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How To Apply For Grenadas Citizenship By Investment Program

Grenada Citizenship By Investment Opportunities

Once of the key benefits is that you can self-petition for this visa – this means you do not need an employer to sponsor you. The TN Visa is a non-immigrant visa for professionals from NAFTA countries (Canada & Mexico) to work in the United States for up to three years. The rules are different for Canadians and Mexicans and are more advantageous to Canadians.

  • Demand for EB-5 visa from india has become more stable after skyrocketing over the past five years.
  • In most countries, you are taxed based on your residency (live 182 days/year), not citizenship for the income generate inside the country.
  • Team of Professional lawyer for immigration from Grenada in other terms, best immigration lawyer in Grenada, help our clients in smooth and process driven immigration service.
  • Neither will you need to test your knowledge of local customs and traditions.
  • By using the word person, the statute nullified legitimacy requirements for jus soli nationals.
  • Thereafter, we worked on the client’s E-2 Treaty Investor visa application by setting up his own clinic here in the US.

From November 2019, the minimum investment required under the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program had been raised to $900,000 from $500,000 in a Targeted Employment Area and from $1 million to $1.8 million in non-TEAs. Mark Davies, the global chairman of immigration law firm Davies & Associates, said there had been a definite drop in interest towards the EB-5 programme after the US changed the investment guidelines under it. The main applicant may include dependents in the application, such as children and parents. Applicants opting for the approved project route must invest at least USD $350,000. They must keep the real estate for at least three years following the grant of citizenship.

Grenada Citizenship Process

And to renounce it, you’ll first have to get a second citizenship and passport. And while they get the break on their salaries, they will have to keep paying taxes to the IRS on the first dollar of investment income, no matter their salary level. On top of that, foreign residency also means you’re on the path to naturalization.

grenada citizenship by investment

Currently, there are several approved projects, and we expect the government to keep adding more options. In both cases – donation or real estate investment – you’ll receive a passport that has visa-free access to 131 countries. To determine the best citizenship by investment value, we first reviewed each country’s lowest-cost investment option , then divided this cost by the number of visa-free countries its passport allows. Most citizenship by investment countries offer two or more options to purchase a passport. But the quality of Caribbean passports – defined as the number of visa-free countries you can visit – isn’t as high as some of those granted by high-end economic citizenship programs in Europe. In addition to quickly gaining a passport for as low as $145,000 the Caribbean countries offer the most affordable citizenship by investment programs.

Experienced Immigration Consultants

XIPHIAS Immigration helps you and guide you in every way to fulfill your dreams to settle in Grenada. We have all the expertise to prepare your application and advice you before and after you come to Grenada on how to accomplish the conditions put forth by the Grenada Authorities. Featuring chic accommodations, friendly service and one of the best dining experiences in Grenada, Mount Cinnamon provides an authentically Caribbean vacation experience along with the privacy that only a boutique resort can offer. Visa – free regime to over 120 countries, including the United Kingdom, EU, Schengen Zone, China , Singapore etc.

Citizenship may be passed down to future generations without any restrictions. Conventional beach and water-sports tourism is largely focused in the southwest region around St George, the airport and the coastal strip. To extend its influence and opportunities, the Government of Grenada has implemented a policy of appointing honorary consuls, ambassadors and trade commissioners at strategic locations around the world. These persons are appointed to provide benefits for Grenada and to help Grenada nationals in difficulty without increasing the government’s costs. Grenada has seven foreign missions abroad – Washington D.C., London, Brussels, Caracas, Havana, Beijing and New York .

Invest In Property

This is very unique as siblings are not eligible at most other economic citizenship countries. Consequently, Grenada is one of the best citizenship by investment programs for people who want their brother or sister to also obtain a second passport. Grenada’s citizenship application process is speedy and straightforward. In case you need second citizenship quickly, grenada citizenship would be a perfect choice. Grenada citizenship by investment pros and cons and the story behind this program is here.grenada was offering economic citizenship in the nineties but has. Grenada citizenship by investment offers you the chance to purchase a grenada passport via donation or real estate investment.

If you invest in a real estate project, you will need to invest $220,000 or $350,000 depending on the type of investment that you make. After you receive your citizenship in Grenada, you can begin the E2 Visa process. This involves making a substantial investment in a commercial enterprise in the US. After committing the funds to the business, you will then apply for the visa through the consulate.

Granada Citizenship And Grenada Passport

There are no residence requirements nor visit to the country required to become a ‘Dominica Citizen’. Instead of making a real estate purchase, foreign investors can qualify for second citizenship in Grenada by making a charitable donation of at least $150,000 USD to the National Transformation Fund . The major advantage of this route compared to buying real estate is that it requires a person to invest significantly less money.

The EB-5 regional center program expired June 30th and we’re waiting for the US Congress to possibly extend the program in the coming months. Meanwhile, direct EB-5 is alive and well and available at the lower investment amount of $500,000. Grenadian citizenship investment typically costs a minimum of $220,000 in Real Estate purchase.

As this was less than ideal and created negative publicity, the government is now implementing new measures to safeguard the integrity of the program and revenue generated. Revenue that will no doubt go up as in addition to stricter background checks, the investment turkish citizenship level is expected to increase. Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is the most family-friendly investment immigration programme in the world. At Hideaway True Blue, luxury is defined by the marriage of convenience and unparalleled access.

grenada citizenship by investment

We partner with experienced forestry engineers to secure the best results. The maintenance schedule for a period of 8 years is included in the initial investment, after the initial 8 year period, investors will concede to a new maintenance agreement. The director was the first registered licensed local and escrow agent as well as the first local agent to process an application under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program.

For those who wish to apply for a second passport, investment in Government approved real estate is the best way to go about it. It requires applicants to invest in a Government approved real estate project in Grenada, such as our Six Senses developments, and to maintain ownership for at least 5 years. The minimum required investment under the pre-approved real estate option is US$220,000 (which converts to roughly INR 1.6 Cr) plus government fees based on the composition of one’s family.

grenada citizenship by investment

Grenadian citizenship grants you visa-free travel to 125 countries including the EU Schengen area, the UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Grenada is the only Caribbean island with a CBI programme where citizenship comes with the ability to apply for a USA E-2 visa, which grants eligibility to live and operate a business in the US. A big draw in Grenadian citizenship by investment for investors is that they ca continue to benefit from their current passports as Grenada allows dual citizenship. Under the program, dependent children under 30 and dependent parents are included in addition to physically or mentally challenged children.

It may also mean that, depending on the selected real estate, the applicant can make use of property on one of the world’s most spectacular locations. Applicants must also pay a government fee, amounting to US$ 50,000 for up to four family members applying together. Applicants who purchase real estate under the CBI Programme must hold that real estate for a minimum of three years from law firm the date on which they obtain their Grenadian citizenship, at which point they are free to resell. Applicants must invest a minimum of US$350,000, which must be maintained for a minimum of four years. This reduced investment amount means our valued investors take on less risk. The minimum amount includes the main applicant, main applicant’s spouse and two qualifying dependents.

grenada citizenship by investment

Grenada is one of the only CBI countries to allow adult siblings of the applicant to come, as well as dependent children of up to 30 years old. Not only can you apply, but you can also bring your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and even siblings with you. There are certain conditions that people besides you must fulfill, but Grenada’s CBI program is one of the most inclusive in the world.

My exisiting immigration lawyer, who has a global reputation in immigration law, told me that “it couldn’t be done”. Someone suggested I speak to Davies & Associates and they obtained the immigration benefits I wanted. I will always use this firm in the future, they are miracle workers.” Being on a J-1 visa I was facing having to leave the United States and return to my home country. Davies & Associates secured one of only 30 J-1 visa waivers available in my State, allowing me to work for a US hospital and remain in the United States.”

grenada citizenship by investment

Upon satisfaction of these requirements, the CIU issues the Certificate of Registration and passport for the client. CCS ensures that these documents are safely and securely delivered to the client. Many citizenship by investment programs have lists of ineligible nationalities. Grenada, on the other hand, does not restrict any nationalities or citizens of certain territories from applying to its CIP.

Citizenship is valid for a lifetime and can be granted to 2ndgeneration family members and 3rdgeneration family members (not automatic; conditions apply). In addition to its scenery, Grenada offers culture, fun, and friendliness typical staying permit turkey of the authentic Caribbean life – making Grenada the perfect place in which to live, work and play. This island is popular with tourists and ex-pats for its picturesque beaches, stunning waterfalls, and lush tropical vegetation.

grenada citizenship by investment

Gather the necessary documents and submit the application, along with your medical examination results. If you are applying under the Real Estate option, you are required to produce a sale agreement with an approved developer. The experience of Apex Capital Partners with the real estate market allows us to find reliable developers around the world whose projects allow you to obtain citizenship for real estate.

grenada citizenship by investment

This includes no residency requirements, no tax on worldwide income, as well as citizenship of a politically and economically stable country. Grenada permits dual citizenship, meaning that you do not necessarily need to give up your existing citizenship when you acquire Grenadian citizenship. It does, however, allow you to hold Overseas Citizen of India status. This offers similar benefits to citizenship with some restrictions, e.g. on the rights to own land or run for political office.

St Kitts passport offers visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany to 120 countries. Grenada passport offers visa free travel to China, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany to 110 countries. Dominica passport offers visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany to 110 countries. St Lucia passport offers visa free travel to United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany to 110 countries. Maltese passport offers visa free travel to 160 countries in the world to USA, Canada, United Kingdom etc.

grenada citizenship by investment

Featured below are a selection of the best investment options available for citizenship investment in Grenada. Montenegro Economic Citizenship program open since Oct 2019 limited to 2000 foreign applicants. Swiss permanent residence card after 10 years of uninterrupted living. Application process is confidential and citizenship not reported to other countries. RBI/Golden visa schemes will naturally be good choice if you dont want to face risks associated with dual citizenship.

Divers, sailors, newlyweds, and luxury-seekers from all around the world come to enjoy Grenada’s sunshine year-round. It also has a status as an offshore haven, where high-net-worth investors have not hesitated to invest. Grenada sure isn’t the cheapest program out there, nor is it the one with the speediest access to a passport. However, the two aforementioned advantages and the solid reputation make it a real contender when a high net worth individual starts thinking about adding to their passport portfolio. Become a citizen of Grenada in the Caribbean and get a passport offering visa-free travel to 135+ countries. Property transfer tax for Grenada citizens is generally 5% payable by the vendor or seller; Approved projects may be subject to a reduced rate.

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