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Grenadas Citizenship


An Approved Cbi Development In Grenada

Why Investors Choose Grenadian Citizenship

Some countries offer passports that allow visa-free travel to a few dozen countries, which excludes North America, Europe, Australia, etc. It’s more accurate to refer to many of these programs as granting “citizenship by donation.” In other cases, however, you can get some or most of your money back… and potentially even generate an investment return. Unlike as with the Quebec IIP, for example, no management experience is required to apply under the Grenada CIP in 2020. The investor transfer full investment amount and associated fees to an es- crow account controlled by an on-is- land attorney. The committee procures the Certificate of Citizenship and a passport, and passes it to the local agent. The NTF finances various projects in Grenada for the benefit of its many industries, including tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy.

grenada citizenship

Offering a comprehensive suite of financial and advisory services, APEX assists clients in navigating the complexities of international investing. Learn more about our end-to-end client representation and project management from concept to completion. Those looking for fresh business endeavors or a career upon arriving in Grenada will find a lot of room for growth in agriculture, tourism, construction, medical education and financial services. Tourism is the main driving force behind the flourishing economy of Grenada, home to some of the most gorgeous hillside beaches. Also, Grenada allows individuals to hold dual citizenship, so you will be able to keep your original one.

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The applicant must provide the proof of investment/grant before the five-day period from the date of approval.Proof of payment is considered to be a prerequisite for the preparation of law firm turkey certificates/ second passport. Individuals who have previously been denied a visa to a country with which Grenada has visa free access. About 2 million years ago, Grenada was formed as an underwater volcano. This Caribbean country is comprising the main island, also called Grenada, and smaller surrounding islands. It’s also the site of the capital, St. George’s, whose colorful homes, Georgian buildings and early-18th-century Fort George overlook narrow Carenage Harbour. Grenada offers an ideal business environment for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Famous for its post-card natural beauty, pristine beaches, breathtaking waterfalls and tropical landscapes – it’s no surprise, tourism takes pride of the place among the country’s top industries. Investment can be sold to another Grenadian citizenship investor after 5 years. In order to get , The applicant must invest US $ 2,20,000 in Real Estate or US $ 1,50,000 to National Transformation Fund. These investments must be maintained for at least 3 years from the date of getting citizenship. Grenada is a small island country in the Caribbean Sea near Trinidad and Tobago. Also known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean, Grenada has a number of spice plantations.

Exceptional Affordability: Invest Only $220,000 In Real Estate, Or Make A Donation Of $200,000 For A Family Of 4

Investing in Grenada provides you and your family with a unique opportunity to Invest in a beautiful country, become a citizen of Grenada and be treated equal to Grenadian born citizens for life. Yes, Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean whose citizens have access to work and reside in the US, as an investor under the United States’ exclusive E-2 Visa programme. Paying the minimum administrative fees for the transaction, while the large investment value is paid after the government’s approval of the citizenship application. In 2015 Grenada recorded a GDP of US$1.401 billion, split between three sectors of agriculture (6.2%), industry (14.3%) and services (79.5%).

grenada citizenship

No previous managerial experience is required for either option, and you do not have to travel to Grenada during the application process. Once you obtain your citizenship, you can choose to live outside of Grenada – in which case you will not have to pay taxes on your worldwide income. Applicants must invest a real estate, which must be maintained for a minimum of four years. The minimum amount includes the main applicant, main applicant’s spouse, and two qualifying dependents. First of all, Grenada recognizes dual citizenship, which means you can keep your current passport unless your current nationality does not allow dual citizenship.

Cypriots are EU citizens, and have the right to live, work, and study in any country in the European Union, so the fact that Cyprus is not part of the Schengen Area should not affect your decision to become a citizen there. After six months of an obligatory residency period, you could then have obtain the passport. Furthermore, the reports suggested that the Cypriot government was knowingly enabling bad actors to obtain second citizenship under the program. Going forward, applicants will need to be granted residence in Malta before being granted citizenship. And back in 1989, Grenada signed an agreement with the United States allowing Grenadians to work and live in the US under the E-2 Investor visa treaty. Still, if you’re interested in it, we’ve included a link toAntigua and Barbuda’s list of approved business projects.

There are a number of advantages to obtaining economic citizenship in Grenada. Local agent submits the application & documents to the Citizenship-by-Investment Unit . A vivid range of locally grown spices has rendered Grenada the rightful sobriquet – Spice Island! Defined by exquisite natural beauty and aesthetic waterfronts that are unique to the Caribbean, Grenada comprises of three main islands. The wonderful landscape is duly complemented by excellent food joints, uber-cool beaches, maritime activities like sailing and diving.

As with the donation option, this process is of course subject to application, due diligence and processing fees that start at a total of USD 8,000 for a single applicant. This investment option is subject to application, due diligence and processing fees that start at a total of USD 8,000 for a single applicant. It’s worth considering if you would prefer not to own property on Grenada and if you are not under any time pressure, since this process takes up to one year to complete. The pre-approved real estate option requires applicants to purchase property and to maintain ownership for at least 3 years.

Upon becoming a citizen of Grenada through its Citizenship by Investment Programme, an economic citizen can apply for a passport at the Passport Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force. It is also possible for that economic citizen to appoint a third party to apply on his or her behalf. Applications for a passport can be submitted as soon as citizenship is received. The National Transformation Fund NTF was established to assist the transformation of Grenada’s economy into one that is diversified, resilient, and prosperous. Beyond the benefits of economic and international freedom, Grenada also offers many lifestyle perks to those who decide to call it home. Citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis lets you live, work, and study in one of the Caribbean’s most idyllic locations.

Grenada Student Visa Or Study Visa

The marketing agent will then pass the information over to the local agent. One disadvantage is that once the money is handed over to the government it is gone. Although this reality is unfortunate, talented entrepreneurs from non E2 countries do have a path to an E2 Visa! You can then apply for the E2 visa using your newly acquired citizenship. Regarding corporations, a resident company is subject to a flat tax rate of 30% on its worldwide income.

The Grenadian government is considering procedures for collecting biometric data. These issues have not prevented favorable adjudication of E-2 visa applications. Costs and expenses in the range of $50,000 to $60,000 are to be expected, with the exact amount depending upon the number of family members and the type of program in which the investment is made. The full investment amount is only made if the application is approved. Grenada is often termed as a global tax haven since it offers investors a very favorable tax regime.

Applicants who purchase real estate under the CBI Programme must hold that real estate for a minimum of three years from the date on which they obtain their Grenadian citizenship, at which point they are free to resell. Applicants may apply for a US E-2 visa upon further investment (from US$ 150,000), allowing Grenadian passport holders to enter, work and live in the USA. The E-2 visa is only available to citizens of countries under the US Treaty, and the visa is issued within two months making it one of the best citizenship by investment programs. With an E-2 visa, investors are permitted to set up a new business or purchase an existing business or franchise, with the option to sponsor specialized employees from abroad. The applicant’s spouse and children under 21 are included, and are permitted to work and study with the option to apply for in-state tuition fees.

grenada citizenship

Grenada is well known as a tourist destination, over one million tourists Grenada welcomes every year. That is why there is a recent boom in tourism coupled with foreign direct investments in Grenada. The offshore financial industry is also on the rise along with significant growth in construction and manufacturing. The Grenadian government is attracting foreign direct investment by working closely with a handpicked selection of businesses in the manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism sectors. You must hold the real estate property for 3 years and afterwards, you can sell the property in the property in the market and still keep the citizenship.

grenada citizenship

Many countries do not accept nationals from Iran, North Korea, Sudan etc. I’m not suggesting that you pack up all your things and move to Grenada. I’m sure you can think of worse places to live, but consider their passport as an arrow in your quiver. Use it to establish an escape hatch for when you can no longer tolerate the oppression at home.

However, the core purpose of this program was to make frequent improvements in Grenada’s economy. Over time, the government of Grenada is successful in achieving this goal. If we look back, Grenada has come a long way to become one of the best choices for foreign investors to get citizenship. Marketing Agents and Local Agents are entering into a buyback agreement with the applicants and upon receiving citizenship the applicants are substantially repaid. This ultimately leads to investing below the qualified minimum investment amount required for the National Transformation Fund and violates the law governing Grenada CBI Act and Regulations.

The highly valued Grenada passport allows holders to fly visa-free to several countries, including the Schengen region of Europe for 90 days in 180 days, Russia for 90 days, and China for 30 days. Grenadians can also apply for an E-2 Investor visa to live in the United States, as Grenada has signed an E-2 treaty with the United States. Grenada has no capital gains or dividends taxes, but it does have an Annual Stamp Tax of 0.5 percent for receipts under $111,000 and 0.75 percent for receipts above that amount. Our team of residency and citizenship lawyers are able to assist prospective applicants in choosing the most suitable residence or citizenship programme. Our team is geared towards familiarising themselves with the needs of the applicant in order to help choose the best possible route that truly suits one’s personal any family needs.

grenada citizenship

If necessary, we can arrange for you to obtain a local address and tax residence. Yes, such a possibility really exists thanks to the existence of an agreement between the countries. If the application is satisfied, the applicant is notified in writing, then proceed to the next stage. Our expert team is available to consult with you regarding your goals and risk appetite to suggest the optimum investment option for your situation. A Grenada passport by Investment Programme allows you to travel to 142 countries visa-free.

grenada citizenship

One of the most important benefits to owning second citizenship is the piece of mind you receive in return. Most citizenship programs are born form countries at peace, with no political unrest. From November 2019, the minimum investment required under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program had been raised to $900,000 Turkish staying permit from $500,000 in a Targeted Employment Area and from $1 million to $1.8 million in non-TEAs. Mark Davies, the global chairman of immigration law firm Davies & Associates, said there had been a definite drop in interest towards the EB-5 programme after the US changed the investment guidelines under it.

grenada citizenship

Our team at HNWI can take care of the renewal on your behalf when the time comes. The National Transformation Fund was established in 2013 to help grow and strengthen the Grenadian economy. The NTF finances various projects in Grenada that benefit tourism, agriculture, and alternative energy. By making a donation to the NTF, investors can create a direct positive impact on Grenada. Silversands – an oceanview real estate development containing a hotel, private villas, spa, and a massive 100-metre pool.

Imperial Citizenship is a leader advisory company focusing in the fastest investor programs to obtain residence and also citizenship in several nations worldwide. Furthermore, in October 2017, Vanuatu made headlines when they were the first citizenship by investment country to accept payment in cryptocurrency. In return, applicants receive a passport good for visa-free travel to 116 countries, including the UK, all of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore. In just one year, they got over 2,600 applications, surprisingly emerging as the most popular citizenship by investment program in the world. The final European program is the Austrian citizenship by investment program, which is the most restrictive of all.

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