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Grenadian Nationality Law


Grenadian Nationality Law


Grenada Citizenship And The U S E

Grenada Investment Opportunities

Once your application has been approved you will be required to pay all government fees and make the relevant investment under your chosen option. Grenada’s CIP requires the applicant to make a significant economic contribution to the country. In exchange, and subject to a thorough application procedure including due diligence and background verification checks, the applicants and their families are granted full citizenship. Become a global Turkish work permit citizen and benefit from the exclusive privileges of second citizenship. From visa-free travel to zero taxation on global income, a second passport opens the door to enhanced financial security and it gives you the option to work, live and study in your host country. It is a residence by investment program for foreign nationals who wants to obtain residence permit for you & your family by purchasing property minimum of €280,000 EUR.

The certificate and the results of the exams will be sent to the university immediately after receiving. The lawyers also helped get health insurance for the entire family, fill out government forms and questionnaires. They then prepared an English translation of the documents turkish citizenship and certified copies of the documents. The lawyers of Immigrant Invest prepared a list of documents for Olga which had to be attached to the application for participation in the program. In 2012, Mikhail received a Grenada passport with the help of Immigrant Invest lawyers.

Invest In Property

This is the only Citizenship-by-Investment program that provides an E-2 Investor Visa treaty with the US, which allows the Grenadian nationals an opportunity to work in the US and visa-free entry in China. The first option, which is always the cheapest, is through donation to government fund and the second option is through the Real Estate Investment on government pre – approved projects. Another Grenadian passport program benefit is that it does not demand you to stay or reside inside the territory to acquire its citizenship. Instead, you can process everything digitally, even without coming to the island state. Furthermore, you also don’t have to necessarily stay here after you’re an approved citizen.

grenada citizenship by investment

So, you will definitely need to check each visa free country for Grenada citizens and obtain any visa you have been denied before. The glaring difference between Haiti and the other Caribbean states is that Haiti lacks a citizenship by investment program. Had Haiti already established CBI as an economic lifeline, they certainly would have been better positioned financially to address some of these socio-economic deficiencies. In addition, they would have emergency reserves for dealing with natural disasters. However, your good intentions are not necessary to reap the resulting wisdom and fortune that good karma brings.

Citizenship By Investment Grenada

Therefore, on the 26th of October, 2020 Olga and her children also turned to our company for help. The applicant does not have to live in Grenada just before entering the university. Studying for a year at full cost to receive a turkish citizenship discount before the start of the second academic year is an option. We will explain how we helped Mikhail’s grandson to obtain citizenship of Grenada. The second passport helped the family cut university tuition costs sevenfold.

For years, Grenada has been attracting people from every corner of the world. 9/10 if I say Jamaica or The Caribbean, Chinese folks have no clue where I’m talking about. I keep telling them that there will be a day when many will stop looking at the traditional New Zealand, Canada and Australia and come to buy condos, land and citizenship in Caribbean countries.

Saint Lucia Citizenship Program

Upon Selection, processing of application at Ministry of Labor of the country. Legal consultation and processing of application to Ministry of Labor of the country. Citizenship programs and Residency Programs We provide legal investment based Residency Programs Citizenship Programs to Individuals for 46 Countries. Blogs to help you gain insights on business, business immigration, international immigration, work Permit, finance, Starting Business and expanding business, banking, Education.

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