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St Lucia Citizenship Investment


St Lucia Citizenship Investment


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Additionally, Saint Lucia National Economic Fund costs are tiered with the amount of the contribution depending on the number of dependents on the application. Click here to choose from the best Caribbean tax haven countries and live tax free. Visit the Canadian Travel and Tourism website for more information on entry and exit requirements. Required if travelling from a country with risk of yellow fever transmission.

st lucia passport

Our team of experts will work diligently from start to finish, ensuring a successful application. Pay the required non-refundable processing, due diligence, and administrative fees upon application. Homes are selling for great value, but prices are slowly and steadily climbing as the economy bolsters. There’s still value to be had for those who act quick in getting their Portugal passport. On top of that, real estate investors enjoy a solid 5.8% rental yield. The fee, which is added to outbound airfares rather than paid locally, is aimed at raising money to support improvements to the airport and assist in developing tourism on the island.

Frequently Asked Questions About The St Lucia Passport

Only real estate from approved developers will qualify for citizenship + passport. You are required to hold the property without selling for 5 years in most countries. Acquiring second citizenship is not a transaction; we believe it is a lifelong relationship. Our ‘My PassPro’ portal is your online portal for enjoying life as a citizen of a new country.

st lucia passport

Would it not make sense to just book a SW flight to Mexico for 14 days out and try to make an appointment now? Our mission is to provide people with fun, exciting, and affordable ways to experience domestic and international travel. It is usually eight or nine digits long and it is designed to make sure that the person using it is actually the person identified in the passport.

Which Countries Can A Dominican Visit Without A Visa?

An administrative fee of US$ 30,000 is payable by the applicant once the application for citizenship have been granted. In this video we talk about Turkey citizenship by investment and who this program could potentially be beneficial for. Of the top ones in citizenship by investment but it’s ease of processing, speed, and access to hard countries like Japan make it interesting for some investors. We discuss the different types of investment requirements, what kind of investor should look at this program, and the negatives of the program as well. This list includes all countries to which visa free travel or visa on arrival is available with Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship. In total, there are over 100 countries, including the Schengen Area (France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Italy, etc.), other European countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, etc.).

st lucia passport

With all of its all-inclusive resorts, hotels and Airbnbs, you will have no trouble having a comfortable adventure when you and your children visit this Caribbean island. If you lose your passport and want to replace it, you will need to provide your passport number. This is one of the reasons why it is a good idea to memorize it or to keep a record of it. Your lost passport book will have to be deactivated or returned in order for you to get a new one, and therefore the old number is necessary. If you do not know your passport number, you can make a request that will be answered free of charge. To locate your passport book number, check the upper right-hand corner on the second page of your passport book.

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Merchant Mariner Documents are used by U.S. citizens who will be traveling on official business. NEXUS cards will provide accelerated processing when traveling to or from the United States and Mexico, Canada or the Caribbean. A Saint Lucia visa will not be needed in order to travel to Saint Lucia.

st lucia passport

The minimum investment amount also varies, with the cheapest options being available in the Caribbean nations starting at USD 100,000. St Lucia economic citizenship program allows to get law firm for minimum investment that will provide visa-free access to 146 countries, including Europe, the UK and Singapore, and beneficial taxation. Like most CBI programs, St. Lucia also offers a real estate investment alternative. This involves purchasing a property for at least $300,000 from a list of pre-approved properties. In addition to the cost of the property, the applicant will have to pay for property registration, processing fees, and any taxes which arise.

June, 2020 – The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program application process has recently undergone a number of revisions, and we direct you to review the latest changes here. If you have any questions, please contact us, so that we can be sure to provide you with the most up-to-date information. We are pleased to announce that a Consular Officer from the U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States will visit St. Lucia from Monday, April 16 to Thursday, April 19, 2018, to provide U.S. Citizens Services and accept applications for U.S. passports and Consular Reports of Birth Abroad.

All economic citizens of St Lucia automatically issued a passport under theCitizenship by Investment Act No 14 of 2015.St lucia passport offers visa free travel to 125 countries in the world. The passport issued under citizenship-by-investment programme is valid for 5 years. St. Croix seems like such an exotic locale, it’s easy to forget that it is a U.S. territory. That means flights from the United States to St. Croix are considered domestic, and U.S citizens are not required to show a passport to visit. Virgin Islands with only enough identification to please the airlines, it’s not a bad idea to bring your passport along. Is a trickier business – travelers may need to prove their identity with various forms of identification unless they can present their passports.

Second, Saint Lucia offers some of the more exotic investment options for those who don’t want to go the donation route. If it floats your boat, you can invest in government bonds and even enterprise projects. The citizens of Saint Lucia can visit 109 countries without a visa ✅. Saint Lucian passport holders also have access to get 21 e-visas or 27 visas on arrival. Saint Lucia has a population of 186k people and the capital is Castries 🇱🇨. U.S. citizens are generally required to present a passport that is valid for at least six months after their travel date when travelling to Saint Lucia.

st lucia passport

Realty St. Lucia offer the highest possible service and the best results in St Lucia Real Estate. Department of State’s expedited processing service, you’re in luck. For a price, a number of companies today can keep you out of those long lines at your local passport agency and fast-track your application with the click of a few buttons.

St Kitts CBI scheme do not require taking Oath from applicants, unlike other countries. St Kitts has tightened application checks and implemented biometric and fingerprinting requirement from applicants. Visa fees may be paid via cash, international postal orders or bank drafts. Visa fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice. “People have become more transnational than ever before and want to explore other markets for business, lifestyle or work. This means more quality employment across all of society from lawyers to gardeners, form architects to construction workers.

“Vaccination really is the key and we’re not on target for our vaccination rate. I also need to indicate that what they’ve noted with the Delta variant to be able to get to herd immunity it’s a lot higher. For us to feel protected with the Delta variant circulating in country we would need to be closer to the 90’s as compared to the 70’s that we were working with in our national immunization plan,” Belmar-George said. The island was expected to receive its first batch of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday, some 52, 000 doses. There has been talk of vaccines produced in Cuba being made available here once such vaccines have been approved by the World Health Organization .

Dominica offers two ways to qualify for economic citizenship; either through an investment in real estate or with their donation option. Another popular option in the Caribbean region, Dominica’s citizenship by investment program is known to be one of the most affordable options on the market. It offers many of the benefits of the more prestigious programs for a much lower cost, as well as some unique advantages of its own.

st lucia passport

Your St Kitts and Nevis dual citizenship application will take around three months process right from your date of submission. Our exclusive Streamlined and Interactive Process will help turkish citizenship you effectively obtain a St Kitts and Nevis passport in an easy and quick manner. This process enables CCS team to guide, advise and assist all our clients in an efficient manner.

st lucia passport

Dominica has a warm climate year round and is one of the greenest islands in the Caribbean. The country has taken a strong stance on climate change and has banned common plastics and single use styrofoam cups. There are new hotels under construction aimed at attracting more tourists to the island. St Kitts and Nevis passport is a golden opportunity to be a part of a twin-island state work permit turkey located in the Lesser Antilles in the Eastern Caribbean region. Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program involve easy methods to get a second home by investing in real estate and government funds. By contributing to this opportunity, you can get varied advantages such as capital growth with zero taxation on overseas income and complement your existing taxation plans.

st lucia passport

This pretty island group lies just to the east of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. This landlocked South American country offers surreal landscapes from Andean to jungle. From the historic capital of Yerevan to wild national parks, Armenia is open. Testing or proof of vaccination required; quarantines in some circumstances. This website is not operated by or affiliated with any government agency or passport office, it is a privately operated website for informational purposes. The country, which struggles with hurricanes, has a total land area of 34 sq km.

Illidge Road #8 in Philipsburg and can also be downloaded from As countries are continually negotiating travel agreements, the visa-free countries list for St. Kitts and Nevis is evolving all the time. Not fully vaccinated – Quarantine at home for 10 days when arriving in the UK. Pre-departure test in St Lucia is required as well as PCR tests on days 2 & 8 in the UK while in quarantine. Test to Release scheme can be used in England on day 5 to shorten quarantine period. According to World Health Organization , from 11 July 2016 , the yellow fever certificate will be valid for the duration of the life of the person vaccinated.

st lucia passport

The purchase price starts at $300,000 and the real estate project must be approved by the authorities. No, a real estate object must be approved by the government. Replacement and restoration of a passport within 7-14 days in case of its loss/damage/expiration without your visit to the island. Complete investments after receiving citizenship application approval. Edna has more than 34 years of service with the Clerk’s office. As Recording Manager, she oversees the recording of the county’s official records, issuing marriage licenses, conducting marriage ceremonies, and processing U.S. passport applications.

But there is still time to take advantage of the second passport deals that are available now. And as riots and civil unrest spread across the US, now more than ever is when you need travel options. In 2020, Americans are more restricted than ever with a global pandemic, extreme lockdowns and travel restrictions. Having a second citizenship gives you the freedom of knowing that no matter how bad things get in your home country, you’ll always have at least one other place to go to live, work and prosper. Travel Visa Pro prides itself on providing excellent customer service, privacy and security, and speed when helping our clients.

Investments in Government bonds must be held in the applicant’s name for at least 5 years following the grant of citizenship. The bonds must not attract a rate of interest for the entirety of this period. Due Diligence, Government Administration and processing fees apply. Qualifying real estate must be pre-approved by the Government and held for at least 5 years following the grant of citizenship. You may, however, be required to show proof of citizenship when departing the U.S.

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