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The Ultimate Guide To The Portuguese Golden Visa

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The Ultimate Guide To The Portuguese Golden Visa


Residency In Portugal

000 People Extended Portuguese Residence Permit Online In A Month

Summing up, Greek residency is granted immediately upon the purchase of a property or properties in Greece to the minimum value of 250,000. This residency must be reapplied for every five years, but is credited to the holder so long as they remain owners of the property they purchased, or of a new property of equal or greater value. After seven years of continued residency, an individual is eligible to apply for full Greek citizenship. The Portugal Golden Visa Program offers excellent tax benefits for the ones becoming resident.

If you would like more information about the program and its particularities you may schedule a meeting or a call with one of our representatives. If you decide to start the process after that within thirty days we will offer you an additional discount of 500 EUR. We help our clients renew and extend their residence permit cards every two years. This takes up to six months from the date the original documents and biometric data are submitted.

Portugal On The News

If you are a citizen from a European Union country or from the European Economic Area or from Switzerland, you just need to get your Identification Number in Spain and your EU registry certificate. But a visa or a residence permit won’t be required in order to stay legally in the country for the long run. Portugal launched ARI/Golden Visa scheme in Oct 2012 for third country non-EU nationals to obtain a residence permit through property investment or business activities.

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Once you have your visa, you can set up home in Portugal and apply for your residence permit. Part of your residence permit requires that you have a Portuguese address, and that you spend a minimum amount of time in Portugal each year. Based on these documents the immigration authorities through the Ministry of Exterior Affairs in Spain will issue the permanent residence card. Self-employed individuals and those who want to start businesses in Spain have special visas under which they can immigrate here. While self-employed citizens must have sufficient funds that will help them sustain themselves, business visa applicants must set up companies in Spain. This way, they can obtain residency in Spain by being shareholders or employees in the company.

Age Requirements

Switching to online format was a logical step against the background of the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to apply for the Visa D7 you will need to launch a D7 visa application in your home country’s Portuguese embassy. Once you receive a temporary D7 visa, you will have to travel to Portugal work permit turkey and get an appointment with SEF who will grant you a D7 Residency Visa. The D7 visa is an affordable and attractive Portugal immigration visa allowing non-EU citizens to get Portuguese residency provided they have sufficient funds to sustain themselves during their stay in Portugal.

As is common with investments of this kind, all applicants will need to provide proof of investment to the government. Take care to keep any, and all, receipts regarding this transaction. And, even under that set-up, your employees wouldn’t have to be in Portugal full-time. They may work some of the time at an office in Lisbon, but they could also be traveling around.

Step 6: Submit Full Visa Application And Receive Notification Of Your Application Outcome Within Approximately 60 Days

The analysis of the process by the Consulate of Portugal may take 30 days or more, depending on the documents presented. To obtain the D7 Visa, it will be necessary to present some information and documents at the Consulate. Among the documents, proof of passive income is one of the most important.

There is also a Golden Visa program, which aims to attract foreigners with money to invest in the country. Yes, even though Portugal permanent residence has unlimited validity, it has to be renewed once every 5 years. This is normally required if citizens change the domicile or marital status. Individuals who are registered residents have access to the Portuguese National Health Service in the same manner as Portuguese citizens.

The applicant must stay in Portugal for at least 7 days during the first year and 14 days during the following successive periods of two years. After those 5 years, the holder of the Golden Residence Permit can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit, and after 6 years it is even possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. Excerpt of the Commercial Register issued within the prior 45 days in case the investment is made by means of a single-member limited company of which the applicant is the proprietor.

You may never know what will happen to you and your loved ones while driving in Portugal. If you’re involved in an accident, you can claim benefits from your car insurance company. You can immediately call, and someone from the insurance company will provide you specific advice for your situation.

Reasons To Apply For A Residence Permit

Qualive is a boutique real estate developer with an expertise in projects of architectural significance and cultural worth. They have five years of experience in Portugal and they develop premium, design-driven real estate projects that qualify for the €280,000 and €350,000 Golden Visa program. Currently, they have one commercial real estate available in Évora and a residential real estate in Porto.

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