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My Journey To Eu Citizenship Through Portugals Golden Visa Program


My Journey To Eu Citizenship Through Portugals Golden Visa Program


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Creat Jobs With The Golden Visa Program

The main applicant may invest €1,000,000 in a Portuguese Financial Institution over a period of 5 years. Another option would be a €500,000 investment in funds or in venture capital geared towards small and medium companies. Both of these fund transfers could be used for the purchasing of shares. Alternatively, a €350,000 investment in scientific research activities, or €250,000 in the recovery or maintenance of national arts and culture can also be carried out, on the condition that these are conducted by recognized institutions.

portugal citizenship

Set up a company in Belgium and apply for a Professional Card , which grants you residency in Belgium. The more stable passive income you can prove over and above this minimum threshold, the greater your chances of being approved become. If you apply with your spouse, the above requirement goes up by 50%, or around €318 per month (so €953 per month for a married couple). So do royalties, fixed-rate interest earnings and even dividends, provided that you are not operationally involved in running the business in which you own shares.

Summary Of Member States’ Nationality Laws

In most cases, applicants will need to secure documents from their home country which will have to be applied for in person. Your dedicated caseworker will talk you through the necessary documents and when to apply for them, arrange to have them legalised for use abroad and then organise for them to be couriered to Portugal. It can take up to 12 months from the date of your initial investment trip before you receive your first temporary residency card.

Portugal is to introduce a law granting citizenship rights to the descendants of Jews it persecuted 500 years ago, following Spain’s adoption of similar legislation last year. The Portugal Golden Visa program has proven to be one of the most preferred plan in Europe with investors brought in to its adaptability as well as its benefits. Among the prominent nations for investment for business owners, entrepreneurs and investors.

How To Prepare For The Portuguese Test

Montenegro Economic Citizenship program open since Oct 2019 limited to 2000 foreign applicants. Application process is confidential and citizenship not reported to other countries. Dual citizenship also must be evaluated accordingly so that you wont automatically lose citizenship by taking up citizenship of foreign country. Citizenship by Investment schemes have zero residency requirement before or after receiving passport.

portugal citizenship

Before you apply for U.S. citizenship as your second citizenship status, it’s crucial to contact the embassy or consulate of your country of origin to find out whether that country allows dual citizenship in the first place. Otherwise, you may lose your citizenship in that country without knowing. The applicant’s presence will be required to collect the biometric data at the SEF’s offices, located in Lisbon. Once these initial steps have been completed, the legal representative may handle the filing of the remaining application process documentation. As may be expected, to qualify for residency, there are minimum length of stay requirements in Portugal of seven days during the first year and fourteen days, consecutive or not, in the subsequent two-year periods (i.e. an average of one week per year). Where the applicant does not fulfil the minimum stay requirements, the GRP may not be renewed and the applicant will need to re-apply.

From Today, Slovakia Applies New Travel Rules

These can at most be issued 45 days prior to your online application. Proof that you are covered either by the Portuguese public health system or that you have private primary health insurance that will cover you for the length of your residency in Portugal . If you decide to go it alone instead of working with a buyer’s agent, you should anyway hire a lawyer to look over contracts and other legal aspects of the investment before signing anything.

This payment can be done remotely and your Golden Visa can be posted to you so that you can use it for your next visit. We are not financial advisors but, with the information we’ve collected and the relevant legal support, you’ll be in a much better position to decide which option makes the most sense for you and move forward with your Golden Visa Fund investment. Is a GoVisaFree community member from Charlotte, North Carolina, US. She’s been an active member since 2020.

Danish Citizenship By Marriage

You make a donation and they’ll give you a passport in just two to three short months. The two-island nation likes to refer to itself as the “platinum” citizenship program in the region. St. Kitts and Nevis runs the original economic passport program, in operation since 1984. Other Caribbean programs have copied it, and the program has enjoyed a lot of success up until now. If you’re a western citizen, the deep discount of Caribbean programs over European Union citizenship programs can be quite appealing.

portugal citizenship

Portugal’s government has begun to recognize that we cannot confront this crisis unless everyone has the treatment they need — as well as the income that allows them to stay at home. GRP applicants frequently are interested in obtaining permanent residency. Initially, temporary residence permit is granted for one year, subject Turkish work permit to renewal for two consecutive periods of two years, subject to minimum residency requirements. A minimum stay of 7 days in Portugal during the first year is mandatory. There are six possible ways to acquire Portuguese residency by investment. There are many pros to living in a country that upholds birthright citizenship.

Who Is Eligible For Portuguese Citizenship?

Just be sure to speak with a lawyer first so you fully understand all implications of claiming that citizenship. You need 3 months of original utility bills as proof of registered address to be able to open a Portuguese bank account, national I.D. This means that after 1 year of the initial Golden Visa if the property is not fully legalized then the Golden Visa process is stopped at year 2. We at GVP Life Limited with our partner lawyer CCA only work with property partners who sell clear developments to our Golden Visa clients. The program enables you and your family to work, live and study in Portugal, while also enjoying visa free travel within the European Schengen area.

I am a content citizen of St. Lucia, but that doesn’t mean it will be the right passport for you. That requirement isn’t exactly tough, as you could knock it out with a month-long vacation to celebrate your new passport, but it is a requirement nonetheless. Grenada allows you to make a donation of $150,000 for a single person or $200,000 for a married couple in exchange for citizenship. Just don’t forget that Dominica has additional fees that apply when one chooses the donation investment route. Like its Caribbean counterparts, Dominica announced a slew of post-COVID changes that make it more appealing to foreign investors. The difference in Dominica is that they did not put a deadline on the discounts, which means that they are still in effect.

A valid picture ID document is only necessary when your child is 14 or older. When you apply for Portuguese citizenship for your minor child, , your child does not need to be present at the Consulate. We can begin securing your investment and will guide you through the necessary paperwork required to ensure a successful investment. In order to obtain the tax identification number in Portugal, we will appoint a fiscal representative for you. After obtaining your NIF, we can help you open a bank account in Portugal. First, collect the paperwork for yourself and any dependents you’ll be including in the application.

portugal citizenship

The golden visa in Portugal is designed to encourage investment from non-EU/EFTA nationals. The Portuguese golden visa offers a fast-track to obtaining a residency permit in Portugal, alongside other benefits. This visa is for non-EU investors who invest a minimum amount as defined by law. Since the launch of the golden visa program in 2012, more than 4,200 Portuguese golden visas have been given out, representing an injection of more than €2.5 billion into the Portuguese economy.

Pursuing residency abroad comes with many perks for those looking for freedom in the international landscape. A second residency grants you the ability to live, work, invest, purchase property, and travel freely within a certain country or region. While each residency permit has its own requirements for spending time in-country, some are more relaxed than others – allowing you to hold your residency and work towards dual citizenship, while still maintaining a solid base in your home country. For those countries that don’t allow dual citizenship, permanent residency provides a great way to maintain an international life without giving up your primary passport.

portugal citizenship

Those resident in Northern Ireland are entitled to both British and Irish passports. Last month, approximately 250 Jews from 14 countries convened here for a weekend retreat designed to introduce them to Porto and its Jews. Among those present were the president of Lisbon’s Jewish community, Turkish Chief Rabbi Ishak Haleva and 80 other Turkish Jews. Most of the applicants to Porto’s community so far have been Turkish Jews, including many of those who came for the weekend retreat. Some applicants for Portuguese citizenship from non-EU countries want a Portuguese passport as an insurance policy, in the event things in their home countries go south. Hila Loya, a visitor from Cape Town, applied last year for that reason.

Sworn Statement that you will maintain your investment for a minimum period of five years. You need a certificate from any country in which you have lived longer than one year. The certificate has to be issued by the relevant authorities within the previous three months and translated into Portuguese. If you chose to, you and your family members can live in Portugal and have access to its healthcare and education.

Any foreigners who get married to a Portuguese man or woman for three years are legible to apply for this citizenship. This one has nothing to do with the individual as long as you are married. Be able to prove that you were formerly a Portuguese citizen who has previously lost citizenship. Located in southern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a popular destination for people of all backgrounds. There are many language testing centers and schools that can help you with this requirement. The Common European Framework of Reference for Language is the standard used by the government to assess your ties to the country.

portugal citizenship

We offer you citizenship by investment programs, company formation services, and an array of options that allow you to secure citizenship and obtain additional passports without residency obligations. Invest in Portuguese real estate with a minimum property value of €350,000 – €500,000. If desired, more than one property can be purchased to make up the total €500,000, and co-ownership is also allowed. Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD The applicant is required to set up a bank account in Portugal and to maintain the investment for a period of 5 years. However, authorities may require a Portuguese language proficiency test as well as documented links which demonstrate integration into Portuguese society. The Antigua & Barbuda is officially the strongest passport out of these three options, with visa-free travel to 151 countries.

portugal citizenship

Any residency gaps will only impact your ability to travel within the Schengen Zone. That’s how these firms might offer you a great “deal” on their legal or advisory fees. However, in reality, you’re paying much more than you would if you sourced the investment independently and used an independent law firm for your application process. They currently have hotel investments available in Lisbon and Algarve, one at €350,000 law firm and the other at €280,000 level. They’ll cover the purchase taxes for you, and offer to buy back your units once you’ve received your permanent residency or citizenship. These funds are designed to make life easy for Golden Visa investors by having a matching length or option of early withdrawal (often 6-7 years), accepting €350,000 investments, and often assisting with and/or overseeing the Golden Visa process itself.

  • The Portuguese Golden Visa program is one of the most established and respected investment residency programs in the world.
  • The World Sephardic Congress held an evening Sephardic heritage colloquium, and in its brochure noted the need to create a Sephardic museum, but it has not taken further steps to achieve this goal (Cashman 2020; Naor 2020; Sharon 2020).
  • Once the investment has been approved, the foreign national can start the process of obtaining Portugal citizenship by investment, which will include several steps and will require the residence permit holder to comply with the naturalization process.
  • Below is a chart of countries that offer citizenship by descent alongside some basic requirements.
  • He eventually needed a lawyer to submit the application to the Portuguese government, but was able to do a lot of the other work himself.

Another route apply for residency investing just EUR 250,000 in real estate or business and then naturalize for Bulgarian citizenship after 5 years. Cambodia is probably the only Asian country that has a citizenship by investment program. Cyprus passport is one the best travel documents highly respected in the world with visa free travel to 174 world countries in 2020. Malta has the official citizenship by investment program in Europe.

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