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Residency And Citizenship Options For Afghan Nationals

citizenship 250.000 USD

Residency And Citizenship Options For Afghan Nationals


Grenada Citizenship By Investment From Dubai, Uae 2021

Grenada: Citizenship By Investment

There are numerous reasons to participate in citizenship by investment in Grenada, including what we will discuss next. Grenada has an attractive CBI program that allows traveling with Turkish work permit a no visa and with a passport to more than 140 nations. The program allows getting a Grenada passport in 3 to 4 months, which you can use in addition to your original passport.

The investment under the second option needs to be kept for the first 5 years of citizenship, during which time it is possible to get a rental return. Secondly, is the option to invest in pre-approved real estate which must be located in Grenada and be approved by the Government. While this option can take longer to complete than the former, it may provide a return on investment. The minimum contribution required is US$350,00, alongside a government fee of US$50,000 for up to a family of four. Real estate purchased under the program must be held for three years from the date citizenship is obtained; after this point resale is allowed. Yes, investors can apply for E2 visas for their spouse and dependent children under the age of 21 to reside in the US with them.

Your Passport To The Future

There is a lot of room for private investors to get involved in local projects, and the more investors put into the economy, the more it will continue to grow. As Grenada continues to become more and more prosperous, the windfall benefits all the islands’ citizens. As a CARICOM member state, Grenada is also an excellent place to open a regional office that will service the area. Our consultancy firm specializes in helping you plan your permanent residency, citizenship and global mobility, with our innovative, and tailor made investor programs and services. Our high-caliber planning specialists will enable you to take your next steps towards securing your own and your family’s future with confidence and peace of mind. There are two types of investment that will be accepted under Grenada’s CBI Programme.

Egor is also preparing documents for the Caribbean Undergraduate Scholarship Program to receive a 65% discount on the first year of university studies. Even taking into account the costs of obtaining citizenship, Egor will be able to save $47,000 on university studies. He sent a questionnaire to the admissions office through the university website and received a list of required documents. Diplomas from Russian medical schools are not listed in most other countries such as the United States, Great Britain and France. To start working as a doctor abroad, a Russian citizen needs to receive a diploma from a local medical college or confirm qualifications.

Off Shore Company Registration Europe Countries

Additionally, the main applicant must be at least eighteen years old; in good health and have enough funds to afford such an investment. The main applicant must demonstrate that they are at least eighteen years old; in good health and have enough funds to afford such an investment. We work closely with government units and local agents in various jurisdictions, assuring that we can provide our clients with the best pricing possible while providing a professional and pleasant application experience.

grenada citizenship by investment

If they decide to harass you or confiscate your assets, most of the time you are on your own, unless you are a citizen of another country. Owning a second passport through dual citizenship in another country is an integral part of international diversification. Many of our clients prefer choosing to invest in real estate in Grenada rather than donate their funds to the Government.

The application process is completely confidential with no requirement to notify your country of origin. Grenada is a US E-2 Treaty country and citizens are eligible to apply for the US E-2 visa. A US E-2 visa allows an investor to live and do business in the United States of America in exchange for a substantial investment (the minimum recommended threshold is US $250,000) in the United States of America. This is the only Caribbean country whose citizens are eligible to apply for a US E-2 visa .

grenada citizenship by investment

One mostly unnoticed source of good karma is to be enjoyed by successful applicants of Caribbean citizenship by investment programs. Grandparents of the main applicant or spouse who are fully supported by the main applicant. Parents of the main applicant or spouse who are fully supported by the main applicant. Turkish citizenship 250.000 USD New citizens of Grenada are entitled to apply for the E2 Visa in the United States whether they applied for citizenship in Grenada via the donation or the real estate route. Grenada is the only country in the Caribbean with a Citizenship By Investment Program that has an E2 Treaty with the USA.

Additional Fees Related To The Registration Of Grenadas Second Citizenship For Investment

As outlined above, many foreign nationals who may be interested in starting a business in the U.S. are not eligible to use the E-2 visa program. One of the key requirements to qualify for an E-2 visa is that the applicant be a citizen of a country that has a qualifying treaty with the United States. Unfortunately, many countries, including the two with the largest populations on earth – China and India – do not have any such treaty with the U.S. This has resulted in countless lost opportunities for foreign national investors and to the U.S. economy.

grenada citizenship by investment

The reciprocity fee and period for “TD” applicants from Libya is $10.00 for one entry over a period of 3 months. The Iranian and Iraqi “TD” is no fee with one entry over a period of 3 months. Their dependents accompanying or following to join them may be admitted in the “trade dependent” or “TD” category whether or not they possess Canadian or Mexican nationality. Except as noted below, the number of entries, fees and validity for non-Canadian or non-Mexican family members of a TN status holder seeking TD visas should be based on the reciprocity schedule of the TN principal alien.

How Is The Economy Of Grenada?

Scheduled flights arrive frequently into Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport from New York, Miami, Atlanta, Toronto, Caracas, London, Frankfurt and a number of Caribbean countries. The airport also offers fixed-based operator services for private jets. The Grenadian educational system is modelled on the British educational system, and the population of Grenada is highly educated. St George’s University, located in the nation’s capital city, is one of the best offshore universities in the world, offers courses in medicine and veterinary science, and welcomes over 6,000 students every year.

But there are still questions to be answered – should you invest in foreign markets? Visa-free access to more than 121 countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Schengen States and China. The required donation is made to the Government of Grenada, or the necessary payment is made to the real estate developer. Grenada is a modern island with a rich history which is located in the West Indies.

In the last two decades, Grenada’s economy has shifted from agriculture to the provision of services and today, tourism is the mainstay of Grenada’s economy with eco tourism a particular focus. Its largest exports include nutmeg, cocoa beans, fish and wheat flours, as well as other spices , bananas and citrus fruits. Grenada’s currency is stable, secure and tied to the US dollar and business on the island can be conducted in US dollars. Grenada has no foreign income, wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains tax and no restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital. In an uncertain world increasing numbers of people are looking for the security of a second citizenship for themselves and their families.

grenada citizenship by investment

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