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Acquisition Of Greek Citizenship

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Acquisition Of Greek Citizenship


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The Golden Visa Process

To get Greek citizenship, investors must be willing to reside in Greece and can apply for citizenship after seven years of doing so. The property can be located anywhere in mainland Greece or on one or more Greek islands. Official foreign documents, such as birth or marriage certificates, must be translated by a lawyer, the Greek Foreign Ministry’s Department of Translation (Μεταφραστική Υπηρεσία / Metafrastiki Ipiresia) or a certified translator. You hear this frequently among people of African descent in Greece, who are still getting used to the idea that their community — a group confined to the margins of Greek life — has yielded an international superstar.

greece citizenship

The Investments are eligible to be “strategic investments” if they are productive investments, generating quantitative and qualitative results of great importance to the national economy as a whole, and which promote the country’s exit from the economic crisis. The amount of income may be determined through an external pension, bank account or other evidence that the person who has sufficient income of legal origin to cover his expenses without employment or independent economic activity in Greece. After complete preparing the necessary documents and paid the fees, the application must be submitted either personally or via the legal representative. Entering Greece by valid visa then prepares the necessary documents, submits the application, and pays the fees.

Want To Trade In The European Union? Heres Why Second Citizenship Is The Solution

The family was later joined by a younger sister, Princess Irene, born in 1942. Regarding the research-for-real estate by a real estate agent, his/ her fee VAT inclusive (24%) rises up to 2% on the price of the property. This fee should by no means be related to our Firm or any other relevant fee towards us, while it should be related exclusively to the real estate agent who had been responsible for locating the real staying permit turkey estate from the very beginning. Golden Visa offers the option of acquisition of citizenship in Greece and that of Greek-European Passport and after seven years’ time from the time of acquisition of Golden Visa. Notwithstanding the above, a few more things need to be made clear regarding the Convention at hand. First of all, even countries not part of the Schengen zone benefit from its certain application status.

As of 2020, Jordanian passport had visa free access to 51 countries and territories in the world. As of 2020, Egypt passport has visa free access to only 49 countries in the world. In 2020, Bulgarian passport had visa free travel to 171 resident permit turkey countries. Eligible InvestmentsMinimum requiredReal EstateUSD 250,000 Bank depositUSD 500,000Government bondsUSD 500,000Business or VC fundsUSD 500,000Turkish passport has visa free access to a total of 111 world countries in 2020.

Cyprus Property

The naturalization process is followed when the applicant’s ancestor’s registration with the Greek Authorities is not valid or no record of his/her ancestor can be located with the Greek Authorities. The application for the recognition of Greek nationality as well as the certificates issued by the Special Registry should be law firm turkey submitted to the Municipality with which the ancestor of the applicant is registered. The competent Authority for the recognition of Greek nationality is the Decentralized Administration; they issue the decision recognising the Greek nationality of the applicant and order his/her registration with the Greek Municipal Rolls.

The decision to lift the ban is made by the Minister of Defence, following the submission of an application. Investors and corporate executives under strategic investment have access to labour market. Property investors and all family members do not have access to work.

Many people of Greek origin that reside abroad are interested in acquiring Greek citizenship and procuring a Greek passport. Therefore, it is necessary that the person interested in acquiring Greek citizenship proceed first with the recognition of his/her Greek citizenship and his /her registration with a Greek Municipality. Then he/she can also proceed with the issuance of a Greek passport and/or an identity card. You can apply for Greek citizenship after seven years of residence. Greece is an EU Member State, so you would have access to the EU free market and visa-free travel to more than a hundred countries. There are no requirements to live in Greece for any duration in order to renew the residence permit.

greece citizenship

Up to 2-3 years for the longer naturalization process for everyone else. — The application is then passed to the citizenship committee for review. — If in Greece, consult with the local mayor’s office or a staff member in the interior’s ministry citizenship office. ” for details specific to Americans and advice to citizens of other countries. 0.475% of the real estate value for all properties payable to the Public Land Registry or 0.575% of the real estate value payable to the Public Cadastral Office. The applicants may submit the documents in person or through an appointed lawyer acting via a Power of Attorney.

It allows any person who invests in real estate, or other investment options, to become a resident there. This will eventually make the investor a permanent resident, and even qualify them for citizenship. Any person who is a Mexican at birth may have citizenship of another country. However, the Mexican government will always consider them Mexican.

However, they are not allowed to renounce their Syrian citizenship under any circumstance. St Kitts & Nevis has one of the oldest citizenship by investment programs in the world. St Kitts & Nevis have attracted many investors over the years, due to the strong passport and warm climate there. By default, St Kitts & Nevis is one of the countries which allow dual citizenship. It grants citizenship in exchange for an investment in real estate, thus it allows dual citizenship.

By Virtue Of Birth In The Greek Territory

Please contact us using the contact form below for a detailed cost estimate or confidential consultation. Our associated attorneys are ready to assist you with attaining your investment objectives and answer any questions you might have about the Greece Residency / Citizenship by Investment programs. Fast track application procedure – all applications are reviewed by the Greek government within approximately two months from the date of filing. The application can be processed in the applicant’s absence and filed on their behalf. Following seven years of residency, the applicant may file for Greek citizenship.

Apart from the above mentioned investment requirements, the applicant shall submit all documents required for the application. Migrathon™ is the leading Turkish Immigration Agency focused solely on CBI and immigration to Turkey and other countries in the World. Our Turkish citizenship attorneys are ready to assist you to file for Greece Citizenship Program. Our Turkish citizenship lawyers represent our clients from application until they get their Turkish Passport. Our Turkish immigration lawyers also represent our clients in other immigration law issues including; extending resident and work permits, application for Turkish citizenship, filing a law suit to cancel any objections. My question is this, can a person who is not Greek by birth, blood etc. obtain Dual citizenship between the US & Greece?

You have not made a declaration stating your intention to retain Belgian citizenship between age 18 and 28. When you turn 28 years old if between the ages of 18 and 28, your main country of residence was not Belgium. You also need to satisfy some other requirements, including having sufficient income to support yourself, not being convicted of a crime and speaking Bulgarian. Naturalization records in the United States may be an excellent source for determining the specific town or city where your ancestor was born, especially records after 1906. (See United States Naturalization and Citizenship and U.S. Naturalization Online Genealogy Records).

greece citizenship

Greece Golden Visa is the most affordable residency program within Europe. The Greek Permanent Residence Permit can be obtained through this program in about 2 months and can indefinitely be renewed every 5 years as long as the non-EU buyer does not sell off the property in this period. When you have the Greek residency permit, you will be allowed to travel throughout the Schengen Area, which consists of 26 countries in Europe. As mentioned above, you can see the full list of documents you will need for your residence permit application by clicking on the relevant reason for your application. In case you hold a national visa by the Greek Consular Authorities in your place of residence, a declaration that your family status has not changed is required. In any case, you have to apply for a residence permit while your visa is valid.

  • Experts who studied that response found that police had set up diversions that sent cars into the path of the fire; and there was no official alert for people in the area, so they had hardly any time to flee.
  • George Papadopoulos retaliated by declaring Greece a republic , a decision which was confirmed by a plebiscite on 29 July.
  • In the adoption services contract that adoptive parents sign at the beginning of the adoption process, the agency will itemize the fees and estimated expenses related to the adoption process.
  • We are one of the most popular real estate agencies in Greece helping International clients to get properties in Greece for sale.

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