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Portugal Residency Programme

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Portugal Residency Programme


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Frequently Asked Questions About American Expats In Portugal

If you’re born to two Austrian parents, you automatically become a citizen. It doesn’t matter whether your parents were married or not at the time of your birth. You’re making a sizable investment to gain Portuguese residency , so I wouldn’t recommend taking any chances during the application process. While the lawyer fees aren’t insignificant, they are much cheaper than making some formal error, making a bad investment, or one that ends up not qualifying.

There are at least several hundred Israelis homesteading in the above two areas, but statistics are currently unavailable. He makes a product in China, packages and markets it in Brazil, and also sells it in the USA and has staff there. He cannot open a US commercial bank account to pay employees and is worried that he will be denied entry to the USA to conduct business. With Portuguese citizenship, he will be able to operate permanently in these countries and open commercial bank accounts. Is an Ashkenazi 30-year old clerk in an Israeli coastal city, whose high-school hobby was researching his family genealogy. He knew that one branch of the family was from a Dutch Portuguese family who migrated to Izmir, Turkey, and lived there for generations.

Portugal Golden Visa Program 2021

If the applicant follows the fast track program, he/she can obtain the Bulgarian passport as early as 18 months. This makes the Bulgarian program one of the fastest options for international investors looking to obtain EU citizenship. Applicants are not required to continuously live in Bulgaria before or after citizenship approval.

portugal citizenship

Members of the applicant’s family may be associated with the main applicant’s process (i.e. the investment requirement only applies to the main applicant). A family is defined in law as the spouse of the applicant and minors or dependent children of the couple or of one of the members of the couple. Adopted children, adult children that are still financially dependent on parents, financially dependent parents or parents over 65 years old and minor siblings may also be included. There are also provisions allowing certain non-marital partnerships and their adopted children. Cabinet spokesman Luís Marques Guedes said changes to the nationality law would provide dual citizenship rights for Sephardic Jews, the term commonly used for those who once lived in the Iberian peninsula. EU blue card holders are entitled to apply for permanent residence status after 5 years of legal and continuous residence in any EU country or 2 years of legal and continuous residence in Portugal as an EU Blue Card holder.

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After 5 year living legally in the country you can apply for citizenship. If you come from another country that allows dual citizenship, you should be able to have both passports. If the country of your current passport does not recognise dual citizenship, however, it’s likely that you’ll have to give up that passport when you obtain the Portuguese one. In most cases, there is a time limit during which citizens of these countries could apply to retain their Portuguese citizenship, so it may not be any option for you anymore.

portugal citizenship

Eligible InvestmentsMinimum investmentSGF donationUSD 150,000 Real EstateUSD 200,000 or USD 400,000 held for 7 years – Refundable buyback sharesThere is 60 day fast track application processing available with St Kitts and Nevis for an additional fee. You can also invest in buyback shares in five star hotels/resorts in Portugal, St Kitts, Grenada, Dominica etc. for Residency/Citizenship. Applicants must pass a Portuguese language proficiencytest, known as CIPLE – A2, except for those who have been married to a Portuguese national for more than 3 years. Get the information you need on how you can access the world of visa-free travel and global mobility through Cersei Partners. Learn more about the new tax law changes on financial emigration effective from 1 March 2021. Your family will have access to Portuguese health care and education systems.

Jersey is a low tax jurisdiction with high standards of European living. Maltese citizenship is not confidential as names of people are published in official gazette to public. Ireland is an excellent business investment destination with corporate friendly taxes. Free movement in Schengen states with residence Turkish resident permit permit(“PERMISO DE RESIDENCIA”) issued by spain. In Europe, Austria (55%), Netherlands(52%), Sweden (62%), Finland(56%-62%), Denmark (56%) has the highest income tax rates. In each case, you get your money back at the end of the term and can keep the residence that leads to citizenship after five years.

Those from Portuguese India and Macao who are descendants of those born under the period of Portuguese rule are also entitled to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews expelled from Portugal in the 16th century can acquire Portuguese Sephardic citizenship if they can demonstrate belonging to a Sephardic community of Portuguese origin. Requirements include having a Portuguese Sephardic name as well as familiarity with the language.

Can My Malta Passport Be Revoked?

VCA works in litigation matters for the largest Portuguese listed company on a permanent basis, side by side with a practice group focused on SME and private clients. The firm is able to effectively respond to clients across the spectrum of legal, regulatory and tax issues. We are a diverse group of industry leading professionals who are passionate about providing the best immigration services. We all understand the importance of a smooth, seamless and transparent process. Citizens of Portugal can travel visa-free or with visa-on-arrival to over 185 countries and territories including the United States of America, the European Union, Singapore and Hong Kong.

One side from Lisbon and other side from the Azores, would that qualify me to apply for citizenship? Yes you can if your father was born in Portugal, you need to go to the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate to apply. I am considering either registering our marriage in Portugal or registering for citizenship myself. Take work contract and all documents enter papers in SEF online and wait for 4 months. After I obtain Portuguese Nationality, what process will I have to follow in order for my husband to obtain nationality for him. I would like to find out the possibility of gaining Portuguese citizenship.

The evidence for your Portugal citizenship application will be assessed together, so the more items you cover, the more certain your ties. As part of the application, you need to pass a A2 language skills test and show you have meaningful ties to Portugal. Portugal does allow gay marriage and all requirements are identical for same-sex partners. We have a detailed article with information on qualification and application for Portugal Sephardic citizenship. You were born in non-Portuguese territory – You are a Portuguese nation by origin if your parents register you on the Civil Registry.

You can do your FBI background check with any of the many private companies that are authorized to collect your fingerprints at your local copy or mail service company. The visa process takes about 6 to 8 weeks once you have submitted your documents to the Consulate. You have to send them your passport, so don’t plan to travel anywhere during that time. The Portugal Golden Visa program is known as the Residence Permit Program is a five-year residency by investment program for non-EU residents. It is one of the most popular residencies by investment programs in the world. The golden visa program gives the right to live, work, study and do business in Portugal and allows free movement in Europe’s Schengen Area.

Bangladesh allows dual citizenship, and a citizen can only lose his/her dual nationality if he/she commits a crime within five years after becoming a citizen. All the citizens of Europe, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of Bangladeshi origin can apply for a dual-national certificate. Anyone who is eligible for dual citizenship can apply for dual citizenship through a local embassy while the ones living in Bangladesh can apply through the law firm Home Affairs Ministry. Established in 2012, the Program, also known as the Golden Visa Portugal Program, enables non-residents of the European Union to obtain a special residence permit that allows them to live and work in Portugal. Subsequently, the applicant can submit documents for permanent residence and citizenship. The cheapest citizenship by investment has to do with the necessary conditions required for anyone to have to become a citizen of another country.

portugal citizenship

Academic certificate issued by an official educational establishment , which is legally recognized in an official Portuguese speaking country. Evidence by means of family names, language, direct or collateral descendance, or other elements witch may be direct or circumstantial. Descendants of Portuguese Sephardic Jews may be granted citizenship through naturalization by the Portuguese Government, If they fulfill the requirements.

As a matter of fact, all countries in the European Union have been given the right to sell residency to foreigners. Immigration investor programs are becoming increasingly becoming popular in Europe. Estonia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria don’t recognize marriage as a means of becoming a citizen. Foreign nationals who have ancestral link have a short waiting time, making it one of the easiest methods to become European citizen. For this reason, specific requirements differ from one country to another. If you have any questions then you should consult directly with the official government authority on how to get European passport.

Becoming a citizen of Bulgaria does not mean the investor automatically becomes a Bulgarian tax resident. However, becoming a tax resident in Bulgaria may be attractive to the investor because of the country’s low personal and corporate income tax rate which is only 10%; the lowest in the European Union. The whole family can obtain Bulgarian citizenship i.e. the main applicant, his/her spouse, and children and grandchildren of any age, and they can all travel, reside, study or work freely within the EU.

portugal citizenship

Portugal also ranks first worldwide in the ease of trading across borders, while corporate taxation is simple and paid at a flat rate of 21%. However, residents of the nation can apply for the Non-Habitual Residency scheme and gain amazing tax benefits for a decade at a time. Some countries offer birthright citizenship on a conditional basis.

  • This being said, your current country of citizenship may have restrictions that prohibit you from possessing a Malta second passport.
  • You can gain Portuguese citizenship through marriage after three years of marriage to a Portuguese citizen or three years of legally recognised cohabitation.
  • Before making any decisions based on taxes or financial investments, you should consult a professional.
  • However, the time spent in Portugal during the second biometrics visit for the renewal of your residency card counts towards the 14 days required for the first 2 years.
  • Golden Visas are so popular because of the flexible stay requirements.

Wondering how to get European citizenship if you have Maltese ancestors? Amendments to the country’s Citizenship Act in August 2007 can make it easy for direct descendants of Malta citizens to obtain an EU passport. Maltese citizenship by ancestry enables anyone with documentation showing direct descent from an ancestor born in the country of a parent who was also born on the islands to fill out a Malta citizenship application and request a European passport.

portugal citizenship

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