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Immigrate To Turkey And Apply For Citizenship By Investment

citizenship 250.000 USD

Immigrate To Turkey And Apply For Citizenship By Investment


We Assist In Obtaining Residency, Eu Citizenship, Green Card

European Countries Where You Can Get A Residency By Investment

We achieve our client’s goals need and requirements through Citizenship and Residency by Investment programs run by various counties throughout the world. In simple terms these countries are looking to get investment into their Country and in return are prepared to give Citizenship thus leading to a 2nd passport and visa free travel for life. Another major benefit of acquiring 2nd Citizenship is that it could drastically alter your worldwide tax status for the better. First Celtic mission in life is to help High Net Worth Individuals realize their dreams of not being restricted by the passport of their birth and become an International Citizen. Our aim is for all our clients to be able to choose where they and their family live in the world without immigration or security concerns.

Latvia citizenship by investment

Note that we work with only a curated selection of these citizenship by investment programs. Check out the list of countries Global Citizen Solutions works with here. Dozens of countries around the world attract investment and new residents through immigration programs. Over the years, St. Lucia has acquired decades of rich experience in economic, tourism and immigration activities from its Caribbean neighbors of St. Vincent, Grenada, and Martinique. You can see the evidence in the efficient Citizenship investment programs for investors.

We Can Help You Enter The European Union

Ireland’s EU membership, high standard of living and favorable business environment make this country very attractive for investors looking to relocate. The straightforward golden residency program provides applicants and their families with a residence permit that can be renewed indefinitely, while investors are not required to physically reside in Ireland. Residents gain unrestricted, visa free travel within the Common Travel Area, including the United Kingdom.

The length of time before this is possible differs depending on the country. A residence permit issued through investment program is valid for five years and can be turned into a permanent residence permit. Our team of immigration experts and lawyers has extensive knowledge turkish citizenship by investment about the process of applying for and receiving a residence permit for the Republic of Latvia and other EU countries. Once your residence permit has been approved, you will be free to travel throughout the Schengen Zone without additional Visas or border checks.

Do You Have To Live In Cyprus To Renew The Golden Visa?

Reinstatement of Lithuanian citizenship A reinstatement of citizenship of Lithuania is a process of a obtaining of citizenship of Lithuania for a person in one of the available ways. A citizenship of Lithuania may be reinstated for a person, if such a person was a citizen of Lithuania prior to 15 June 1940. In addition, a citizenship of Lithuania may be reinstated for descendants of persons who were citizens of Lithuania prior to 15 June 1940. This provision is applicable to three generations of descendants, i.e. to children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The application is a certain type of form that must be completed in Lithuanian language.

Latvia citizenship by investment

Montenegro passport has visa free travel to 123 countries in the world including Russia, EU member states. Cyprus is a EU member country but not signatory of schengen.Only Cyprus passport allows live and work in any EU country plus allows visa free travel to over 160 countries including schengen, UK, Canada etc. Most countries who offer this scheme are in great need of direct investment and use the funds to develop real estate, business and create jobs. The programs also make sure that the country can attract the talent and expertise they may be lacking. Most people acquire their citizenship by traditional means; by birth or by marriage.

Basic Requirements For Business Immigration

In addition to visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival access to more than 120 countries. For more information about benefits, see our benefits page or contact us to explain the options that are right for you and your family. St. Kitts and NevisGovernment was the first country to launch the Citizenship by Investment program, The program was established in 1984 to support economic growth. It has also launched extensive legislation to attract financial services businesses to the island. The work force are friendly, Well-educated and proficient in the English language. The government provides tax cuts, returns guarantee and exemptions on import duties.

If you are looking to obtain a citizenship it will take you 3 years if married, and 5 years if singe. You will need to spend at least 6 months per year for this period in Uruguay. Greece’s Golden Residency Program has followed the Portuguese example and added a bond based investment option for second residency. While the Portuguese program has recorded a slow-down in demand, given bureaucratic complexities and a challenging road to residency, the Greek residency program appears to be going from strength to strength.

Under the investor citizenship program, a single applicant who buys Dominica real estate now pays a $25,000 fee as opposed to $50,000. A family of four who makes a qualifying property investment now pays only $35 thousand in government fees compared to $75 thousand previously. This discount is temporary, and the citizenship by investment program’s fees could go back up in 2021 or 2022. Dominica second citizenship can make international travel to the European Union significantly easier. Without a Dominica passport, non-EU or EFTA nationals may require a Schengen Visa in order to visit European countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany.

Renowned for its rich culture and history, it is a famous tourist spot but also a central business hub. As a fintech worldwide leader, Malta has attracted numerous investors and firms from all over the world. Praised for its excellent healthcare system, safety, cost of living, and economic opportunities, Malta has become one of the top destinations for investors seeking to acquire a second passport. A few examples of our real estate options for citizenship investment in Montenegro. is a specialist UK Nationality and British Citizenship site offering an online search and assessment. Claims to hold a British Passportcan be complex and the site offers a quick, simple search to give you the answers.

Before coming to Canada Apply to travel, study, work or immigrate to Canada, including forms, permanent resident card, and more. All travellers, regardless of citizenship, must meet the testing and quarantine requirements when coming to Canada. Today it is a huge industry involving dozens of countries, thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of people. For your information, Arton Capital is an authorized marketing agent appointed by the government to promote Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program.

CCS conducts one-on-one dialogue with clients to answer questions, clarify elements of the Program as well as determine eligibility. The client and CCS execute an Engagement Letter detailing the services to be provided including a quotation of all fees and costs. Clients choose their preferred option for citizenship and their real estate property if applicable. Month 1 – The investor purchases Bulgarian ETFs & AIFs and the financial intermediary issues a purchase order and settlement certificate.

Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Km and population of over 80,000 people, make Antigua and Barbuda the 9th largest country by size in the Caribbean. Along with Grenada an St Kitts and Nevis it is probably one of the best passports in the Caribbean when selecting a second passport by Donation. However, for real estate options other Caribbean Islands would be superior alternatives. Having a second passport is not only about being able to travel with less hassle. It means more than that – tax breaks, higher education, possibility of doing business in a pristine jurisdiction & universal healthcare are some of the associated benefits of acquiring a second passport.

Latvia citizenship by investment

Greece has €250,000 real estate investment program giving immediatepermanent residency to third country nationals from outside EU, upon purchasing the real estate. After 7-8 years of continuous living in Greece, it is possible to apply for citizenship. This country is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean turkish citizenship Sea and it is among the most populated islands. It is located to the south of Turkey and borders Israel to the north and also southeastern of Greece. Particularly, the country is attractive due to its stable and warm climate, plus its convenient location, which makes it suitable for both residence and investment.

Latvia citizenship by investment

Dividends received from local entities are usually 50% tax-exempt; those from non-resident entities are fully taxable. This excludes gains from the sale of real property held for more than 5 years. Certain gains derived from the sale of shares and capital market instruments may be tax exempt. Endevio & Integritas are notable Malta-based firms that deliver excellence Turkish staying permit in the international market. The firms are known for their quality in dealing with the full range of corporate services and advising high-net-worth clients on their private affairs. Through Endevio and Integritas strategic partners’ international presence, we have vast experience in developing and providing holistic services that are suited for each client.

Spain’s Residence-by-Investment Program is highly regarded and is used by many foreign investors to become EU residents. Austria is considered to have one of the most popular Residence by Investment programmes. The Austrian Golden Visa is available to any foreign national in exchange for investing a significant amount of money. A number of countries in the European Union and/or the Schengen Area have golden visas available to investors from third countries. Foreign nationals who are not Schengen residents must either have a visa or, from late 2022, apply for an ETIAS visa waiver online. For more information and to discuss matters specific to your application for residence, contact us.

Latvia citizenship by investment

These other residency programmes are great for tax residency or a secondary citizenship plan, but they are merely creating yet another path to residency, with citizenship being the eventual benefit of residency. Other countries offer fast track naturalization, which may or may not be commoditized. While countries like Panama offer a Friendly Nations Visa that streamlines residency requirements, they generally require years for naturalization and have no hundred percent guarantees of paying off in the end.

  • Get citizenship with no income tax, visa free access to more than 132 countries including U.S. and U.K.
  • Such citizens are regarded exclusively as Macedonian while in the country.
  • European countries which offer residence to business owners include Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, and Latvia.
  • The Dominica Economic Diversification Fund finances public and private sector projects in the country in an effort to increase national development and support the islands social progress and financial security.
  • Motivated, ambitious, versatile and a well presented enthusiastic individual, Scott has strong sales and project management skills.

Once you manage to get the citizenship, a Malta passport will allow you to travel, work, study and live in around 26 European nations including the likes of Switzerland, Germany and France. You can claim citizenship through marriage to a Polish citizen if you have been married for three years and lived in Poland for two consecutive years while holding permanent residency. You can receive permanent residency after gaining a temporary residence permit through marriage to a Polish citizen. There’s no easy method to obtain nationality, such as one where you make a generous deposit to the government and you’re given a passport a few months later. Unlike countries such as Malta and Montenegro, Andorra doesn’t have a citizenship by investment program like this.

Latvia citizenship by investment

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