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Portugal Residency Program, Golden Visa Program

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Portugal Residency Program, Golden Visa Program


How To Obtain An Attestation Of Residency In Portugal In 6 Steps

Portugal Golden Visa New Rules

The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay is a one-year residency permit designed to allow digital nomads, freelancers, remote workers, and students to work from any of the 16 tax-free amazing islands comprising The Bahamas. It is located on the area near the Atlantic Ocean which is one of the most coveted areas to reside in. The country is a member of the European Union, NATO, Eurozone, WTO, Schengen area, and the United Nations enabling its citizens to travel visa-free in more than a hundred countries. Portugal is a semi-presidential republic and its government is headed by a prime minister which is appointed by the president.

Immigration rules differ depending on your nationality, the purpose of your stay and your intended length of time in Portugal. The permanent residence in Portugal can be obtained after living in this country for at least 5 years without interruptions. A series of requirements must be respected, and one of our immigration lawyers in Portugal can help and explain. A temporary residence permit is valid for one year from date of issue. It can be renewed for a further two years, and again two years after that.

How Is Residence In Portugal Beneficial?

Investments above €500,000 will receive permanent residence cards valid for 5 years, while investments less than €500,000 are issued residence permits with 2 year renewals. The validity of residence permit depends on how much disposable income you show for living in Portugal. Portugal’s Golden Residence Permit Program was established in 2012. It offers non-EU/EEA applicants and their families a special residence permit in exchange for a 5-year investment in Portugal. Applicants have two options – they can either invest €500,000 into real estate or €350,000 into real estate requiring renovation.

Having this document also grant its owner advantages in relation to other countries located in the European Union. Due to these benefits, the Portuguese Resident Permit has become even more popular in recent years and turned into a “consumer dream” for many citizens law firm turkey outside Europe. We know that Portugal has been considered as one of the most desired destinations bypeople who want to spend their free time in a different country. Cascais, the Algarve coast, and Madeira Island are some of the preferred destinations.

With The Golden Visa Does The Investor Need To Pay Taxes In Portugal On His Worldwide Income?

There is a third property tax that is, in some cases, related to Golden Visa in Portugal. Either the investor sells the Golden Visa property, keeps it for personal use, or rents out, property taxes have to be considered in all three outcomes. Investment funds are highly regulated and can therefore offer a superior level of investment compliance and transparency.

  • While staying in our country students may be required to extend their Student Visas.
  • The application is considered within 3-4 months, after which it takes another 2 weeks to reissue residence permit cards.
  • That is better than a visa, because it is longer term, often comes with additional benefits, and in some cases, like Mexico, permanent residency does not even have to be renewed.
  • Property wealth tax is called theAdicional ao Imposto Municipal Sobre Imóveis and charged on properties worth over €600,000 (£515,800).
  • During this period, the government expects to collect investments for up to ($24bn) as well as Bt270bn of additional tax revenues.

Once you have your residence permit, you are then able to live in Portugal for a specified period of time . The most famous two are probably the golden visa and the non habitual residency tax regime, but equally enticing for many is the D7 visa and residency permit. There are several documents to present with your application and you must also present proof of sufficient means of living and a health insurance which covers you for the whole period of your application for residency .

Want to know how much Portugal residency permit by investment program is going to cost? Simply fill in the details according to your requirements to receive a more accurate quote. Once you have submitted your information, we will be in touch to discuss your needs further. Ryan, our investment advisor was very helpful with the Golden Visa process and buying the property from day one. We feel we can trust Portugal Homes and this is the main issue when you want to invest in a foreign country.

portugal resident permit

This means that you only need to apply for renewal every two years instead of every year. An income tax rate of 28% is payable on rental income and any income generated from capital (e.g. interest, dividends). No, to apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal you are not required to speak Portuguese. However, if you choose to apply for citizenship after five years then you will need to pass a basic Portuguese language test. If you have already applied for your Golden Visa then these rules will not directly affect you. However, if you have yet to apply then we highly recommend that all applicants make their investments and submit their application before December 31st 2021 in order to save themselves money.

A person who does not fulfil this requirement can still be considered a tax resident in Portugal if he has a home in Portugal which is intended to be his permanent residence. Ownership of home and residency status can be easily obtained by purchasing a property for 350K euros through the existing Golden visa scheme in Portugal. The Permanent Residence Permit for investment purposes may be subject to specific fees of analysis and issuance, to be regulated by amendments to Ordinance 1334-E/2010, of December 31. To live and work in Portugal, investors need the Golden Visa which is technically a residence permit. It can be renewed every two years with the low requirement of residing in Portugal for 7 days in the first year and 14 days for each of the following 2 year periods. It offers visa-free travel throughout Europe and the Schengen area with 26 states.

There are no requirements for language, management experience, or education credentials to apply for the Portugal Golden Visa. It is a fast and straightforward processing to receive residence permits. Meet with Portuguese authorities to obtain your temporary residence permit. You can expect to pay only around €3,000 in legal fees as a single applicant, and around €4,000 if you’re applying as a married couple.

For example, some people consider a second passport an insurance policy that protects their right to travel, while others see it as a means to an end. You can apply as an investor in a business that creates at least ten jobs for at least five years. To apply, you must purchase a qualifying property in Portugal outright, without a loan or mortgage.

portugal resident permit

We offer an end-to-end visa application and accountancy service. Working with our trusted partners we can advise you on where to settle and how to go about purchasing property in Portugal. It’s very important to prepare everything that is required for your visa application. Missing documents will result in your application not being processed and/or visa denial.

Note that these rights are to be revoked after a leave of absence for more than 5 years. Are you looking to secure EU residency rights in a post-Brexit world? We are an investor migration firm, offering bespoke second residency/citizenship solutions to expat families looking to relocate and broaden their horizons. Speak to one of our relocation experts today to see how we can move you forward on your quest for EU residency after Brexit. If you lose your job, you will need to prove sufficient means of subsistence in order to renew your residence permit.

Please also note that the residency card will have to be renewed each 5 years. The service of automatic renewal of residence permits is not yet available for residents participating in the residence permit program in Portugal for investment. The D7 visa can then be renewed after one year for two successive periods of two years and can be converted into a permanent residence permit after five years. In addition, after five years of holding the D7 visa, you’ll also be able to request Portuguese nationality, provided you fulfill the other requirements foreseen in the Portuguese nationality law. After 5 years of permanent residence, you can apply for permanent residence permit and citizenship. In this case, you will need to pass a language proficiency test.

portugal resident permit

Additionally, my partner and I (both ‘retired’) have never married – would this be a major issue? We are both on our home’s title – we own it outright, and it’s in an excellent real estate market. Personally, I think Portugal is more expensive than this to live in and wouldn’t want to try and support a family of four of this salary. As well as meeting the D7 requirements, I think you should also consider the cost of living in Portugal. You can estimate some of the main costs by looking at rental prices on and also the cost of food and drink at a supermarket website like Although the visa has to be converted to a temporary residency permit and the residency permit has to be renewed, it essentially allows you to stay in Portugal forever.

portugal resident permit

Amateur sports activity Temporary stay visa for amateur sports purposes. Transfer of workers or service providers when the applicant has been working for over one year Temporary stay visa for transfer of workers purposes for state parties to the WTO, for provision of services or professional training. Show business and performing artists Temporary stay visa for scientific research, higher education professorial activity or highly qualified activity purposes for a period of less than a year.

portugal resident permit

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