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St Lucia Citizenship By Investment

citizenship 250.000 USD

St Lucia Citizenship By Investment


St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program From Dubai, Uae

St Lucia Citizenship By Investment Options

Once the certificates have been issued, AIM Capital Partners shall apply for all passports. If the application is successful, the application will be approved in principal. AIM Capital Partner will request the required payments when the application is ready to be submitted. Thereafter, the team will prepare your application and submit it to the citizenship unit. Find your bridge to a new world with Nysa Global’s immigration services. The passport is valid for five years for both adults and children and can then be extended.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

The Grenada Economic Citizenship Program has increased the maximum age of dependent children from 25 to 30. Consequently, if you have a son or daughter that is in their late 20s and still studying full time, Grenada may be the best citizenship by investment country for your family. The island nation has also lowered the minimum age of dependent parents from 65 to 55, making it easier than ever to include family members both young and old in a single investor citizenship application. Many countries offer citizenship by investment programs in order to attract much-needed foreign direct investment. Countries can then use these funds to invest in their own projects, such as real estate development, business development and job creation. CBI programs also attract global talent and know-how aimed at boosting the economy.

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After the $250,000 bond is returned, a single applicant could buy citizenship from Saint Lucia for a total cost of $37,500– just the cost of filing fees. If you’d like to get the government’s take on things, here’s the official site of St. Lucia ’s citizenship by investment program. There are many more citizenship by investment programs both in the Caribbean and around the world that might be more suitable for your personal situation.

The rest you only pay after the application is approved by government. The Saint Lucia passport that allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel to more than 146 countries. These countries include EU schengen states, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. The UK Citizenship by Investment program, commonly known as the Tier 1 Investor Visa, is the most common means for foreign investors to reside in the United Kingdom, with a fast-track path to British citizenship available. Citizenship by Investment in Antigua and Barbuda allows qualified investors to get dual citizenship in a West Indian island paradise with some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.

Citizenship Of St Lucia Through Investment Options

Not only can you have a life long vacation, but you can also live and earn there too along with the ease to travel abroad on a powerful passport. A Citizenship by Investment programme offers an easy, hassle-free way to achieve this with the help of some expertise and help from us. Within a matter of months, one can receive their permanent residency number and enjoy the benefits of a permanent residency in the Caribbean islands. Under this option, applicant can apply for citizenship of St. Lucia by purchasing non-interest-bearing government bonds. These bonds must be registered and must remain in the name of the applicant for a holding period of five years from the date of first issue. A government bond must be held in the candidate’s name for a period of 5 years which then is followed by the issuance of citizenship to the applicant.

  • St Lucia is an eastern Caribbean nation located on the south east coast of North America.
  • We receive the Citizenship Certificates and Passports to our offices then they could be collected or couriered to the client’s country of residence.
  • Investor’s minor siblings if they get a written consent from parents or guardians and if they are financially dependent on the main applicant.
  • “We have a highly personal approach and work with our clients as a trusted partner.

The Act enables individuals and families to acquire Saint Lucian citizenship upon making a qualifying investment. A tiny but gorgeous Caribbean nation waiting to be discovered is Dominica. You don’t have to worry about language barriers as the official staying permit turkey language is English. Aside from the USD 100,000 development fund, you can also purchase real estate costing a minimum of USD 200,000. You can also bring your extended family like your dependent parents, grandparents, including in-laws and siblings.

Are You Considering Acquiring A New Second Citizenship And A Second Passport?

Moreover, St Lucia and Grenada are the only passports in the Caribbean region that allow applicants to transfer citizenship to their third generations, hold government offices, and offer the right to vote. If an applicant is not eligible for citizenship or does not qualify for citizenship by descent, marriage, or naturalization, this can be your ideal option. This programme offers a relatively direct route to obtain your second passport without unreasonable and complex requirements. To obtain citizenship through naturalisation, one has to reside as a PR in a particular country for some years. This simply means that you are required to get PR in the country you intend to apply for the 2nd passport. However, the period and requirements for full citizenship can vary depending on different countries.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

Saint Lucia passport holders can visit 144 countries and territories, including Schengen area, United Kingdom, Ireland, Israel, Singapore etc. The Government has not approved any enterprise projects under CIP as of today. The Cabinet of Ministers will consider enterprise projects to be included on the approved list for the Citizenship by Investment Programme. The Alpina hotel The Alpina St. Lucia Hotel is located in the largely underdeveloped southern part of the island approx.

Applicants are require to buy a property or piece of real estate for atleast US$ 300,000 in one of the approved real estate projects in St Lucia such as branded hotels, resorts, boutique properties. The Cabinet of Ministers will consider real estate projects to be included on the approved list for the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Only approved properties by Government will qualify for CIP programme. It is worth to note that the undoubted advantage is the fact that obtaining citizenship of this country does not imply a compulsory procedure for an interview and an exam for proficiency in the state language.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

Prices for donation for applying as family cut by $25,000 and more as of 2020. St Lucia passport ranked 31st in world passport rankings in2021 with visa free travel to 146 countries in the world including United Kingdom, Europe, Switzerland etc. Each additional dependent will cost an extra $15,000 (reduced from $25,000). And in the case of additional dependents, the holding period is extended to a full seven years. With CBI programs, there is nearly always a real estate investment option.

All About St Lucia: Interesting Facts About The Country

The St. Lucia CBI is one of the world’s newest citizenship programmes, launched in December 2015. This in conjunction with the low cost of living has led to an expansion of its expat population, with many relocating from North America. Such evidence may include a curriculum vitae, letters of past employment, or other pertinent turkish citizenship by investment materials. The Unit may consult with Invest Saint Lucia in considering potential real estate projects for recommendation to the Minister for approval for the purposes of the Citizenship by Investment Programme. The Minister may review the number of applications for citizenship by investment which may be granted annually.

The good news is that this seems to be the case only in the Caribbean and Vanuatu, as all other countries do allow the passing down of citizenship indefinitely. With many Citizenship By Investment programs, passing your citizenship down to a future generation is not easy. However you choose to go about it, budget $10,000 or more in additional fees for the turkish citizenship by investment service provider doing the work. That’s still a decrease from the $500,000 bond requirement from before the COVID-19 passport sale. This is an especially apt point right now, with countries spending billions and trillions in pandemic programs… and when countries that rely on tourism, such as those in the Caribbean, are suffering from the lack of travel.

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