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How To Get Citizenship In Portugal In 2021

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How To Get Citizenship In Portugal In 2021


Who Else Wants Portuguese Citizenship And Nationality?

Will I Need Any Additional Documents?

He knew that he came from a prominent eighteenth-century Portuguese Livornese family, and Portuguese citizenship was something that he could identify with because of his family ancestry. In this study, I present 28 interviews with applicants for/recipients of Portuguese citizenship. The following three interviewees are Sephardi Jews of clear Portuguese descent, who see themselves as part of the Jewish Portuguese diaspora. Attaining Portuguese citizenship enhances and further strengthens their identities as Jews from the Portuguese diaspora. Historically speaking, the Salazar dictatorship did not regard the Dutch Portuguese Sephardic Jews as having any bond with Portugal and Portuguese culture, and therefore Portugal did not come to their aid during the Holocaust.

portugal citizenship

Despite the number of countries that do not enforce birthright citizenship, many countries recognize birthright citizenship for anyone and everyone who is born within the country’s borders. Qualifying applicants for the Portugal residency programme have to be non-EU citizens of good standing, with the main applicant being 18 years of age or over. This new Decree-Law 30-A/2015 adds Article 24-A to the Portuguese Rules on Citizenship. Establishing the requirements for the acquisition of citizenship by naturalization and listing the documents that must be presented with the application for Portuguese nationality. Portugal carries out most of its international trade with other countries in the European Union.

Dual Citizenship Portugal

Certain countries may also entail the demonstration of a certain amount of net worth. In this article, you can find the benefits, requirements, and steps to get a Golden Visa. Our readers are the law firm istanbul best-informed professionals in the investment migration industry. My daughter and son-in-law are US Citizens temporarily living in Israel and planning to fly from Tel Aviv to Lisboa to meet us.

Starting from July 2021, if you invest in a high-density, metropolitan area of Portugal, such as Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, the Silver Coast, or Setubal, you will not qualify for a Golden Visa. These new changes intended to promote foreign investment in low-density areas of the country, considering that the majority of investment since the Golden Visa Program was implemented in 2012 have been in metropolitan and coastal areas. If you do not wish to apply in person, you can hire a legal representative to apply on your behalf. The experience of Apex Capital Partners with the real estate market allows us to find reliable developers around the world whose projects allow you to obtain citizenship for real estate. Homes are selling for great value, but prices are slowly and steadily climbing as the economy bolsters.

All Citizens Are Eligible To Get An Investor Visa In Portugal

Once you have a job, apply for a Work and Residence Visa at the local consulate’s office. You can work on this type of visa for three months before you must apply for a residency permit. Portuguese consulates will want to see your passport, a notarized turkish citizenship by investment letter from your employer, a health certificate certifying good health, an application form and a birth certificate. If you come from a country where dual citizenship is prohibited, you are better off to apply for residence by investment schemes.

portugal citizenship

(Photo by Sergey Shik/Shutterstock)Interested in doing something similar? There are a handful of countries around the world that offer citizenship by descent — requirements vary, but it usually extends to those whose parents or grandparents were born abroad. I only needed to bring my newly issued Czech birth certificate, my U.S. passport or driver’s license and the passport fee (cash and in U.S. Dollars). Nowadays, the Czech consulate requires a passport photo too, but this wasn’t required when I applied for my passport. I gathered the documents and called the Czech consulate to make an appointment to register for my passport.

Benefits Of Dual Citizenship

You will be expected to go to Portugal to register for an interview with Immigration once your documentation has been received. Note that there are often long wait times—up to a few months—before being called for your interview. However, as long as you have registered for your interview, you can stay in Portugal until this time without worrying about overstaying time limits in the country.

portugal citizenship

If you do not have Irish ancestry, you can still become an Irish citizen through their naturalisation process by having four years cumulative residency over an eight-year period, followed by one full year of residing in the country. The easiest way to obtain an Ireland passport and citizenship is if you can prove that you have Irish ancestry, i.e. if one of your parents or grandparents are Irish. In this case, you simply need to apply for citizenship through the Foreign Birth Register. Whatever your reasons might be, there are many options out there for obtaining a second passport. It is important to understand that the easiest is not always the best. Before settling on where you would like to acquire a second passport, you need to fully consider what it is you require from your citizenship and whether the country in question fulfills these requirements.

In some cases, an original apostilled document will be required by the Public Registry Unit, while a certified and authenticated copy will suffice for the Agency. The policy also aims to reduce contagion risk by minimizing contact between border control service staff and applicants, the statement said. Until now the Nationality Law, originally from 1981 and later amended in 2018, set the residence requirement at two years. Among their reasons for wanting an EU passport before Brexit, some Sephardim cite concerns about rising anti-Semitism. Dr Rachamim believes the referendum unleashed racism that had been simmering under the surface.

You can use your residence card to make use of all the benefits of Golden Visa. This includes traveling freely across the Schengen countries, without the need for any additional visas. resident permit turkey You will need to present your passport along with the Golden Visa card. You may technically complete the application process on your own, but I certainly would not recommend doing so.

Being A Portuguese And European Citizen In The 21th Century

If you would like to have a bit more assistance in these matters, we recommend using Facebook groups and online forums to talk to a community of others going through the same thing. We always recommend deferring to experts to aid the process of relocating permanently to Portugal. Finding an experienced and trusted accountant or lawyer, or immigration assistance service will make the whole thing much quicker and simpler – you’ll also have peace of mind that nothing has been done incorrectly. Applicant can include his/her spouse and dependent children in the application as well. However, the children must be below 18 or above 18 if proven still in full time studies.

It also grants access to goods and services available to the public, as well as the application of provisions that concede them exclusive rights. Also, the Associates from Sotheby’s International Realty will assist you in finding the best and most suitable properties for both your family desires and your investment needs. Sotheby’s International Realty can give you access to the finest and most luxurious properties in the country, guiding you through the process of buying a property that fulfils the real estate investment criteria required to get a Portugal Golden Visa. A handful of countries around the world offer citizenship to those who make substantial investments in their country, but it isn’t cheap. Malta is in the EU, so this is a popular track to effectively “buy” EU citizenship. With “fast track processing” the time to EU citizenship and passport is reduced to only 18 months.

Europe Is Seeing Historic Boom In Vc Funding: Theventurecitys Report

When applying for a residency permit, bring a Passport and government issued identification, two current photos and, if you have a job, a letter from your employer or proof of sufficient money to live. A residence permit can only be refused for public safety and health. For example, if you carry an infectious disease or have a mental condition deemed dangerous to others.

They can attain a peaceful lifestyle for them and their families, along with a residential property in some of the best regions in the country. The Portugal Golden Visa is a residency by investment scheme that provides a visa to non-EU citizens in Portugal. The visa is conditional to a certain minimum investment requirement that should be met for the applicant to qualify and has a five-year duration until the holder can apply for Portuguese citizenship. Golden Visas are so popular because of the flexible stay requirements. Those who aren’t ready to commit to living full-time in Portugal yet but want to work towards getting their European citizenship can benefit from doing a Golden Visa.

portugal citizenship

During this time it’s mandatory to spend at least in total 14 days in Portugal. The residency card needs to be renewed every two years, and you’ll need to spend another 14 days in each 2-year period. (There have been discussions to extend this to three years—meaning you would only need to do one renewal—but no official announcement has yet been made). Applying for dual citizenship is a complicated and typically expensive process that may require the assistance of an immigration lawyer. Dual citizens enjoy certain benefits, such as the ability to live and work freely in two countries, own property in both countries, and travel between the countries with relative ease. Dual nationals owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country.

portugal citizenship

In 2018, Portuguese lawmakers amended the country’s nationality law to permit anyone who had been legally resident for five years to apply for naturalization. The Act is an initiative by government to attract new businesses to stimulate the economy and create new employment opportunities. In addition, the Portuguese law also says that any person, who validly resided in Portugal for 5 years, is entitled to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Portugal has long appealed to investors who are looking for a second residency by investment. It offers one of the cheapest golden visa programs with easy access to the best locations in the world. Investors can invest in coastal areas like Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, and many more.

There are certain criteria that need to be met, such as proof of income and accommodation, criminal record requirements and basic level knowledge of the Portuguese language. After five year of residency, family members are eligible to obtain Portuguese citizenship. There is no need to relocate, only a minimum stay of seven days to comply with the rules of the Portugal Residency by Investment program. If the candidate meets any of the requirements mentioned above, he/she can obtain citizenship of Portugal, as well as the spouse and children under 18 years of age. It is necessary for the applicant to keep the investment for a period of 5 years.

Minimum capital transfer of EUR 1 million into the Portuguese bank account or any other specifically approved investment options In Portugal. The residence permit In Portugal is extended for the spouse, children till the age of 26 years, parents and in-laws and any other dependants. Temporary residence visas are initially granted for one year, followed by two consecutive two-year terms. After five years’ residence in Portugal, you can apply for a permanent residence visa.

  • By investing in specific real estate projects, investors become eligible to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa Program.
  • Kieron and Jason lead a team which provides an end to end service through the whole Golden Visa process from Asia to your successful Golden Visa Investment and new life in Portugal.
  • Second citizenships can offer access to world-class health care, education and an improved lifestyle.

In Portugal, investor need only spend two weeks every two years to qualify. Spain and Greece offer considerable advantages in terms of the application time which is more or less 2 months in most cases. Portugal however, since it’s a program that offers a quite frictionless path to citizenship, takes substantially more time. In terms of benefits, all three programs provide the right to live in the host country as well as travel within the Schengen countries minus the need for a travel visa. However, if you have a clean criminal record, aren’t already a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland, and can make a qualifying investment, you’re eligible to apply for a Golden Visa in Spain, Greece, Portugal, and most other participating countries.

Malta citizenship program has very strict due diligence and vetting policy and application refusals are very high (refusal rates hitting 25-30%) . The Government bonds/stocks are debt securities issued by governments is a very popular investment route for those who want a peace of mind with their investments. These are risk free investments fully refunded after 5 years without interest.

portugal citizenship

Portugal is a European country, which will definitely upgrade the lifestyle of investors and their families. They will get access to facilities never thought of before – from exclusive brands to high-class restaurants to community gatherings for the intellectuals, artists, and more. The renewal process is a re-admission of various documents to the Portuguese government, proving that you are still in possession of the investment made. We recommend working alongside trusted professionals to assist you in these matters. An applicant must not leave Portugal for more than 183 days a year, which is a crucial prerequisite for citizenship by naturalisation. It is also required to prove knowledge of Portuguese at the basic A2 level and financial independence.

This criterion applies to those born abroad but who has a Portuguese grandparent or those who have been married to a Portugal resident for 3 years. Original Portuguese citizenship is available for individuals descending from Portuguese citizens and for those born in Portugal, independently of his/her parents nationality . With the exception of investments in financial assets, the minimum investment amount that is eligible for Portugal’s Golden Visa benefit from a 20% reduction if located in a “low density area”. “Low density areas” are the NUTS 3 regions having less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or a per capita GDP of less than 75% of the national average.

The fee levied for application processing and extension is €520 for the main applicant and €80 for a family member. A residency by investment is issued first for one year, and is then extended every two years. After living in the country for five years, a foreigner may obtain permanent residency and then citizenship. Whether you decide to invest in real estate or other investment options, we run pre-screening checks ensuring your investments are secure. We arrange property viewings with all travel costs in the destination of your choice covered by our company. We negotiate property prices with developers ensuring the best outcome for you.

portugal citizenship

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