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New Greek Insolvency Law30 October 2020

In Greece, auditors providing services to PIEs are inspected every three years, and non-PIEs are inspected every six years. As your legal allies, we strive to promote your interests by identifying straightforward solutions to complex issues. Mr. Trotto is able to settle your matters in a timely fashion because of his years of experience working through New York’s complicated legal system. As a result, your family will not be bound indefinitely by a conflict.

Pistiolis – Triantafyllos & Associates – Andersen Legal is the Greek member firm of Andersen Global®. Andersen Legal in Greece, based in Athens, provides a full range of legal services for both corporations and individuals. Andersen Legal in Greece focus on delivering quality and value to its clients through innovative and practical legal solutions on business issues that matter.

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For ordinary termination without notice , the severance payment must be paid on the day of the termination. The statutory minimum severance payment is based on the duration of the employment relationship, the employee’s share of Christmas and Easter benefits, the vacation days not taken and any other claims, unless not contractually excluded. The exact amount is to be calculated by the accountant or tax advisor of the Greek company.

Therefore, this program is very flexible for the investor and family members. The present document is intended for guidance and general information only and does not constitute or purport to provide you with legal advice. Each case is unique and depends on the facts and circumstances of the individual and due consideration should be taken if applying the general information to your personal situation.

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Parties submit to an agreed impartial adjudicator whose decision in their dispute is binding. But there has already been some interest in wealthy families moving to Greece, he says. “Greece has the sun and it’s an ideal place for rich people,” says Dimitrios, somewhat ironically given his office currently has no electricity after heavy snowfall has caused days of power cuts in Athens.

greece law firm

The solicitor retained a barrister if one was necessary and acted as an intermediary between the barrister and the client. In most cases barristers were obliged, under what is known as the “cab rank rule”, to accept instructions for a case in an area in which they held themselves out as practicing, at a court at which they normally appeared and at their usual rates. In some countries, like Japan, a scrivener or clerk may fill out court forms and draft simple papers for laypersons who cannot afford or do not need attorneys, and advise them on how to manage and argue their own cases. In England, the usual division of labor is that a solicitor will obtain the facts of the case from the client and then brief a barrister . The barrister then researches and drafts the necessary court pleadings and orally argues the case. In the United States, the term generally refers to attorneys who may practice law.

Professional Memberships And Community Involvement

Discover here how to legalize your tax-neutral assets without the risk of being accused of tax evasion. Mitigate the tax impact on your business with our international tax strategies and tax planning Guide like the giants of this world, like so Google, Apple, Starbucks & Amazon are saving millions in tax payments. By creating new companies abroad or changing your tax domicile (Switzerland, Italy, Malta, Ireland, Bahamas, St. Kitts & Nevis or Cyprus), you can save millions like large corporations. Many clients of Swiss banks protect their assets from devastating divorces, from rapacious creditors. Medical doctors from all over the world mitigate their professional risks and protect their families with international structures and Swiss bank accounts.

greece law firm

Therefore, if one narrows the definition to those men who could practice the legal profession openly and legally, then the first lawyers would have to be the orators of ancient Rome. In private practice, they may work for an hourly fee according to a billable hour structure, a contingency fee , or a lump sum payment if the matter is straightforward. Normally, most lawyers negotiate a written fee agreement up front and may require a non-refundable retainer Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD in advance. Recent studies suggest that when lawyers charge a fixed-fee rather than billing by the hour, they work less hard on behalf of clients and client get worse outcomes. In many countries there are fee-shifting arrangements by which the loser must pay the winner’s fees and costs; the United States is the major exception, although in turn, its legislators have carved out many exceptions to the so-called “American Rule” of no fee shifting.

We are a family based law firm experienced in Greek and Australian law. We are able to advise and provide solutions for all of your Greek and Australian legal matters. The principal of our firm Nicholas Venizelakos has over 30 years experience and is a registered legal practitioner qualified to practice law in both Greece and Australia, and is a Public Notary in Victoria (ΣΥΜΒΟΛΑΙΟΓΡΑΦΟΣ).

When we go to the bank together, we steer the negotiations on your advantage and not that of the bank. This is place to come to find a myriad of Case Studies illustrating the most common problems with the banks. We will solve your issue inside the bank negotiating face to face with the director of your bank. Whether in Africa arranging for the export of gold or in Zurich sitting with the executives of a Swiss private bank, we will protect your interests.

Andersen Legal, Greece

KG’s objective and commitment is to provide high quality legal services alongside the evolving demands of legal practice in an effective, reliable and consistent way. The successful handling of our clients’ affairs is attributed to our professionalism, efficiency and expertise, qualities that our firm constantly demonstrates. Michaela is a practical, business-orientated lawyer with a strong focus on new technologies. She is qualified to practice law in Greece, specialized in outsourcing, technology, IP and commercial agreements. Her scope of work includes among others drafting, reviewing and negotiating B2B and B2C agreements, partnership, services and license agreements, website and e-commerce contracts, exploitation and licensing of IP rights.

The firm believes that, to serve clients effectively, a law firm must meet clients’ needs for both today and tomorrow through a business-oriented, practical application of their diverse skills. After his graduate studies Panos fulfilled his traineeship in a top tier Greek law firm, focusing on corporate and real estate matters, dealing with a variety of complex legal and regulatory issues. He also participated in large projects, including -among others- public procurement and public tenders. Athanasia having a legal and regulatory background, dedicates most of her time to advise on matters related to the General Data Protection Regulation, IT outsourcing and Cloud computing.

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Once a Decision is issued by the Ministry of Interior, it is published on the National Gazette. Following that, the Ministry issues a “Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony” which is forwarded to the competent Greek Consulate abroad. The Greek Consulate should schedule the Oath Ceremony and the applicant should attend it within one year from the issuance of the Decision issued by the Ministry of Interior. turkish citizenship The applicant at the citizenship oath ceremony swears allegiance and faith to the state of Greece. In case the applicant does not attend the oath ceremony within the specific time, the Decision is revoked. • When the person you will be drawing your citizenship right from was born in the 1800’s, check whether he/she acquired the foreign citizenship prior to the year 1914, as this can affect the process.

greece law firm

Complaints about too many lawyers were common in both England and the United States in the 1840s, Germany in the 1910s, and in Australia, Canada, the United States, and Scotland in the 1980s. Lawyers are always free to form voluntary associations of their own, apart from any licensing or mandatory membership that may be required by the laws of their jurisdiction. Like their mandatory counterparts, such organizations may exist at all geographic levels. In American English, such associations are known as voluntary bar associations. The largest voluntary professional association of lawyers in the English-speaking world is the American Bar Association.

greece law firm

LifePlanning Legal Services™is The Greek Law Firm’s unique estate planning process. LifePlanning™ addresses issues that cause many estate plans to fail to attain their original goals, such as out-of-date documents, a failure to coordinate your assets with your estate plan and little knowledge about fees. LifePlanning™ insures regular, systematic updating of your plan for both personal and legal changes, total synchronization of assets with the plan and fixed, fully disclosed fees. A typical pitfall most businesses run into is describing their business name too literally, using overused law terms like legal, lawyer or criminal. A more effective business name should convey to customers your businesses and product values at a deeper level. As with most law firms, the name of the founding member or partner is often used as the firm identity.

The firm is affiliated with other high-ranking law firms in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. On average, 90 highly skilled lawyers ensure that clients receive top-notch industry driven legal advice, recurring to novel and original ways of thinking, even in the most complex legal situations. What makes our office unique is that it is the only office in Thessaloniki and all of Northern Greece with a practicing New York attorney. In this way, we are able to handle every matter that involves US, Greek, and EU law.

greece law firm

We run a totally client oriented practice with the client being at the center of our focus. This has been the main reason of our firm’s success in the past decade. We pride ourselves to offer best in class legal and consulting services to address the needs of our Corporate Customers in Greece and South Eastern Europe. Our vision is to keep striving for excellence in our journey to become the best Data Privacy and GRC Law Firm in Greece.

In a few countries, there is a special category of jurists with a monopoly over this form of advocacy; for example, France formerly had conseils juridiques . In other countries, like the United States, lawyers have been effectively barred by statute from certain types of administrative hearings in order to preserve their informality. A law firm site, which includes a summary of the Cyprus legal system and a summary of the law of Ship Registration.

The fourth step is where the lawyer shapes the client’s expectations as to what actually can be accomplished. The second to last step begins to develop various claims or defenses for the client. A guide from the Center for Seafarers’ Rights of the Seaman’s Church Institute that outlines the rights of merchant mariners under the laws of a number of countries, including Liberia, Malta, the Bahamas, the Philippines and Norway. The Venezuelan Association of Maritime Law was founded in 1978 and is open to those interested in maritime law.

  • Disciplinary mechanisms have been astonishingly ineffective, and penalties have been light or nonexistent.
  • The cost of the transactions shall be counted at an approximate 8,5 to 9% of the transaction price of the property.
  • King James I overseeing a medieval court, from an illustrated manuscript of a legal code.
  • The real estate may be rented to third parties as long as they are not other third state national.
  • Cofer Luster Law Firm PC is a team of criminal defense attorneys dedicated to providing the highest quality representation in state and federal criminal charges, including assault family violence, DWI, indecency with a child, and white collar fraud.

We are always pleased to discuss fees and billing procedures in advance of undertaking any assignment. The criminal law professor Aristotelis Charalambakis has developed intense academic activity. His projects include eight bulky monographs, six textbooks, two annotated codes and dozens of articles, comments and other scientific communications.

greece law firm

Criminal defense lawyers specialize in the defense of those charged with any crimes. In many countries, only lawyers have the legal authority to draft wills, trusts, and any other documents that ensure the efficient disposition of a person’s property after death. In some civil law countries, this responsibility is handled by civil law notaries.

Our headquarters are in Thermaikos – Thessaloniki, Greece; we also have offices in the city center of Thessaloniki, Athens and an office in Munich, Germany. Our clients include many of the leading multinational corporations, financial institutions, governments, international organizations, large state-owned concerns, and private foundations. We have taken part in many of the most significant transactions and cases in Greece and we have served our clients in several countries in collaboration with leading international law firms. Called on for a wide spanning range of deals, from plain vanilla to the most sophisticated, the firm develops innovative legal minds that aim to add value to each client’s business. While in law school, Justin maintained full-time employment at a central Pennsylvania personal injury law firm.

Corporate law, be it on an advisory or contentious basis, is the firm’s key strength, representing corporates active in a broad range of industries, including IT & Telecoms, Pharma & Life Sciences and Energy. Our law firm was established in 1963, and has since grown and expanded steadily. Our litigation department represents clients in litigation before courts and arbitral tribunals touching upon all the above areas of law. YLP is a leading law firm in Athens, Greece, representing major local and international clients with an emphasis on high-end corporate and finance transactions.

greece law firm

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