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Visa For New Zealand

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Visa For New Zealand


How To Apply For New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

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For an immigration adviser, you’ll need to give their license number or their exemption criteria, if they don’t have a license. If you received assistance from anyone else, they’ll need to sign their name verifying that they helped you. Verify that everything in your application is true and correct.

New Zealand resident permit

As long as you meet the requirements for a PR, your partner will qualify as well. Only the principal applicant has has to meet the requirements to apply for a PR. And yes, a resident visa obtained under the Skilled Migrant Category gives you access to a Permanent Resident visa after a minimum of 2 years if you meet the requirements.

Residence Permits

So in your case, if you continue to stay in full-time employment, you will meet the 9 months on 23 April 2019. You will still have to wait until July 2020 before you can apply for your PR. My husband is working for a company and has applied for the skilled migrant residence visa. Immigration adviser requested further documents such as company’s bank statement from employer to assess the application.

New Zealand resident permit

Your resident visa was approved because you met the requirements at the time of assessment. Therefore a relationship break-up should not have an effect on your PR application. I’m considering applying to a Skill migrant residency since I get the 160 points required. The thing is that I’ll law firm turkey need to spend some time out of the country soon and I wonder if the 184 days within the 2 first years are mandatory or if there might be exceptions or a way to keep your residency. If you hold a resident visa with travel conditions, then the travel conditions might have expired by now.

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Whilst you don’t have to supply documents to prove this with your EOI, if you apply for the residence visa you will need to supply your do so, including supplying an employment contract. New Zealand is the hotspot Immigration destination among the global expats. Consisting of two main islands and situated near the southwestern Pacific Ocean, the Land of Kiwis offers a fantastic lifestyle. Having 268,021 km2 of area, New Zealand is home to around 4.75 million population. To immigrate to New Zealand, you have to meet the pull factors like requirements, right visa category, and processing time.

New Zealand resident permit

If a tax credit is claimed and the foreign tax is subsequently refunded, the amount of tax credit claimed must be paid to the Inland Revenue within 30 days of the date on which the foreign tax was refunded. A tax credit is allowed for foreign tax which is paid on any foreign-source income. The tax for which a credit is sought must be similar in nature to New Zealand income tax.

During this period, income support will be granted only in exceptional circumstances. If your spouse/partner included in your application has an offer of employment in New Zealand, his salary may be included in the assessment of minimum income. In 2005, minimum income (i.e. total family annual income) ranged from $30,946 for one dependent child to $47,586 for four or more dependent children.

Residents of those islands who are not citizens must meet one of the other eligibility criteria before they can access publicly funded services. See the Guide to eligibility for public health services to see whether a person turkish citizenship by investment meets any of the other criteria. First, use the Guide to eligibility for public health services to see whether you meet any of the criteria. If you do meet the criteria, take proof to your health service provider.


If you do not submit all relevant documents, the case will be forwarded to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration as is, and the application may be delayed or rejected. Please note that your passport and official documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas etc.) must be handed in in original. In addition you must provide certified copies of the same documents. You’ll need to provide Immigration NZ with police certificates from your home country and also from each country you’ve lived in for 12 months or more in the last 10 years. In general, you have to be of “good character” to get a New Zealand visa and to get entry permission when you arrive.

New Zealand resident permit

Another such story is that a student visa holder Is that of Jorge J. Castaño, who has been in NZ for almost five years. Sharing his story on the Facebook Migrants NZ group he wrote, “I share the same feeling of frustration and disappointment. I came to study, then I worked for three years in Queenstown as office assistant and customer services, under an essential worker visa.

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