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Residency And Citizenship By Investment

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Residency And Citizenship By Investment


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One of the major things to have is to meet the necessary investment fee because without this the immigration officers of the country won’t give the immigrant maximum attention. This citizenship is being gotten by business ventures, venture capitalist, business moguls, who are buoyant enough to offer economic benefits to the country. These programs are called citizenship by investment and are currently offered in a dozen + countries around the world as a means of increasing government revenue. The state gives a passport to applicants who either invests in real estate or give an economic donation.

You may be eligible for Portuguese citizenship if you can prove Sephardic Jewish heritage dating back to the 15th century. If you’re the child of Portuguese mother or father born in Portugal, then you may be declared a Portuguese citizen without having to be resident. The Portuguese authorities want to know that you haven’t been convicted of any crime punishable in Portuguese law by over three years imprisonment. Lastly, you’ll need sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language, A2 level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages . Primarily, this gives you the right to freely live, work, study and retire across the 30 nations of the EU/EEA. Portuguese/EU citizens can also vote and run for office in the European elections.

Benefits Of Property Investment For The Portugal Golden Visa

Is the husband of an Ashkenazi couple from New England who retired and fell in love with Portugal . The couple hired a genealogist to search for his Sephardic ancestry in Eastern Europe so he could get citizenship and avoid having to live in the country on temporary visas. Is a businessman from Monterrey, Mexico, who wanted to retire to Portugal and hired a genealogist who found that his crypto-Jewish family converted from Judaism to Catholicism in the fourteenth century and included an Aragonese royal treasurer . This enabled him to get citizenship and settle in a coastal luxury community.

portugal citizenship

Obtaining permanent residency is the first step which usually requires spending more than 183 days a year for x number of years. With a Portuguese residence permit, you can live in Portugal, as well as travel without a visa to all EU and Schengen countries with the opportunity to stay up to 90 days in half a year. The main applicant will also need to be present for each residence permit’s renewal , but is of course encouraged to spend more time in Portugal to develop the business venture. The Portuguese government passed a law in October 2012 to launch the residency by investment program, also known as a golden visa program. Several countries around the world offer residency by investment or citizenship by investment programs. Previously, the consideration period of the application for a residence permit was 4 to 8 months.

Why Choose Portugal To Live Or Invest?

He has helped about 200 people research their ancestry in order to claim Spanish or Portuguese citizenship. A year before the Brexit referendum of 2016, Portugal and Spain passed laws which offered Sephardic Jews—those whose families once lived on the Iberian peninsula—a path to citizenship. Each country intended the gesture to act as recompense for the forcible exile of Jews in the 1490s, in one of the first acts Turkish resident permit of the Spanish Inquisition. But the two countries have unwittingly offered a lifeline for Remainers anxious to retain EU citizenship after Britain leaves the bloc. “I really want to be European, I want my kids to be European,” says Dr Rachamim. To guarantee her three children’s ability to live and work across the continent, she has sought Spanish passports for them, on top of her own application to Portugal.

Unlike many neighboring EU countries, Malta has an excellent credit rating (A+ by Fitch Ratings and A- by S&P Global Ratings in 2021) and their government bonds are in high demand amongst both professional and retail bond investors. Dr. Anton Tabone holds Accredited Person license number AKM-TABO-21. This allows a Maltese citizen to travel to 26 European countries without going through any border control. Individuals that hold a passport from any Schengen Area country can visit any other country in the borderless area without the inconvenience of a border check. Community Malta Agency, which administers the Maltese economic citizenship regulations, does not recognize Bitcoin or other crypto as legal investment currency for financial transactions related to immigration to Malta.

I come from an ex- Portuguese colony “Vasai” located in suburbs of Mumbai. My paternal and maternal both grandmothers’ birth certificates are in Portuguese. If yes, could you please tell me what kind of other documents will I require? Yes you can, you need to go to the Portuguese Embassy or Portuguese Consulate, you have never lost your citizenship and if you have children they can also apply and become Portuguese citizens, very simple process.

Ireland is full EU member state but has opted out of schengen area. Ireland operates a GV immigrant investor program which has gained more popularity over the years. The Irish EU passport remains most powerful in the world and has been most sought after post Brexit. It is also possible to apply for Greek citizenship after 7 years of strict living. You have to pass, language and civic test and evaluation of applications takes another 2-3 years.

How Present Must You Be In Portugal?

The RIFA also indicates that in 2019, 183 refugee statuses were granted , predominantly to nationals of Asian countries, and 113 titles of residence permit for subsidiary protection were also granted. is a specialist UK Nationality and British Citizenship site offering an online search and assessment. Claims to hold a British Passportcan be complex and the site offers a quick, simple search to give you the answers. This stems from Britain’s collection of British Colonies, British Protectorates and British Protected States in the middle of last century and the Nationality rules concerning what are now the countries of the Commonwealth. Applicants will need to make an investment of minimum €350,000 in real estate or private equity funds.

A U.S. citizen may naturalize in a foreign state without any risk to his or her U.S. citizenship. However, persons who acquire a foreign nationality after age 18 by applying for it may relinquish their U.S. nationality if they wish to do so. In order to relinquish U.S. nationality by virtue of naturalization as a citizen of a foreign state, the law requires that the person must apply for the foreign nationality voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. nationality. Owning a property in Portugal is very rewarding as you can choose to live, do business or rent the location for a return on your investment.

Different Ways Of Becoming A Portuguese Citizen

The Golden Visa is a Citizenship By Investment programme which allows non-EU nationals to obtain Portuguese residency and citizenship through various investment channels. Those who hold a Portuguese Golden Visa are granted the freedom to live, work and study in Portugal and throughout Europe as well. After five years, applicants are also eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

The most popular places to ‘buy’ second citizenship or golden visas are the Caribbean Island nations. There are about five options available in the Caribbean and they are generally the simplest and most affordable to obtain. Not only can you get in trouble and kicked out by the government if you are caught but you are easy prey to extortion by the arranged spouse. Citizenship by descent is usually free, the process can be finished relatively quickly and is undoubtedly the best way to obtain second citizenship if you qualify. If you’re lucky enough to have ancestors from places like Poland, Italy or Ireland, then obtaining a second passport is quite straightforward assuming you can document your family ancestry. In 2014, residence and citizenship-planning company Henley & Partners estimated that investors were spending $2 billion a year across the globe.

Reduced 350,000 Investment Option

One of them is, obviously, being born to parents that are already citizens of a certain state, or being born within the borders of said state. Another way is marrying a person that’s a citizen, although even in that situation you have to respect some other rules too before earning citizenship of your own. EU citizens have many rights and benefits, such as high-quality education and access to a very efficient health care system. In addition, Portuguese/EU citizens have a very powerful passport and are visa-free to more than 170 countries.

portugal citizenship

Another problem is you are taxed on worldwide income, if you get permanent resident status. Golden visa schemes in Europe such as Portugal, Greece, Spain do not require you to live or move to these countries. Holders of a Czech permanent residence permit and whose naturalization would prove to be significant for the Czech Republic in terms of science, education, culture, sports, or other reasons that are in the interests of the Czech Republic. All the applicant has to prove for this route is a clean criminal record and a letter from a state institution stating why they should be awarded Czech citizenship.

portugal citizenship

These benefits include the right to live and work in Portugal, to study in Portugal, and to live, work, and travel within Europe as well. The Portuguese passport is also highly ranked, Turkish resident permit and gives you visa-free access to many countries around the world. Since 2008, the Maltese Passport Office has issued biometric passports according to EU and international standards.

portugal citizenship

The cost of applying for a residency permit in Portugal will depend on the type of visa/residency permit. Investment related residency permits, and entrepreneur residency permits are more expensive and require additional work regarding the investment itself and setting up the company. For simpler visas and residency permits, the cost of applying through a good lawyer should be range between EURO 2,200 to 2,500. This country also makes it easy and affordable to establish residency and even to acquire a second citizenship, if that’s an agenda for you.

portugal citizenship

This is as short as a family summer holiday and means that families don’t need to commit to moving permanently while they are in the process of gaining their citizenship. In this guide, we explain how to get Portuguese citizenship with the Portugal Golden Visa Program. Over 20,000 Golden Visas have been granted to families since the program was established in 2012 with over €4 billion in funds raised, making it the most popular residency by investment program in the world.

portugal citizenship

It’ll allow you to stay in the country for four months, and to move onto the next step. During this time, do exactly what it says on the visa, and obtain a residence permit (autorização de residência). Applying for a residence permit for an investment activity can be a suitable option for third-country nationals who have the means to make a substantial investment in the country.

Certain people and demographics can apply for citizenship in Portugal sooner, some of whom we’ll discuss in more detail shortly. To participate in the Golden Visa program, your investment in urban real estate must be at least 350,000 euros or you must outright purchase a property for at least 500,000 euros ($601,000). Boundless is not a law firm and is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

portugal citizenship

“Portugal should grant Portuguese citizenship to those who possess contemporary relationship with to country, not to those who see it as a matter of convenience,” the amendment concluded. Residents of Portugal are subject to taxation on their worldwide incomes and capital gains with exclusions according to double tax agreements. Must live permanently in the US, not absent for more than 3 months. Antigua passport valid for 5 years and must be present in the country for 5 years to renew the passport after expiry. USD 100,000 (one-time donation to NDF government fund) or USD 150,000 contribution UWI University Fund or USD 200,000 Real estate investment.

It is possible to become an Armenian citizen by naturalisation in just three years. The first step is obtaining an Armenian residence permit, for which you will need to make an investment in the country. Throughout the five years, you cannot leave the country for more than 6 consecutive months. You will also have to prove that you have sufficient means to support yourself. For wealthier individuals, Portugal also offers a fast-track residency option through their Portugal Golden Visa program.

portugal citizenship

Most firms offer some discounts for the renewal of the Golden Visa . Currently, it takes at least several months to get a biometrics appointment after SEF application approval. If you haven’t started your application yet, there is a good chance the travel restrictions will be lifted by then. After receiving your second residency card, you will have to spend again on average 7 days per year in Portugal. After doing biometrics and getting your first residency card, you will need to spend 14 days in Portugal during the next two years. You will then need to have another appointment for biometrics for the renewal of residency cards.

portugal citizenship

Malta currently offers a one-of-a-kind program and has the cheapest EU passport that you can buy which gives you access to all of Europe through its citizenship through investment program. For 600,000 EUR the process takes up to 36 months, but for a donation of 750,000 EUR the application can be expedited and completed in 12 months. In order to fulfill the requirements, you need to rent a property for no less than 16,000EUR a year for 5 years or purchase a property of 700,000EUR or more. The Island of Dominica has a citizenship program that is one of the cheapest golden passports you can find. With an investment of 100,000 USD in cash or 200,000 in real estate you become eligible to apply through the country’s citizenship by Investment Unit. The average processing time is around 3-6 months, with possibility of it being expedited.

  • Portugal offers a number of interesting investment options for investors.
  • While all citizens of the 28 countries are citizens of the EU, each country recognizes its citizens by nationality.
  • This includes former Maltese citizens who acquired that status by naturalisation or registration, and those who resided outside Malta for less than six years.

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