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Public Prosecutors Office Of The Republic Of North Macedonia


Public Prosecutors Office Of The Republic Of North Macedonia


Company Registration In North Macedonia

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The specific treaty provision at issue within the Prespa Agreement is the one establishing the obligation of the parties to use the new name ‘North Macedonia’ in their dealings with other third parties. But if a third party does not accept the request to use this name, would it be entitled to react to the use of the new name either by the parties or by third parties? To put this question differently, can a bilateral treaty settling a non-territorial dispute like the Prespa Agreement be opposable erga omnes in the sense that third parties could challenge the arrangement regarding the new name?

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The accusations and conditions of detainment and imprisonment are not the standards of EU member states. A government that “detains” innocent people as political prisoners is not ready to join the EU. Not long after, Kamchev was again indicted, but time for a allegedly associating with known criminals from who he purchased land at an artificially low price.

Law On Administrative Servants

Yes, the DP Law applies to the processing of personal data of local data subjects by a controller or processor not established in North Macedonia, if the processing activities are related to offering of goods and services or monitoring of their behaviour as far as their behaviour takes place in North Macedonia. Addressed social protection, social inclusion, health, education, and employment of children. Aimed to increase birth registration for Roma and other minorities, expand patrol services to identify and support street children, and improve the provision of social services for children involved in street work and begging.

The personal income tax rate is progressive, with the first MKD 90,000 in income per month taxed at 10% and the remainder taxed at 18%. The employer is obligated to pay all contributions and taxes concurrently with the payment of net salaries. Currently, there is a ceiling for the gross salary on turkish citizenship which social security contributions are calculated in an amount equal to 16 national average gross salaries. The new law restores the basic human right to choose the electricity supplier, and meets the conditions for opening the electricity market, the Macedonian government said in a statement.

Gun Law In North Macedonia

When selecting candidates, the employer should be guided by the principle of non-discrimination. Having advertised publicly, the employer may conduct interviews to select candidates. In accordance with the provisions of the labour law, the employer has the freedom to decide with which candidate to settle an employment agreement. In the conciliation procedure, the conciliator is obliged to schedule a hearing within three days of receipt of the proposal and conclude the hearing within 20 days from the day of commencement of the hearing, making a recommendation for resolving the dispute. If the parties to the dispute accept the recommendation, they conclude an agreement to resolve the dispute. If the subject of the dispute is the collective agreement, the new agreement becomes an integral part of the collective; if the dispute is not a collective, the agreement has the force of judicial settlement .

The principal legal instrument in the area of data protection is the Law on Personal Data Protection (‘the Law’). As a novelty, the DP Law obliges data controllers/processors and their representatives to maintain records of processing activities with an explicitly prescribed content. However, this obligation is not an obligation generally applicable to all data controllers and data processors. Our office has had a hands-on experience with European developments on personal data protection. You can rely on us for even the most complicated aspects of compliance with local data privacy law. Apostolska, Aleksandrovski & Partners has notable experience in the automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, energy, software, IT, and high-tech startup sectors.

Three Key Strategies To Help Financial Services Firms Prepare To Navigate Digital Transformation

However, the practice during the past 12 years has shown legal gaps, inconvenient practices, and inefficiency of the national authority at implementing the law. The amount of the monthly amount of the right to social security for the elderly is 6.000 MKD. The beneficiary of the right to social security for the elderly has the right to a financial allowance for covering part of the expenditures for energy consumption in the household for the months from October to March in the amount of 1,000 MKD per month. Recommendation on the protection of journalism and safety of journalists and other media actors. This recommendation stresses the need for member states of the Council of Europe to comply with the relevant international legal standards. It calls on states to review laws and practices that affect the right to freedom of expression of journalists and other media actors on a regular basis.

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