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Branding goes far more than just the name or visual element you used to represent your company. Our designers created high-resolution vector logo templates to choose from an online catalog. With more than thousands of professional ready-to-use templates, it’s easy to find the perfect luxury laurel wreath icon for your new business brand. All three of our criminal defense attorneys that defend assault family violence charges are former prosecutors. James Luster was actually a prosecutor assigned to the specialized Tarrant County family violence unit. We want to help you in the fight to keep a domestic violence allegation from ruining your life.

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It’s easy to spell, easy to remember and appeals to those who are looking for professional service. This kind of name is one that might lead clients to believe that there may be several attorneys working at the firm. Consequently, it’s more efficient to give it a concise name rather than try to list all the attorneys in their employ. Mr. Durham previously accessed scores of records from the firm, including billing invoices, meeting calendars, and other documents. Perkins Coie represented the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee ahead of the 2016 election.

Locality: Athens, Greece

Ius Laboris is consistently recognised as the leading legal service provider in employment, immigration and pensions law. Our firms help international employers navigate the world of work successfully. Whether it is a complicated commercial agreement, a business start up, a Greek property tax matter, or a dispute in which Greek law is involved, we have the expertise and the experience required to deal with the matters in the most efficient way. There are a few things you want to accomplish with the name of your law firm. You want to draw the eye, signal that your law firm houses not only a reliable lawyer but also professional staff, and start to create trust with potential clients before you’ve even met them.

greece law firm

The Employment Law in Cyprus applies to every employee who has a contract or employment relationship in the private, public and semi-governmental sector. Prosperty, a Greek real estate agency, expects demand for luxury homes to pick up in the next six to 24 months as a result of “a political climate conducive to growth and positive change,” says Steve Gantzos, a senior manager at the company. This will take time, says Dimitrios Tourikis, a managing partner of wealth and tax advisory firm Callamus. “The government needs to improve the legislation and make more incentives.” Offering to society has always been and remains one of our objectives.

Greece Attracts Foreign Pensioners With Beneficial Tax Rates

Welcome to our Data Protection bulletin, covering the key developments in data protection law from September 2021. Juris Law Firm gives services for commercial and private clients, across many sectors, regionally, nationally and internationally. Juris Law Firm has associated law firms in jurisdictions outside of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

greece law firm

In some countries, like France and Italy, lawyers have also formed trade unions. However, the concept of the self-regulating profession has been criticized as a sham which serves to legitimize the professional monopoly while protecting the profession from public scrutiny. Disciplinary mechanisms have been astonishingly ineffective, and penalties have been light or nonexistent. The career structure of lawyers varies widely from one country to the next. Some countries, particularly industrialized ones, have a traditional preference for full-time law programs, while in developing countries, students often work full- or part-time to pay the tuition and fees of their part-time law programs. In England, only solicitors were traditionally in direct contact with the client.

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Before this program was introduced, the non-EU citizens were obligated to prove that they have sufficient financial resources to cover their living costs in Greece even without working, if intended to stay longer than 90 days, within a period of time of 180 days. OurTurkish citizenship attorneys are ready to assist you to file for Greece Investor Program. In Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm we are experts in matters of personal data protection, Terms of Use for Websites and E-shops as well as End Users Licenses for Software and Computer Programs according with the Consumers Protection Litigation in Greece.

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In addition, Greece’s energy sector continues to thrive, with several projects such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline still underway and the privatisation of DEPA SA, a state-controlled natural gas company, generating instructions for various firms of late. This provides an easy one-stop-shop for corporate counsel and legal procurement departments to gather information on firms they are looking to instruct. While the editorial is independent from the commercial profiles, the profiles allow in-house counsel to see an overview of the firm’s strengths, locations, key contacts, individual lawyer biographies alongside the firm’s current rankings. The ideal business name should be simple, memorable and convey a meaning all at the same time. Here are my 5 tips to keep in mind when developing your business names. ‘Vision’ is synonymous with the ability to see into the future – lending the company an air of invincibility.

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He teaches civil law in the Law School of University of Athens as a scientific associate and he is entitled to litigate before the Supreme Court of Greece. Turkish work permit George specializes in civil law, banking law, law of succession and M&A. We made the branding process easy, quick and affordable for small business.

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WSG’s members are independent firms and are not affiliated in the joint practice of professional services. Each member exercises its own individual judgments on all client matters. Finally, they recognize that, while high quality is essential, their services must also be cost-effective and provide value. They balance the costs of their own work, the costs of solutions they recommend and the benefits to be derived by their clients. The firm is always pleased to discuss fees and billing procedures in advance of undertaking any assignment.

In order to better manage our cases and provide field-specific services to our clients we cooperate with distinguished colleagues in different law fields on a case-to-case basis. CS law firm’s business hours are set in such a way as to accommodate the international time zones, ensuring the best possible approach to our clients’ affairs. CS law firm’s main areas of expertise since its establishment are Family Law (International & Greek) and Private International Law. Our law firm is a Service Provider for the Citizenship by Investment Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica. We are also Authorized Representative/Promoters for Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada and the St Lucia Citizenship Programs.

greece law firm

Other areas of expertise include charter party disputes and the negotiation of shipbuilding contracts. Through cooperation with other Greek colleagues with first class experience in other areas of law, as well as law firms located in countries such as Belgium, China, Cyprus, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, Panama, Turkey, U.K., U.S.A. etc, P. N. Karydakis & Partners possesses the necessary experience and resources to handle substantial transactions, providing a breadth of legal expertise in the interests of both local and international clients. Our dedicated team consists of trustworthy and highly trained lawyers, notaries and financial advisors, who provide our domestic and international clientele with high quality legal services. Presently twenty six Partners and about 100 associates provide their services to the firm’s two offices.

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