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How To Acquire Dual Citizenship In America And Portugal

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How To Acquire Dual Citizenship In America And Portugal


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Key Benefits Of Alternative Residency Or Citizenship

Those with a Portugal passport will benefit from the public medical care funded in part by social security contributions made by working residents. In addition, health insurance can be covered up to 100% under qualifying plans. Basic education is free for anyone with Portugal citizenship, with a compulsory age of six to fifteen, receiving a certificate of basic education at the end. • A child born to parents holding a Golden Visa for a year can obtain Citizenship by Birth.

Including those of legal age who are single, in education, and under the care of the investor. I am very interested in St Lucia donation program as well as Grenada. Furthermore, there is a Spanish-language citizenship exam after 3-years of residency followed by approximately 1-year Supreme Court processing. Due to the reckless sale of diplomatic passports to some shady characters, as of the 26th of June, 2017, citizens of Antigua and Barbuda need a visa to visit Canada.

Wise Visa 慧侨

Applications that contain false information or omissions will also be declined. There are no citizenship tests when a person applies for Malta citizenship by investment, and applicants are not required to know Maltese or even English to be accepted for financial citizenship. Dr. Anton Tabone has experience assisting non-English speaking clients with Maltese immigration matters.

portugal citizenship

It’s much more difficult and expensive for citizens of Russia, China, and India to gain residency and a second passport from Portugal. The new Friendly Nations Visa is more like a traditional golden visa, explains Alastair Johnson. This became clear today as the country’s newly amended nationality law was published in the government gazette, the law firm istanbul Diário da República, following President de Sousa’s promulgation of the same on November 3rd. Portugal’s Golden Visa Programme requires a minimum investment of €250,000. By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and understood this requirement. Bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal enjoys a Mediterranean climate and culture.

Q: How Long Does The Application Process Take?

East Timor was a territory of Portugal until its invasion by Indonesia in 1975, followed by annexation in 1976. Indonesian citizenship was conferred by Indonesia; however, while the Indonesian annexation was recognised by Australia and some other countries, Portugal did not recognise Indonesian sovereignty over East Timor. As a result, Decree-Law 308-A/75 of 24 June 1974 was not enforced to revoke the Timorese of their Portuguese nationality.

portugal citizenship

Just like Portugal, with a Belgian passport, you’ve got free access to the European continent. Keep in mind, however, that even though it’s possibly the easiest European passport to get, the path from Portuguese residency to full citizenship takes at least five years of residency. Given the low barriers to entry, the lax residency requirements and the short-time to naturalization, Portugal is by far the easiest way to get EU citizenship .

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The firm understands the challenges global citizens receive in terms of international mobility. The team comprises of experienced professionals with multi lingual language skills able to assist clients with a range of citizenship and fiduciary services. We strongly advise clients to engage with our services before leaving for their trip to Portugal. There are many formalities involved before the investment can be made.

portugal citizenship

The choice was either convert, try living as a Jew in secret as many did in places like Belmonte, or leave the Iberian Peninsula altogether. Applicants may file for Portuguese/European citizenship after five years of residency if desired. Our associated attorneys are are licensed to practice immigration law in Portugal and can answer all of your immigration related questions.

In many other countries, investment means starting a business and creating jobs. That is one of the options on Portugal’s golden visa scheme, but it’s not the only one. Before entering the preliminary due diligence stage, a client service agreement and power of attorney document must be signed by the applicant as part of the preparation of their Malta Resident Permit application. There are also several government forms that must be completed including Form K and Form ID 1A for non-EU, EEA, or Swiss citizens.

portugal citizenship

In order to be granted Portuguese citizenship through investment first of all you need to acquire residence permit and permanent residence permit. According to the law and terms of the program, resident status is granted when investing in one of the following options. Permission to reside in Portugal is issued for a period of 1 year with the possibility of renewal to 5 years, followed by the right to permanent residence. For more information on Portugal’s real estate market outlook, check out our ultimate guide to Portugal’s real estate here. Foreign investors who wish to apply for the Golden Visa should keep in mind that the Portuguese authorities plan to change part of the conditions starting with 2022. In addition to this, certain high-density areas in the country will no longer be eligible for residency and citizenship by investment in real estate.

The Sephardic Jewish Route

Part of Istanbul’s Jewry is affluent and resides in Nisantas, Ulus, and northern gated communities, and there is a poorer element in the old Galata neighbourhood. The latter have fewer options and do not feel as targeted by the regime. Most of the Jews have clear Sephardic identities, have documents from the Jewish community, and have not faced problems in applying for Portuguese citizenship. Wealthy Jewish investors in Portugal, like the cinema developers the Edry brothers, have served as a model for Jewish Sephardic investors.

  • Foreign nationals who have ancestral link have a short waiting time, making it one of the easiest methods to become European citizen.
  • Portugal carries out most of its international trade with other countries in the European Union.
  • You can get your residency, live where you like, and visit Portugal for two weeks a year.
  • Direct descendant, second or subsequent generation, born abroad of an ascendant who was born in Malta of a parent who was also born in Malta.
  • Other applicants include citizens of Turkey, Israel, the United States and some European countries.

During the 20th century, Portugal remained neutral in the second world war. In these challenging times, a country’s geopolitical stance is an important consideration when you’re aiming to become a citizen. Ideally, you want the country of your new citizenship to be well regarded, allowing you to move through the world peacefully and unhindered. The Jewish Federation of New Mexico is available to assist applicants by collecting and evaluating all of the necessary documents, including genealogies, and formatting them in accordance with Portuguese law. Then if you’re a descendant the government will charge you to register the marriages / births until the time to register your birth, 175 euros in case of a birth and 120 euros in case of a marriage. Anyone can apply for registration of Portuguese citizenship on the basis of their birth during the period of Portuguese sovereignty, even after his death .

Q: Will The Visa Also Include My Family?

That’s why I hired an advisory firm to help me choose and make my investment and apply for the Golden Visa. I also used the law firm that they partner up with law firm in order to make things super safe and smooth. Portugal is an ocean away; a different culture, a different language, a different way of doing business.

The citizenship by investment program of Portugal allows affluent persons of impeccable standing and repute, including their families, to receive Portugal residency and eventually Portugal citizenship . Once citizenship is granted, the applicant may live, work or study in any of the member countries of the European Union. Under the Foreigners’ Law, the applicant for a permanent residence permit must prove a foundational knowledge of “basic Portuguese”. SEF (Portugal’s border agency) declare that if an applicant cannot pass the basic Portuguese test, they can only be granted a temporary residence permit. This provides the applicant with the right to stay in Portugal until they can meet the requirement.

portugal citizenship

You can’t apply to become a Portuguese citizen unless you qualify legally under law in that country. Portugal has a few different avenues for citizenship, mainly being born to a citizen, marrying a citizen and moving to Portugal for a length of time. Sometimes children born in Portugal to non-citizens are also eligible for citizenship, but usually only if the parents have valid residence permits and have lived in Portugal for at least six years. Children adopted by Portuguese citizens are automatically eligible for citizenship, as of January 2011. RBI/Golden visa programs, grant ONLY residency, no immediate citizenship. Citizenship is only optional, usually takes 5 years of uninterrupted living to naturalise for citizenship.

portugal citizenship

And as many have found, retiring inPortugal is one of the best options out there. Germany and Austria (§ 58c para. 1a Austrian Citizenship Act) offer restoration of citizenship for victims of the era of National Socialism and their descendants. We recommend hiring specialized help to make an accurate assessment in such situation.

portugal citizenship

All paperwork and application procedures will be done by you and your spouse inside of Portugal. A detailed checklist will be provided, and you will be guided through the documents collection stage. Experienced immigration advisors will prepare all the required documents along with the residency application and will conduct a final check of each document for compliance to ensure all requirements are met, including, proof of investment documentation. In practice, SEF will only demand to see proof of the holder having actually lived in the country or of a justification of absence from the country in the event the renewal of the card is requested after its expiry date.

We would suggest using a buyer’s agent to assist you in purchasing property and getting citizenship. Jonah also speaks Portuguese, and has managed to get himself to roughly the C1-level by studying for around 3 hours per day for more than 18 months. He’s so confident in his language abilities that whenever he spoke to his lawyer in Lisbon, he did so in Portuguese. Although you can make a correction to your Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD application once it has been submitted, it’s highly recommended that you try and get everything right the first time round. As well as lawyers, another professional service that many people work with is a genealogist. The first company Jonah worked with were incredibly impersonal and ended up firing him as a client, but at least it gave him lots of information and pointed him in the right direction.

portugal citizenship

Portugal has special relationships with former Portuguese territories including Angola, Cape Verde, Portuguese India, Guinea Bissau, East Timor, Macao, Mozambique, São Tomé, and Príncipe. Part of this special relationship includes an agreement whereby members of the former colonies could apply for Portuguese citizenship. At one point, Portugal was allowing citizens of former Portuguese colonies to apply for Portuguese citizenship. It obviously won’t apply to everyone, but it actually applies to quite a large number of people. According to RTP, as of February 2020, more than 50,000 people have already applied for Portuguese citizenship via this scheme. However, even though citizenship through your partner isn’t always straightforward, Portugal does usually give residency to spouses.

portugal citizenship

Spain’s Golden Visa program also offers visa-free travel within the Schengen Area. Below, you can find a list of the Golden Visa programs in Europe and similar other programs worldwide. European Golden Visa programs grant access to the EU market and the Schengen area. Golden Visa Countries also offer quality education and a quality lifestyle for you and your family.

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