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Requirements For A Switzerland Schengen Visa

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Requirements For A Switzerland Schengen Visa


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For financial safety and security on your international trip we highly recommend you to purchase travel insurance and avail our special offer. The Switzerland visa requirements depend largely on the purpose of travel. For example, if you’re applying for a Swiss business visa, you may need to provide a business-related document that is not necessary when you apply for a Swiss tourist visa.

Switzerland visa

You will also need to get your residence permit from the cantonal migration offices if you are staying for longer than three months. You should take along your passport as well as your Swiss visa. You will need to apply for one at your cantonal immigration office as soon as you arrive in Switzerland. Make sure you do this within the first 90 days of your stay otherwise you may risk having your visa revoked. B permit – initial temporary residence permit issued as a biometric card. It usually lasts for between 1-5 years; renewals are possible.

How Do I Obtain A Visa To Enter Switzerland?

Work permits may be issued to students holding EU/EFTA citizenship at any time and irrespective of the number of hours worked per week. Under the bilateral agreements enacted on 1 June 2002, students and doctoral candidates resident in the border region and holding EU/EFTA citizenship are eligible for residence in Switzerland. Students from the border region who do not intend to take up residence in Switzerland are not required to hold a residence permit. Doctoral candidates taking up gainful employment in Switzerland require a cross-border work permit. If you wish to study in Switzerland as an international student or doctoral candidate, you must hold a valid residence permit. The Migration Office of the Canton of Zurich will charge CHF 95 for accrediting the visa.

Switzerland visa

On average, a work permit in Switzerland costs around 100 CHF, or about $100. You can find the application form for your specific canton authority on the cantons’ websites. If you are looking to stay in Switzerland for longer than 90 days to study, you will need to submit your application via the Swiss Embassy in New Delhi. Since 2014, applications for long-term work permits should be applied for via your Swiss employer and be sent to authorities in the Swiss canton where you will be working. You will first need to work out which Switzerland Visa you need, depending on your purpose, the length of your trip, and how many times you plan to visit.

Temporary Worker Visas

If your employer has applied for your work permit in Switzerland and it has been granted, you still must apply for a visa to enter Switzerland with the competent Swiss representation abroad. If no specific information is indicated, your passport must simply be valid for the duration of your stay. You will be given the sponsorship declaration form at the Swiss representation when you present your visa application .

For further information on other and all types of visas, please visit the official website of the Swiss Embassy. Personal appearance when applying for a Schengen visa is mandatory to capture the bio-metric data . Moreover, no applicant would be refunded if they withdraw their visa request. In Nigeria, a third-party agency, VFS Global, collects documentation and also visa fees on behalf of the Swiss authorities.

The website also allows you to book an appointment when you complete your application. There are many other countries that are exempt from the visa requirement if you want to visit for up to 90 days, as long as you don’t plan to work while in Switzerland. Businesspeople, tourists, students and workers all use different types of visas, and the standards and requirements are different for each kind. While application can be tricky, MoreVisas is here to help you get your paperwork filed correctly and quickly.

Switzerland visa

The multiple-entry visa offers numerous entries into Egypt over a period of 180 days as long as the total number of days spent in every entry does not exceed 30. The payment of the visa fee is the final part of the application. The vast majority of eVisa applications are quickly approved and the eVisas are sent to travelers by email.

However, these I-20s must be annotated by the designated school official to reflect approval of an OPT program that extends beyond the end of the regular period of study. Students and doctoral candidates from countries requiring a visa for Switzerland Turkish work permit must submit a formal visa application to the nearest Swiss consulate or embassy in their home country. Please ensure that you submit your visa application in good time. The application deadlines are the end of July and mid-December .

This is enough reason for me to recommend Ecuador along with it being visa-free South American country. For Household Helpers and Personal Assistants- A Special List of Requirements is provided. Please visit the website of the country where you will apply or VFS Global, if applicable to get a copy of the special list of requirements as it might vary. I’m writing you these tips all for free – But if you need a little more extra coaching services regarding visa applications, solo backpacking, working abroad, etc., You can hire me to teach you one-on-one for a minimal fee!

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