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Citizenship By Investment Programs

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Citizenship By Investment Programs


The Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Programme

How Can You Gain Citizenship Through Citizenship By Investment In St Lucia?

Dominica also offers a donation option, through their Economic Diversification Fund . A family of four will donate $200,000 to the EDF, plus $12,500 in fees. Then there’s the business investment option, which requires $1.5M before fees (or $400,000 per person if the investment is made as a group). After we include all applicable government fees, then the entire cost for a family of six should come in at around $165,000.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

ESPECIALLY now that Caribbean passports are starting to see COVID-19 sales on their second citizenships. And if you want to get citizenship for your entire family Antigua & Barbuda is currently the best deal starting at $147,200. Mind you, it will take a while until applicants can actually take advantage of it, but it’s always great to have more options.

Why Choose St Lucia ?

Citizens can confidently expect that they will hold their status and rights for life. In addition, citizenship status can be inherited by children and grandchildren. Each of these delegations entail different responsibilities, conditions and rights. Some of the common motivations include mobility, finances, business opportunities, education, and lifestyle. It’s also important to determine how much capital you are willing and able to invest, whether you’re willing to reside in a different country, and the type of investment you’d like to make. Citizenship by investment is a means to secure a second citizenship and passport in another country by investing in its economy.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

It stipulated that foreign women acquired the nationality of their spouse upon marriage. The Code also required that married women have the same domicile as their spouse, which unlike English law equated establishing a domicile with establishing a permanent jurisdiction of rights. St Kitts and Nevis has launched new Sustainable Growth fund under the CBI programme, effective from April 1, 2018 which will resume after the expiry of Hurricane Relief Fund.

Citizenship By Investment Legislation

Option 4Finally, St Lucia offers a fourth investment option, the purchase of non-interest-bearing government bonds, which applicants must keep in their name for five years. For this option, a minimum of $500,000 is required for a single applicant; $535,000 for a couple; and $550,000 for family of four, with each additional dependant requiring a further investment of $25,000. USPHow Saint Lucia stands out from the crowd with its citizenship by investment program is via the offer of a COVID-19 Relief Bond .

They also provide different types of financial and tax benefits to prospective investors. These investment schemes have become very popular with investors in China, Russia and the Middle East. Austria is a welcoming European Union country that offers foreign nationals the opportunity to become Austrian citizens through its prestigious Austria Citizenship By Investment Program. Investing in an active firm or other innovative business, donating to a government fund, or investing in venture capital are all viable possibilities.

We offer full immigration support for any type of visa to the UK, from visit visas to investment visas and visa refusals. Real estate investment from $200,000 or government contribution from $150,000. We will work with you to find a customised solution for your immigration, second citizenship, business, tax and other needs. Those are the countries where you can get a Citizenship By Investment. We will also have a list of countries that grants you Residency by Investment.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

They will add additional investment sums and fees, and thus increase the total needed investment. You can obtain citizenship for your spouse, dependent children , and parents when applying for the Saint Lucian CBI program, but each dependent comes at an additional price. The government has also made a permanent change for newborn dependents. Now, instead of the $25,000 fee for additional dependents, it will only cost $500 to add a newborn to your application. This makes St. Lucia much more competitive, especially for applicants with families. Applicant must execute a binding purchase and sales agreement for an investment in an approved real estate project.

At Jane Katkova & Associates, we can help you with citizenship by investment. Choosing the right program is a critically important step in making a decision. We will be by your side through the complex process of making a choice on the country of your new citizenship, will guide and assist you through the process from beginning to the end to ensure its successful completion. St. Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean sea to the northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique. Established in 2015, St. Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program encourages foreign investment by granting citizenship status to qualifying applicants in just 4 months. St. Lucia prides itself not only by incredible scenery, but by its unique identity and people that make the vital difference.

  • This has started the Citizenship-by-Investment Industry as we know it today.
  • With these figures, it is evident that the St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program has chosen not to compete on price with the other 4 Caribbean Citizenship By Investment Programs.
  • St. Lucia is a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean sea to the northwest of Barbados and south of Martinique.
  • For example, although these programs are collectively referred to as “investments,” in many cases, you won’t actually get your investment amount back.
  • The real estate investment minimum remains unchanged at US$200,000, resalable after seven years, or US$400,000, resalable after five years.

The Government of Saint Lucia created the National Economic Fund under the Citizenship by Investment Act with the goal of getting foreign investment contributions and financing different government-sponsored projects. Based on the global property guide, renting down properties in St Lucia earns 2 to 5 percent per annum. Travelers or tourists have also law firm visited this country all year round and for this reason, every year rental and leasing price is consistently increasing day by day. Qualifying investment has to be enrolled in the candidate’s name and stay in a 5-year holding bond from the first issue date of investment. These bonds could bring in good interest for the entire duration of this bond.

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