of the Republic,” according to an Austrian government website. One such service that has cleared prior clients, added Henley & Partners, is a direct investment of $10 million — a claim reportedly refuted by an Austrian government spokeswoman based in Washington, D.C. If approved, new citizens will enjoy visa-free access to nearly 120 countries, which include the United Kingdom, France and Canada. An additional $50,000 application fee and a so-called $7,500 “due diligence fee” exist on top of the investment amount. While not yet official, this third Caribbean island nation may allow economic citizenship as soon as this summer.

As Your International Partner For Saint Kitts And Nevis, We Empower You To Achieve Faster

We believe every individual has a unique journey in life and our mission as a consultancy firm for high net worth individuals is to make sure you are given the best option which suits your future life and business plans. With a variety of citizenship options in United States, Caribbean Commonwealth region, and Europe, we assist you in selecting the destination which best suits your profile and has more to offer. When a US citizen who is not a Dual-Citizen wants to expatriate from the United States, they need to obtain citizenship in another country first. It can be very difficult to obtain citizenship in a foreign country, which is why the Citizenship by Investment Programs were developed.

As a rule, you can issue a passport of this Caribbean state in 5-9 months. Successful completion of all stages of the process guarantees you 100% citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis. St. Kitts & Nevis recognizes dual citizenship, so you can still benefit from your current citizenship. Is it worth buying real property in Saint Kitts to obtain citizenship? In order to get the passport, you need to make an investment worth at least $150,000. From advantages to procedures and requirements, this article tells you everything you need to know about landing St Kitts and Nevis citizenship.

Successfull Visa Process Rate

Indeed, we have assisted many foreign clients — private entrepreneurs as well as multinational corporations — in establishing operations in Switzerland and provide legal, administrative, and support services on an ongoing basis. We will guide you through every step of the way to obtaining your second citizenship and passport. For more information on any of our services, please feel free to contact us. Once the applicant has chosen the category, he/she then must deposit the full investment amount into a Government Escrow account. Their funds will be released to them upon approval of their residency application. The two-island Caribbean country in the West Indies boasts a high standard of living, excellent healthcare standards, a low tax regime, and a strong political infrastructure.

The St Kiits passport allows travel to many countries as “Visa Arrival.” This means that the traveler can obtain the passport on site as opposed to having to obtain it prior. There are also additional Government Fees required as part of the submission process. However, those St. Kitts and Nevis citizens who do not pose any security threat to Canada would not be feel inconvenienced by the new rules, he added. The Caribbean Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis is economically dependent on its tourism industry and offers an ideal haven for wealthy investors who want a home away from home. The country’s Citizenship by Investment Program contributes to about 25% of the nation’s GDP. Please request the most exhaustive information about the citizenship-by-investment opportunity that is found in St Kitts and Nevis by writing to

Company Types In Switzerland

Australia boasts a residency program that can lead to citizenship in the long term. Katz’ company doesn’t deal with the Spanish program, but the country also has a Golden Visa program, which can eventually lead to citizenship. You can apply for citizenship after five years through process of naturalization (i.e. language test, history test). Meanwhile, as laws change, a residency visa can be taken away — but it’s a more affordable way to get the perks that come along with living in another country. Some of these countries offer Citizenship by Investment programs where money can actually buy a second passport, usually starting at around $200,000 (£154,392).

Water sports can be best experienced in South Friar’s Bay and Pinney’s beach has excellent dining and lodging options. There is something magical when you witness pretty trains on hill stations or islands.St. Adonis Tour and Beach from Porte Zante is essentially famous for a beach bus tour service which is near the port. Unless you come from one of the 104 visa-exempt Turkish resident permit countries, you will have to apply for a visa at the embassy of Saint Kitts and Nevis or get an eVisa to enter the country. Visa-free travel or visa on arrival access to 131 countries including the Schengen Zone, UK, Hong Kong and Singapore. Caribbean citizenship by investment is allowed in Antigua & Barbuda, Anguilla, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Kitts & Nevis.

Do You Have Doubts About The Panama Immigration Process?

The citizenship will put you on a level playing field with St. Kitts and Nevis locals. It’s mandatory that you already have a job lined up when going to apply for the permit. Your employer law firm istanbul will likely help you with the process from that point. St Kitts and Nevis passports are CARICOM passports that are issued to citizens of St Kitts and Nevis for international travel.

A Canadian work permit allows you to work under a specific employer (employer-specific work permit) or with any employer in Canada. As a foreign national, you’ll require a work permit before working in Canada, with a few exceptions. With my greatest gratitude and appreciation, High Net Worth Immigration has processed my application for citizenship in Bulgaria with their up-most competence and professionalism.

Alternative Passports

In short, the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI has that ‘Platinum Standard’ that makes the program a popular choice for those who are seeking alternatives or additions to their current citizenship. What it is, though, is the longest-standing CBI program in the Caribbean. Over 10,000 foreigners have been naturalized over the period of 35 years. It sure isn’t the cheapest way to obtain a second passport for the high-net-worth investor.

  • In the end, if you’re planning to remain in the nation beyond the permitted period, you’ll have to know when you have any pending cases before the immigration authorities.
  • Suitable banking, financial or legal documentation proving that the applicant made the investment and the investment funds came from abroad.
  • The Spanish Golden Visa is an investment only route and does not require any contribution or donation to a fund.
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis, officially known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis.
  • The Caymans Islands are most likely the most notorious among the tax-free Island states of the Caribbean.

They must also prove past profitability — annual revenues of some $160 million in real estate and construction-related industries or revenues of about $40 million for all other industries, including pharmaceuticals and manufacturing. Singapore has its Global Investor Program where applicants can invest $2 million for permanent residency. Here, a view of the Merlion and the central business district skyline. The main applicant may also add dependents to a residency application, including his/her spouse, and children.

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