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Saint Lucia Citizenship

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Saint Lucia Citizenship


Best Citizenship By Investment & Best Second Passport To Buy 2021

Nevis And St Kitts Citizenship By Investment Program

Where Europe and Asia meet, Turkey has reduced their investment requirements in 2021. To become a Turkish citizen a $500k deposit into a Turkish bank account is required. Other options include starting a business and employing fifty Turkish citizens or buying real estate for at least $250,000. Often overlooked, Turkey boasts beautiful beaches on the Mediteranean coast as well as popular resort towns on the Aegean and Black Sea. Istanbul is world class city and saw tourism skyrocket during the pandemic as the country remained largely open to tourists.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

Panama has historically been one of the easiest countries to obtain residency in. That has changed in August of 2021 as it has dropped the friendliest part of Turkish work permit its Friendly Nations Visa Program. The new rules will require an investment of at least $200,000 into real estate or get employed with a company in Panama.

Qualifying Investments

The need for backup residency and a second passport had become—and still is—urgent. To be eligible for citizenship of St. Lucia under its Citizenship by Investment Program, there are three options to choose from. Saint Lucia is a volcanic island located in the Caribbean in the Atlantic Ocean. Its coast is home to volcanic beaches, reef-diving sites, luxury resorts and fishing villages with tropical climate all year round, it is a perfect getaway destination.

To get started please contact one of our consultants in U.A.E, Denmark or Canada, and we will do our outmost to guide you through your Investment and your St. Lucia CBI process. Saint Lucia launched brand new citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean in2015. The Citizenship-by-Investment Act No 14 of 2015 laid foundations for acquisition of citizenship in Saint Lucia by means of qualifying investment. McNamara Citizenship Services Inc. is a subsidiary of the law Firm McNamara & Co. which is the largest Law Firm on the Island of St. Lucia. MCSI is a family based operation that continues to pride itself and build upon the core traditional values of McNamara and Co which are rooted in excellence and professional conduct. The agent’s lawyers answer investors’ questions about the program, prepare documents, help the applicant select the right investment option and submit the application on the investor’s behalf.

Will A Plan B Passport Affect My Travel Benefits?

St. Lucia is an island in the Lesser Antilles region of the Eastern Caribbean and is an independent commonwealth country, having gained independence from the UK on 22 February 1979. The country’s history has been influenced by Turkish resident permit the native Caribbean people, Africans, the British and the French. Our experience of working with the team at Hudson McKenzie means you will consistently receive high quality advice, which is delivered quickly and succinctly.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

There are also countries like Romania that provide fast-track naturalization to foreigners that have invested a certain amount of capital in the country. These processes usually enable the applicants to reduce by a couple of years the number of years of residence required to apply. The options include a contribution to St Lucia’s National Economic Fund, investment in real estate, or in Government bonds. The St Lucia Programme does not impose residency requirements, meaning there is no interview, nor is one required to reside or be in St Lucia at any point.

The Fund was established for the sole purpose of receiving foreign investments, though to this day, there has been no public account as to how the funds were and are being spent . Making a one-time, non-refundable donation to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund is the most popular way to obtain citizenship. This does exclude any agency fees, but these are going to be the same, no matter which CBI program you go for.

Then, within 12 months of maintaining Maltese residency, you’ll obtain citizenship and a passport for visa-free travel to 158 countries. This property must be selected from a list of approved real estate provided by the government, and it can be sold after seven years. A single applicant will pay $287,500 and hold the bonds for five years.

We Have Crafted A Citizenship By Investment Programme To Match The Ambitions Of All Prospective Applicants

St. Lucia allows dual citizenship, therefore there is no need to renounce your citizenship.You can include your spouse, dependent children, siblings and parents of the main applicant. St. Lucia is known for its excellent healthcare, your family will be able to enjoy life staying permit turkey on one of the developed islands in the Caribbean. The applicant may directly contribute to the National Economic Fund to get citizenship status. As you directly contribute to the National Economic Fund, only minimum documents are required when you apply for citizenship.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

Instant citizenship is possible when you invest in a government fund, local real estate property, an approved business, or in government bonds. Shortly after the country processes your application, you receive a second passport. The Saint Lucia Program provides several options for obtaining citizenship, and investing in buying real estate is just one of them. To obtain a passport of this state, it is also possible to make a contribution to the state development fund , to invest in a business project or in government bonds.

A member of NATO with a fast growing economy, with a minimum investment of only EUR 350,000 this investment citizenship program will definitely be one to consider. Agents of the Citizenship by Investment Unit are responsible for processing applications. Applicants must pay non-refundable due diligence fees for background checks and provide other documentation, such as medical reports, identity documents, and a police report, as required. The country’s Constitutional Act explains exactly how the applicant can invest in citizenship by investment. The St Lucia citizenship by investment program requires the investor to apply through an authorized agent and invest in government funds or approved real estate projects, business ventures or government bonds.

Things get harder if one or both your countries does not accept dual citizenship, especially if they care enough to look for visas or arrival stamps. The key thing to understand here is that the airline is not a part of immigration. They do not care if you have multiple passports and they are not going to tell immigration if you do, all they want to know if whether you will be allowed in at your destination. You can use your CIP passport from to enter over 120 countries including EU schengen states or United Kingdom. Today millions of travellers use more than one passport to travel to multiple destinations. You have to follow one rule, you must enter and exit using the same passport where you are citizen of.

The income tax rate is calculated on a scaled bracket meter, with the value of taxes increasing as the value of income increases. Investments can only be made in a Government Approved Real Estate Project. At PassPro Immigration Services, we regularly visit the island and vet projects first-hand so that we can give you sound and current advice on the best projects and reputable developers. We will help check the contracts on your behalf, pick the best units that can be rented or sold after the holding period, and negotiate the best package for your needs. As of now, a citizenship aspirant can pursue four different investment routes to acquire second citizenship and passport from St Lucia.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

This means your application could be cheaper if you are planning to apply with family members. But what happens if you marry or have a baby after you have become citizen of a Caribbean state. Saint Lucia has changed its rules to include your future spouse or child as qualifying dependents and make them eligible to acquire citizenship. Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program was introduced in 2015 to become the fifth citizenship program in the Caribbean (the other players are St. Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada). All the five Caribbean citizenship programs are more or less similar by required investment level and qualification criteria. You will need to make your investment, not necessarily knowing if it’s enough, and you will have to start exceptional proceedings towards the government for them to hear your request.

St. Lucia citizenship by investment

The CIP was however scrapped after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US, due to fears that their passports could potentially get sold to terrorists. The Grenada government was also blamed for corruption and the country was placed on an international blacklist of countries who do not cooperate in fighting money laundering. After Grenada closed its CIP in 2002, it was removed from the blacklist. Expats and their families who contribute to Malta’s economic prosperity are granted citizenship through a certificate of naturalization.

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