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Portugal Citizenship Programme Services

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Portugal Citizenship Programme Services


Citizenship By Investment Faq 2020

A Property Investment Of No Less Than 500,000 In A Regular Urban Area

Greece has zero residency requirement, but if you want citizenship option, you have to spend considerable amount of time living in Greece. Portugal offers a number of interesting investment options for investors. The Turkish CBI scheme is very popular with Arab investors and more than $1 billion already invested in Turkish real estate market through the citizenship scheme. The Government in a decision taken by cabinet in Oct 2019 has permanently extended the limited time 50% discount offer for citizenship investors. The Government bonds/stocks are debt securities issued by governments is a very popular investment route for those who want a peace of mind with their investments.

portugal citizenship by investment

In addition to providing the requisite information listed above, Irish Golden Visa candidates must also sign a legal declaration on the preeminent application form. At this time there is currently no restriction on the number of Irish Golden Visas issued under the program annually. Thanks to Brexit, many wealthy businessmen and businesswomen are considering an Ireland Golden Visa instead of a UK Tier 1 Investor Visa. The fact that Ireland is an imperative part of the European Union with no plans to ever leave is inviting to many investors. Ireland Investment Citizenship may not be instant, but the country’s stability, reputation, and growing economy help make it remarkably attractive.

Why Choose Golden Visa Portugal Program?

This option is has some additional caveats which ultimately result in about a $330,000 donation to achieve citizenship. The process is one of the longest in Europe as it takes nearly two years. Dominica requiresUSD 100,000 or USD 200,000 real estate investment to qualify for becoming a Citizen of Dominica. There are no residence requirements nor visit to the country required to become a ‘Dominica Citizen’. Portugal has produced streamlined legislation to create an efficient process by which non-EU citizens may obtain a residence permit based on investment.

portugal citizenship by investment

I will rank cheapest first and later i will tell you how to use your second passport at airports and immigration. To decide on the Cheapest CBI scheme, you have to take into account number of family members as they have a big impact on the pricing of citizenship by investment schemes. Therefore, you’ll want to check in with the legal services handling your visa application for a proper estimate.

Portugal Golden Visa Step

Next, after your company validates its business activity by profit, employees hiring etc. you may apply for TRP . It is a developed country known for its high standard of living and income. Apart from that, it also holds an excellent reputation as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Portugal offers Golden visa for investing in investment and venture capital funds. Some 5% of the residence permits issued are for capital transfers investments in Portugal. Portugal is also one of the best countries for buying a house, because it has clear and transparent tax rules and offers facilities for obtaining residence permits, as part of new legal provisions that are more attractive to foreign investors. This is the ‘regular’ Portuguese permanent residence permit that most people refer to when they talk about permanent residence. Also, one of the biggest difference between permanent residence and temporary residence is that for children over age of 18, they don’t need to meet any special requirement at the time of application nor at renewal. The validity of the Portuguese temporary resident permit by investment is shorter than all the other options.

You will not lose your citizenship after getting back your money from bonds. The Covid-19 pandemic has underpinned the importance of CBI and Golden visa schemes to rebuild the economy after collapse in tourism, travel and business sectors. The Global GDP is expected to shrink by 1% and economic growth is expected worldwide. If opting for the capital investment route, choose between contributing 350,000 euros for research, 250,000 euros in art projects, or at least 350,000 euros in a specified investment venture capital fund. A Grenada passport allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 143 destinations, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Russia and the U.K., as well as Europe’s Schengen Area. Another exclusive benefit for a Grenadian passport holder is that it can be a bridge to an American E-2 investor work visa thereby accessing the U.S.A. More details on Grenada can be found here.

A second passport offers access to international education and work opportunities. LIO Global specialises in the very niche market of residence and citizenship through staying permit turkey investment programmes. Citizenship by investment programmes offer investors and their families the freedom and security of a Plan B – we call it citizenship insurance.

Portugal Citizenship By Investment Review: What You Need To Know

Additionally, they’ll have the same right as you, including the eligibility to apply for citizenship at the end of five years of successful residence. It absolutely is a good idea to seek assistance when Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD lodging your CBI application. Many companies like Global Citizen Solutions offer a one-stop-shop for investment migration and relocation services, offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions.

portugal citizenship by investment

From bonds to stocks, and from funds to bank deposits, these various financial instruments are available to invest in for Golden Visa applicants. Another explanation is that real estate developers get some artificial stimulus to build more, say favorable borrowing rates or a simplified permit process. As we talked about in our European citizenship article, in some but not all countries, you can also obtain residence by starting a company.

Portugal Residency By Investment Programme

This allows you to use your second passport to open an Offshore Bank Account without having to legally declare it to the tax authorities of your home country. This is one of the best options to protect your privacy and financial assets. We are a team of immigration consultants in Portugal focused on helping foreign citizens move legally to this country and providing them with reliable relocation services.

Post citizenship additions now possible and Dominica CBI program is more accessible for family members. Generous definition of dependents allowing family members the right to live, work, travel, study and gain permanent residence or citizenship in Portugal. Like I mentioned above, I found Portugal to offer the most compelling Golden Visa program for my needs, and I decided to move forward with the process in 2020. In fact, I recently received special clearance arranged by local lawyers to travel to the country in order to set up bank accounts, finalize my investment and tour the property that I now co-own.

Benefits Of Acquiring Portugal Citizenship

The safety of the cities also contributes to Portugal’s high quality of life. Its most prominent cities, Lisbon and Porto, offer entertainment options for all ages that will please your entire family. Another option to consider is a one-time donation of a minimum amount of USD 150,000 for a single applicant, to the National Transformation Fund . The education system in Cyprus is well known for its quality and high standards. There are numerous English-speaking private schools and Universities in Cyprus and a citizen also gains access to European Universities and the option to apply for EU grants. Take advantage of excellent education opportunities for you and your children.

We work with trusted and government-approved law firms to help support your application. A golden visa is a fast-track to citizenship for investors and their families and often comes with a passport, access to healthcare and education. We will help you choose a residence by investment program that is the most suitable for your requirements and provide full support throughout the process. Residence by investment programs offer residence to eligible family members. Their applications are tied to that of the main applicant, and citizenship applications can be also made together. Permanent residents have access to world-class healthcare and educational institutions.

portugal citizenship by investment

To qualify, you must either be a Portuguese citizen or a resident, both of which are made possible through the Golden Visa program. The immigration office, SEF, has an online portal where you can submit your application. Before you apply for this visa, you need to have already made your investment.

Open an account with a Portuguese bank for money transfers and obtain a tax identification number for a foreigner . An investor may purchase one or more properties in the new or existing housing markets. Real estate may be rented out and produce a potential yield of 3–5% per annum. Arton plays a critical role in empowering governments, consultants, legal and financial professionals, and investors to meet their goals efficiently, effectively and responsibly. Fast forward to the Roman Empire, which recognized different levels of citizenship, such as municipal or empire-wide, and was the first to issue certificates of citizenship. Later in the early Medieval period citizenship became slightly less important, though it remained imperative for merchants to secure safe conduct.

Over 100 countries in the world have some form of investment migration legislation in place. Of these, about 30 residence and/or citizenship by investment programs are running successfully, many of which were designed and set up by Henley & Partners. Our team of associates in Portugal includes immigration specialists working exclusively on citizenship & residence matters and will stand by your side throughout the entire application process, from start to finish.

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