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Taxes And Fees

Latvia consistently has one of the lowest levels of political engagement and trust in government institutions in the European Union. Until recently, its national politics were largely controlled by a handful of business tycoons who amassed fortunes during the privatization of the 1990s and who are said to have chosen Latvia’s last president in a secret meeting in a zoo. “When a foreign national is taken under state control, the embassy are supposed to be notified straight away and that applies to children being taken into care. In the case of the six-year-old, according to the Latvian politicians, social services had breached both international and EU law. It was “unacceptable that between 2010 and 2014, UK authorities failed to inform” Latvia about decisions in regard to this “underage Latvian citizen”.

Therefore, in order to evaluate our fees we will normally perform the initial assessment of your situation. Shall be paid by legal entities and natural persons if extracting natural resources, distributing or importing environmentally unfriendly goods or which are allowed to perform such activities. Shall be paid by natural persons and legal entities when importing goods into the EU. Shall be paid by merchant, foreign merchant branch and farm which own or hold passenger vehicle or truck with the total weight up to 3000 kg and which have more than three seats and which is used also for personal needs of employees and/or proprietaries.

What Tax Considerations Are There?

After notification of the decision to issue a gambling licence, the recipient shall within 10 working days pay the statutory fee for the issue of the gambling licence. The Inspection should issue a gambling licence after the payment of the State fee prescribed by law. The debt obligations of the capital company exceed the assets thereof or the capital company has been declared insolvent.

For encouraging a child to use narcotic, toxic or other intoxicating substances or inducing the child to use or distribute such, persons at fault shall be held liable as prescribed by law. For inducing a child to drink alcoholic beverages, persons at fault shall be held liable as prescribed by law. A foster family and a childcare and instructional institution shall inform the parents about the development of the child and shall encourage the renewal of family ties.

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In all cases the parties who were accused of violating the advertising prohibition used similar defense arguments. They argued that the company could also be rendering non-gambling services that are not subject to advertising restrictions. The CRPC did not uphold this argument, instead it explained that the trademark “betway COM” indicates a link to a certain Internet domain and such practice falls within the advertising definition.

A time period shall run from the date or from the day of the occurrence of an event, which determines the beginning of the time period. Time periods provided for by this Law shall Turkish work permit be specified as calendar dates or time periods calculated in years, months, weeks or days. A time period may also be specified by indicating an event that will occur in any case.

There is no pre-determined compensation prescribed in the applicable legal acts. Cross-border data transferWhat rules govern the transfer of data outside your jurisdiction? If the data controller intends to transfer personal data to a state other than a member state of the European Union or the European Economic Area, before the transfer it must register personal data processing with the Data State Inspectorate or assign and register with the DSI a data protection specialist. If the data processing is based on law, the same rules apply as where data processing is based on consent, unless the law specifically authorises the processing of personal data without disclosing the purpose. The processing of sensitive personal data is generally prohibited unless special exemptions provided by law apply.

  • To prove a valid contract, parties sometimes have to present evidence in court.
  • Leave to the father of a child shall be granted immediately after the birth of the child, but not later than within two months from the birth of the child.
  • If in accordance with international or national law a child is a refugee, the child shall receive protection and assistance irrespective of whether the child is together with parents or other adults or alone in conformity with the Law On Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Republic of Latvia.

The Court clarifies that the villagers were not francs-tireurs given the nature of their alleged activities which led to the attack and since they were not, at the relevant time, participating in any hostilities. The notion of levée en masse has no application as Mazie Bati was already under German occupation. […] The Court notes that the disputed facts concern the extent to which the deceased villagers participated in hostilities […] and, consequently, their legal status and attendant legal right to protection. The domestic courts found the villagers to be “civilians”, an analysis supported by the Latvian Government. Reviewing certain of the domestic courts’ factual conclusions, the Chamber considered the male villagers to be “collaborators”, making alternative assumptions about the female villagers. The applicant, as well as the Government of the Russian Federation, considered the villagers to be “combatants”.

If the calculated capital gain or its total amount is negative, it is ignored for tax purposes. However, if the capital gains of the taxation year from the sale of one capital asset is negative, but from the other – positive, the resulting losses may be covered by the positive capital gain. Only individuals having their residence or their habitual place of abode within Austria are taxable on their world-wide income.

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General Required Documents For Latvian Schengen Visa Application:

The development plan of the particular betting or wagering shop for the next operating year, indicating the planned types of gambling, gambling equipment, the number of intended potential events, the number of employees, the expected amount and allocation of revenue and expenditure. A statement that the members of the supervisory board and management board of the capital company and the auditor comply with the requirements provided in the Gambling and Lotteries Law (hereinafter, “Law”). National lotteries shall be organised by the State stock company, in which all the shares are owned by the State and the shares of which are not transferable or be able to be privatised – i.e. “Latvijas Loto”.

An employer who posts an employee to carry out work in Latvia and the Latvian employers who posts an employee to perform work in another country are administratively liable. All issues concerning the posting of workers are subject to the Labour Law, including also such related issues as work remuneration, working time and rest time, prohibition of differential treatment, etc. However, issues related to occupational health and safety are subject to the Labour Protection Law and a number of regulations issued by the Cabinet of Ministers.

Ieva boasts experience in both planning complicated transactions and drafting documents necessary for implementation of the transaction. The OECD model convention for the avoidance of double taxation defines the conditions for establishing a business unit. Company law in Croatia regulates the establishment procedure and tax monitoring for companies from non-EU or non-EEA countries when they open a branch office.

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If an employer has violated the provisions of Paragraph one of this Section, the employee has the right to request the remuneration that the employer normally pays for the same work or for work of equal value. Suspension from work is a temporary prohibition, imposed by a written order of an employer, for an employee to be present at the workplace and to perform work, without disbursing remuneration to the employee during the period of suspension. An employer does not have the right to ask that the employee is proficient in a specific foreign language if its use does not fall within the scope of work duties.

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Conciliators can be either private (persons who have been selected by parties to the dispute themselves and which are not included in the list approved by National Tripartite Co-operation Board) or public (persons included in the above-mentioned list). The conciliator is entrusted with the duty to undertake all the necessary action in order to settle the collective labour dispute and reach an agreement. Intrinsic features of the conciliator are fairness, impartiality and independence. If the parties fail to reach an agreement in the conciliation commission and there are no ways found for strike-prevention, the collective labour interest dispute has to be settled in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the collective agreement. In the absence of such a procedure, the dispute is either settled by method of reconciliation or arbitration or it is followed by a collective action to defend parties’ rights, e.g. a strike or a lock out. The entering into a collective agreement shall be proposed by employee representatives, the employer or their associations .

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The Patent Office collects fees for its services and payments relating to industrial property protection. The amount of the fees and payments shall be fixed by the Cabinet of Ministers. The Cabinet of Ministers decides how much of the Patent Office’s income is allocated for the financing of its activities.

As part of this process, you must provide the consular officer with the Panel Physician’s medical report on the child if you did not provide it during the Form I-800 provisional approval stage. In the adoption services contract that you sign at the beginning of the adoption process, your adoption service provider will itemize the fees and estimated expenses related to your adoption process. When necessary because of a disruption before final adoption, assuming custody and providing child care or any other social service pending an alternative placement.

About us Investment and Development Agency of Latvia works to increase export and competitiveness of Latvian companies, facilitate foreign investment and implement tourism development and innovation policies. Organisation The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia is a direct administration institution subordinated to the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia. This glossary contains key terms of international law and the use of force by law enforcement agencies and officials. Just like the legal systems, mentalities always differ from country to country.

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The people of Latvia protect their sovereignty, national independence, territory, territorial integrity and democratic system of government of the State of Latvia. In September, 1940, the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union adopted a decree on the order of receiving USSR citizenship by the citizens of the Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian SSRs. In October, 1991, the Supreme Council of the Republic of Latvia has adopted a resolution “On the renewal of Republic of Latvia citizens’ rights and fundamental principles of naturalization” declaring the 1940 decree null and void with regard to Republic of Latvia citizens. For the implementation of Section 64 of this Law, within two months after the Law comes into force, the local government shall inform police institutions regarding which child care institutions or foster families children who require assistance may be placed in. Within budget limits, the State and local governments shall provide financial support to public organisations for the realisation of programmes devoted to the interests of the family and children.

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The request for extension of the patent term may be, upon payment of a prescribed fee, lodged with the Patent Office at any time of the validity of the patent, provided that the requirements of Article 7, Paragraph 9 of this Law are met. When taking the decision on patent term extension, the Patent Office shall take into consideration the duration of the period of testing and registration procedures elapsing between the filing date of the corresponding application and the first registration of the product. In this case the provisions of Chapter V, Article 19, Paragraph 7 shall apply. The rights and responsibilities of the employee and employer referred to in this Article, shall not be affected by a termination of their employment relations. Both parties may only raise mutual claims within three years unless the employment contract stipulates a different term. Latvia as democratic, socially responsible and national state is based on the rule of law and on respect for human dignity and freedom; it recognises and protects fundamental human rights and respects ethnic minorities.

As regards the Labour Protection Law, trusted representatives of workers or their professional organizations that are elected in order to represent the interests of workers within the undertaking with respect to labour protection, shall be elected for a term of three years if not specified otherwise in the collective agreement. The Law On Strikes authorizes employee and trade union representatives to establish a conciliation committee in case of a labour interest dispute (pre-strike negotiations). In such event the term of office for the representatives shall be the one of the fulfilment of a specific task. Latvian legislation provides for a special protection afforded to women employees during pregnancy and after childbirth. A woman has the right to prenatal leave for 56 days prior to the birth of a child and to maternity leave 56 days following the birth of a child.

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Our membership in Lex Mundi and the World Services Group, and our own pan-Baltic cooperation enables us to effectively handle arbitration disputes involving many jurisdictions. The best internal investigation is done quickly and discreetly, is attorney-client privileged, and either enables the client to get confirmation that they are compliant or gives them enough time to become compliant. Such internal investigations have also led to unearthing intra-company breaches, enabling the company to rectify the deficiencies in their policies going forward, and if necessary, providing the basis for seeking rectification from the perpetrator by way of a civil or criminal action. We have helped a range of companies turn their businesses around and overcome solvency issues to successfully continue their operations.

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With a view to eradicating differential treatment, the Labour Law provides that the same provisions which apply to an employee with whom a contract of employment has been entered into for an unspecified period shall apply to an employee who has concluded a fixed-term contract of employment. Apart from legislative acts as sources of Labour Law, the role of other forms of labour regulation has always been of major importance. However, Latvia belongs to the Roman-German legal system that is characterised by strict laws and rules as sources of law. Therefore laws and regulations in Latvia are primary sources of law and soft law in general is used only as an auxiliary for the correct interpretation and application of the primary source.

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