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Data Protection Guide North Macedonia


Data Protection Guide North Macedonia


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The Balkan state is eyeing a chance to become a cannabis pioneer in Europe, as the government considers legalising marijuana in what would be a first on the continent. To comment on a portion of text or report a mistake or typo, select the text in the article and press Ctrl + Enter . Earlier, 80 lawmakers — the minimum needed for the law’s adoption — backed the Law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which the ruling Social Democrats hope will persuade the European Union to set a date for the start of accession talks. “The path to interoperability is key to the effective exchange and process of information, thus to success of police action” stated Antonio Montanaro, Component Leader for the specific output.

This was supplemented by a visit to the Supreme Court, where the participants learned about its function in setting and enforcing policies of unification and harmonisation of court practices. “There needs to be a legally sound consideration of the case files, according to international humanitarian legal principles, as well as applicable human rights law,” said Victor Ullom, head of the Rule of Law Unit of the OSCE’s Skopje mission. We believe these provisions to the new Law on Primary Education significantly promote the protection against discrimination and violence in the primary education.

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The Sobranie appoints the judges of the Constitutional court, the members of the judicial council, judges of the ordinary courts and the ombudsman. The Sobranie elects the government of the Republic, by a majority vote of the total number of deputies, on the proposal of a mandator nominated by the President of the Republic. The Sobranie supervises the government and other public office- holders responsible to the Sobranie.

The Ministry of Education and Science has implemented activities to inform students, teachers and parents and programmes that support activities to help people to adopt healthy lifestyles, and has also strengthened international cooperation on these issues. If there are obstacles due to the national investigation or other national proceeding and is lined to the foreign country request, the relevant authority shell inform the requesting authority regarding the postponement of the international cooperation. The initial phase starts with the police, where the initial checks and information exchange are performed via the International police cooperation sector within the Ministry of Interior, where the channels of EUROPOL, INTERPOL and the ILECU Unit are residing.

Competition Law In North Macedonia: 2019

The EU is the country’s principal trade and investment partner, and their economies are intertwined. Whether a 2019 name-change agreement with Greece appropriately preserves Macedonia’s unique national, cultural, and linguistic identity remains a subject of controversy. To reverse course toward greater economic freedom, the first priority for the government should be to reform the judiciary, the costly and bloated public sector, and other state institutions.

Employees may terminate employment at any time provided that they submit a written notice at least one month before. Each month, after the employer completes the necessary salary and social contributions/taxes payments, the employee is given a pay slip . In North Macedonia, all payments are made concurrently on the basis of an encrypted single payment order for all employees at the same time. The employer cannot (during the employee’s pregnancy and maternity leave), under any circumstances, terminate the employment contract. In addition, pregnant women and women with children younger than one year may not be asked to work hours longer than those defined in the employment contract. Women with children between the ages of 1 and 3 may only be asked to work overtime upon their written consent.

The incorporation process of a company in Macedonia takes approximately 3 working days. For a better understanding of how companies can be registered in Macedonia, please feel free to contact our team of company formation representatives in Macedonia. Yes, companies from abroad can establish branches and subsidiaries in Macedonia which activate through limited liability companies.

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The Joint Parliamentary Committee of the EU and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was established in 2004. The Committee looks at all aspects of relations between the two parties, particularly the implementation of the SAA. The country was the first Western Balkan nation to sign a Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU, which entered into force in April 2004. Zaev pledged to tackle the pandemic and its economic effects, as well as make progress on EU accession talks after the country officially became a candidate for membership earlier this year. The vote brings Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, credited for putting the Balkan state on an EU path, back into top office after his party narrowly won a victory over right-wing rivals in July. The Global Detention Project is the world’s leading research centre documenting the use of immigration detention as a response to migration and refugee movements and promoting respect for the rights of detainees.

1 Personal Scope

North Macedonia has ratified all key international conventions concerning child labor . Most children involved in child labor in North Macedonia engage in street work, including vending small items, cleaning vehicle windshields, and begging. The majority of children involved in street work are of the Roma, Balkan Egyptian, and Ashkali ethnicities. For imports into North Macedonia, VAT is assessed on the customs value of the goods plus the customs duty and excises.

According to the medicinal marijuana producers, the law also requires that companies have a bank guarantee of one million euros and at least 15 employees, which significantly increases start-up costs. But recently, the government announced that it is ready to make the changes in the existing law. According to some of the farmers, a kilogram of dried marijuana flower is estimated to be worth up to four thousand euros. Most of the companies already have already produced around half a tonne of it, which could be worth a whopping 45 million euros in total. Only a few of the companies extract cannabis oil, which is allowed for exporting under the existing law. Two decades into the business, the company makes over $110 million a year from selling its marijuana-specific supplements and medical marijuana products in over 93 countries.

There is only one official detention centre in FYROM, the “Reception Center for Foreigners” (Прифатниот центар за странци) in Gazi Baba. The centre is a dedicated immigration detention facility operated by the police under the authority of the Interior Ministry. There seem to be no other official long-term detention places, although numerous facilities are used to hold non-citizens for very short periods, including police stations and airport control rooms.

According to the Courts Rulebook, a specialised department on organized crime and corruption has been established at the Basic Court Skopje 1, as it is the largest Court in the country. The Constitution, as the supreme law of the state, that establishes the general principles of the judicial system and the rule of law. The organizational structure and competencies of the courts and prosecution are regulated by the Law on Courts, the Law on Public prosecution. This website was created to timely inform the citizens of the measures for protection from and prevention of the COVID-19 disease caused by the new Coronavirus.

Political Parties And Leaders

Excluded from the scope of receipts are also fiscal bills for utility expenses (delivery of electricity, heating & cooling, telephone services and water supply). Last Thursday , North Macedonia’s Constitutional Court ruled to repeal the Law on Prevention and Protection Against Discrimination. The legislation represents the cornerstone of a decade-long struggle by civil society to ensure the protection of the country’s most vulnerable and marginalised communities, and its reversal now spells a major setback to democratic reforms. The fault and the responsibility for this turkish citizenship by investment Decision lies with the MPs, especially the ruling majority who based their election campaign on building a society for all, and made promises for improvement of the rights of the LGBTI people. The President of the Assembly, Talat Xhaferi, and the President of the state, Stevo Pendarovski, also hold responsibility for this Decision, as they had to know that the Law was adopted in violation of to the Constitution. “North Macedonia’s authorities should clearly state how they will ensure legal protection and safety for their LGBTI citizens from now on”, says Skouen.

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By doing this, many in the international community hope people will accept the court’s findings and be able to close that chapter of the country’s history. “It’s considered as a government priority, because the Macedonian judiciary will be judged by the international community very carefully,” she said. A major question on the minds of many within the international community and the local population is whether the local courts are sufficiently prepared to deliver a fair trial when the cases actually do arrive in Macedonia. The cases deal with crimes allegedly committed by members of the then ethnic Albanian National Liberation Army, NLA, many of whom are now members of the coalition government.

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The Protocol has only been ratified by less than half of the Council of Europe Member States, which one might argue to be a potential reason for a degree of restraint. However, looking at the growing list of communicated cases concerning police violence against Roma people, disregarding Protocol no.12 in these cases cannot be considered a viable solution. Enhance the general business environment by further improving the rule of law, strengthening the independence of regulatory and supervisory agencies, speeding up legal procedures and continuing registration of property rights. The law for the control of precursors introduces a system of monitoring and control of licit trade and control of precursors, with the aim of preventing smuggling and the diversion of precursor from licit to illicit channels.

This notion of opposability is favoured in some domestic legal systems (e.g. French civil law). Thus, under this particular conception of opposability, a treaty provision that binds the parties to it and third parties that accept it can be opposable to all other third parties. In our case, the relevant provisions of the Prespa Agreement may be read as conferring on all third States (and/or international organisations) the right to demand performance of the obligation of Greece and North Macedonia to use the new name they agreed on. However, a more careful examination of this hypothesis reveals its inapplicability in our case. First, one must be cognizant of the difficulties pertaining to the establishment of the true intention of the parties to a treaty, especially when the wording of the treaty is not conclusive. Beyond that, the key problem here would be the nature of the right that the parties may intend to confer on all third parties.

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For a list of companies that can provide materials, equipment and services, can be found here. Patients may access medical cannabis products only if they have an authorised Doctors’ medical prescription. A permit must also be obtained to import or export medicinal cannabis, with cultivation companies in Republic of North Macedonia importing both seeds and plants.

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The government proposes laws, the budget and other general acts to the Sobranie and adopts decrees and other legal instruments. In a year of mixed fortunes for the Balkan state, North Macedonia became an official member of NATO and formally began EU accession talks within days of the Covid-19 pandemic – and subsequent lockdowns–taking hold on the world. Nonetheless, the Turkish resident permit now-tangible prospect of Eurozone incorporation is a major win for a country which has displayed impressive annual growth for many years, following a prolonged period of post-Soviet privatisation and growing industrial exports – chiefly in metal and textiles. Macedonia has implemented a range of measures to protect employees in both the public and the private sector.

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North Macedonia became Southeast Europe’s latest economic citizenship program, with an investment starting from EUR 200,000. Now that cultivation and exportation of cannabis is legal in North Macedonia, the country is positioning itself to be a leader in the field of cannabis research within the Balkans and the whole of Europe. This will give researchers, scientists and academics the freedom and space to get the knowledge and expertise that can be garnered from the study of the cannabis plant and therefore find more answers regarding cannabis’ medicinal properties. The ICC announced in December last year that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire 100% of Balkan Cannabis Corp, which controls Macedonian medical cannabis cultivation and extraction licences, as well as Bulgarian medical cannabis and hemp cultivation licences. Once approved the applicant must also submit a request to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy to obtain approval for sowing cannabis seeds and must also adhere to strict standards for the production of medical products.

Our distinctive presence in key international markets apart from Macedonia helps us to offer you the most comprehensive support platform. Our team for Macedonia can guide you for any kind of support that you might need in Macedonia, for you to save, time and cost in Macedonia. For us our clients and their goal of immigration to Macedonia or other countries is important, we understand your objectives for Macedonia, before suggesting options in Macedonia and opportunities in Macedonia. We at Million Makers have taken years of experience for Macedonia in perfecting our specialization and partnerships in Macedonia and Internationally in 105 Countries and Macedonia to provide excellent services and solutions to our clients for Macedonia at affordable prices.

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Yet, neither of these two exceptions applies to the Agreement under consideration, which is neither a boundary treaty nor, seemingly, capable of breaching a jus cogens rule. Of course, a treaty such as the one under consideration may incidentally have negative effects for third States. However, if it does not touch upon legal rights or claims of third parties, then political grounds alone may be advanced to challenge it. Accordingly, a third State which objects to an international act to which it is not a party, is entitled to employ legitimate political means with a view to procuring its modification or termination, but it cannot deny the legal validity of the act or claim a right to disregard it.

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Unlike in most other European countries, the Czech gun legislation also permits a citizen to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense – 248,278 out of 305,452 legal gun owners have a concealed carry permit. The vast majority of Czech gun owners possess their firearms for protection, with hunting and sport shooting being less common. “The establishment of the national physical activity coordination group following the WHO mission was an important step and together we were able to successfully advocate for a change in the law,” said Ms Sanja Sazdovska from the Ministry of Health. Ms Sazdovska expects the reform to help reduce childhood obesity and enhance the psycho-motor development of children in North Macedonia. “The next step planned is to revise the curriculum for physical education, sport and health to ensure it is in accordance with the latest recommendations and best practices,” she added. North Macedonia recently amended its law to increase the amount of time dedicated to physical education in schools.

Adopt a policy that addresses all relevant worst forms of child labor, such as a national action plan on child labor. During the reporting period, the Ministry of Education and Science continued to engage educational mediators for Roma students from economically disadvantaged families, along with those who have frequently spent time outside the formal education system. Thirty-five mediators from 28 municipalities worked with Roma children to reduce attrition rates and further strengthen ties between educators and Roma parents. Day centers and other programs have not reduced child begging or the number of children on the streets, especially among Roma children, suggesting that existing programs were insufficient for combating child labor. Led by MOI and under the direction of the National Anti-Trafficking in Persons Coordinator, with 14 representatives from 9 government institutions.

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The Law on Working Relations regulates all forms of employment relations between employees and employers to include retirement, lay-offs, and union operations. Most labor-related laws are in line with international labor standards and generally align with recommendations of the International Labor Organization . Labor laws apply to both domestic and foreign investments, and employees under each are equally protected.

  • While the most common cause of death was overdose with heroin for the years 2007–10, figures for 2011 and 2012 indicate that methadone has become the most prevalent opioid in drug-related deaths.
  • The law on the minimum wage was introduced in 2012 after long negotiations between social partners.
  • The draft bill is currently with the Ministry of Health, and will re-enter the legislative process once appropriate revisions have been made.
  • However, he has stayed for a while in the country, and in 2012 he founded a charity called “Holiday Heroes”, which supports socially disadvantaged families, elderly people, single parents and persons with disabilities.

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