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Latvia Law On Telecommunications

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Latvia Law On Telecommunications


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Taxes In Latvia

Section 136 of the Labour Law defines overtime as work performed by an employee in addition to regular working time. If due to the nature of the work it is not possible to determine a working week of five days, an employer, after consultation with employee representatives, may specify a working week of six days. Regular working time of employees associated with a special risk may not exceed seven hours a day and 35 hours a week if they are engaged in such work for not less than 50% of the regular daily or weekly working time. The Cabinet of Ministers may determine regular shortened working time also for other categories of employees. Regular daily working time of an employee may not exceed eight hours, and regular weekly working time may not exceed 40 hours.

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The requirements for general care and instructional institutions for orphans and children left without parental care, including the medical health and hygiene requirements therefor, shall be determined by the Cabinet. Depending on the age of a child, the local government shall assist the family, particularly, a family in need, in the upbringing and education of the child, in vocational training and in finding employment and housing. In conformity with the provisions of The Civil Law, parents, commensurate to their finances and social standing, have a duty to look after the life and welfare of their child and to provide support for him or her, that is, give the child food, housing, clothing, care, upbringing and education. 18) minimum welfare level for a child – the amount of resources necessary to ensure meeting the rights of a child to development, health care, education and other rights of the child prescribed by law. According to the Convention, the Court reiterated that arbitrary or discriminatory decisions in the field of nationality may raise issues in human rights law generally, and under the Convention specifically.

Business Establishment In Latvia

A time period calculated in weeks shall expire on the respective day of the last week of the time period. A time period calculated in months shall expire on the respective date of the last month of the time period. If a time period calculated in months terminates in a month, which does not have the respective date, the time period shall expire on the last day of such month.

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On 22 June 1941 Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union, of which Latvian territory formed a part. The lightning advance of the German Army forced the Red Army to leave the Baltic region and withdraw towards Russia. The three Baltic States and part of Belarus were joined to form a vast territory administered by the Reich Commissariat for the Eastern Territories , which took orders directly from Berlin. “We are truly disappointed this initiative was rejected before it even reached the relevant Parliament committee.

When Do You Become A Tax Resident In Latvia

I can tell you a secret – most Latvian women are not interested in foreigners. If you want to get to know a Latvian women try to be genuinely interested and respectful. Also be a bit more aware than in your own country when carrying bags with valuables, hold them where you see them, especially around Central Train station and Central market. Groups of Roma women are known to commit thefts and can also become aggressive when caught. It doesn’t have a good reputation but many hotels and hostels are there because it is cheaper and foreigners are not aware of its “fame”. If you need to get to hotel there at night it is better to take a taxi than walk although it is quite close to the center.

It is a judgment which upon the request of the Plaintiff is made by the first instance in the trials where the Defendant has failed to submit explanations regarding the claim and has not appeared at the session without justifying grounds. The court makes the judgment by default based on the explanations of the Plaintiff and the materials of the case if the court recognizes them to be sufficient for resolving the dispute. The court system of the Republic of Latvia comprises district or city courts, regional courts and the Supreme Court. Since civil cases are heard before the first instance courts and each party has rights to appeal the judgment within the appeal procedure, the appellate instance resolves these cases anew.

About Latvia Adoption

Loze & Partners has successfully represented its client in the sale of SIA Pharmidea, a pharmaceutical company, shares resulting in entry of a new investor. Lawyers of Loze & Partners have volunteered considerable amounts of lawyers’ time to assist public organisations in our community. Loze & Partners focuses not only on its own success; our interests lie in the overall development of the country and enhancement of interests of the community. Corporate Law At NJORD Law Firm, we are experts in providing corporate advice and solutions to corporate law issues, Danish as well as international. We advise on everything from corporate management, shares, formation procedures and general meetings to reconstruction, liquidation, and corporate mergers and demergers. NJORD has both attorneys-at-law and trademark and design attorneys, which provides a unique depth to the team that not many other law firms in Latvia can boast of.

The prenatal leave together with maternity leave make 112 calendar days that are granted irrespective of the number of days prenatal leave has been utilised prior to childbirth. This agreement can be repealed at any time without conditions being forwarded. The leave granted in connection with pregnancy and childbirth is not included in annual paid leave.

Labour Law

From the same date, two-metre distance is a must in all public spaces, indoors and outdoors. The Law on Emergency Situation and State of Exception authorises the Government to introduce some restrictions as well – in particular, regarding movement, assemblies, or economic activity. Apart from that, the decision also provides for the exemptions from the procurement law for procurements related to the pandemic . After law firm one MP announced he had been tested positive on 21 March, other MPs had to undergo the tests as well. Since 2 April, the sittings take place partially remotely, via video conference, with MPs joining from different parts of the parliament building. According to Article 15 of the Constitution, the Saeimaholds its sittings in the city of Riga, and only in extraordinary circumstances may it convene elsewhere.

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The child shall not, in exercising his or her rights, infringe the rights and lawful interests of other children and adults. Matters that are related to ensuring the rights or best interests of a child, and criminal matters in which the defendant is a minor, shall be adjudicated in court pursuant to special procedures. Submissions and complaints that are related to the protection of the rights of the child shall be examined without delay. A child has the right himself or herself or through a lawful representative to take part in the formulation and realisation of programmes for the protection of the rights of the child. A child has the right to recreation and free time appropriate to his or her age and physical and mental development, and the right to take part in games and amusement events, and cultural activities, and to engage in art.

An employee when performing work has the obligation to treat the property of the employer with due care. The term for which an employment contract has been entered into for performing seasonal work may not exceed 10 months within one year. In case of doubt, the invalidity of a particular provision included in an employment contract shall not affect the validity of the rest of the employment contract. An employment contract, in addition to the information set out in Paragraph two of this Section, shall also include other information if the parties consider it necessary. An employment contract shall be entered into in writing prior to commencement of work. An employer has the obligation to ensure the storage of copies of the documents referred to in Section 35, Paragraph three of this Law or the appropriate information throughout the period of employment of a foreigner and the presenting thereof upon request by a supervisory and control authority.

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Corruption is a problem for businesses operating in Latvia, and demands for bribes and other irregular payments are pervasive. Close ties between public officials and businesses, the influence of private interests involved in illegal political party funding and the unethical behaviour of companies are considered competitive disadvantages for the country. Latvia’s Criminal Law criminalises several forms of corruption, including active and passive bribery, gifts, conflicts of interest and influence peddling.

Vaccinated Pensioners In Latvia To Be Paid Monthly Monthly Financial Support

The prices of real estate, which were at some points growing by approximately 5% a month, were long perceived to be too high for the economy, which mainly produces low-value goods and raw materials. Future co-operation will include sharing of national infrastructures for training purposes and specialisation of training law firm istanbul areas and collective formation of battalion-sized contingents for use in the NATO rapid-response force. In January 2011, the Baltic states were invited to join NORDEFCO, the defence framework of the Nordic countries. In November 2012, the three countries agreed to create a joint military staff in 2013.

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