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Singapores New foreign Interference Law Leaves Journalists Like Me With An Impossible Puzzle

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Singapores New foreign Interference Law Leaves Journalists Like Me With An Impossible Puzzle


Singapore Divorce Lawyer

Law Firm In Singapore

Acted as tax counsel to a Korean investment fund in relation to a Singapore acquisition structure for investment into a Vietnamese hotel, including both asset owning and operating entities. Or work permit turkey you are looking for a non-legal company providing Will drafting service that proclaim to be the cheapest? Let Loh Eben Ong LLP assist you with our innovative Singapore Wills Online and Quote.

Many of our lawyers and several members of our staff will not be at our office during this period unless they need to come in for an appointment. To assist supervising solicitors and practice trainees in addressing issues frequently arising from applications for admission as advocates and solicitors, the Admissions Committee of the Law Society has prepared a list ofFrequently Asked Questions. We thank Mr. Sinna for being there with us in court and trying his best to align his strategies to our desired outcomes. He takes effort to remember the most acute details in every single case, which is even more commendable given the numerous cases on his mind at any given time.

D Rani & Company

It has been suggested that prior to British acquisition of the island, the Malay chief in charge of Singapore was the Temenggung of Johor. The Johor Sultanate was the successor of the Malacca Sultanate, both of which had their own codes of law. It is also possible that adat law, often inadequately translated as “customary law”, governed the inhabitants of the island prior to its acquisition by the British.

Singapore lawyer

We assist with the rights clearances aspect of transactions in this area, including negotiation with copyright licensing bodies on behalf of our clients. We advise on media and marketing campaigns, use of original and licensed content, and social media platforms and apps. Besides intellectual property issues arising in this area, we also assist with issues relating to defamation, particularly in the media, and the tactical handling of these. Our experience in telecommunications matters tracks the evolution of the phased liberalization of the telecommunications industry in Singapore, having involved our professional staff with regulatory, commercial as well as competition issues in this area.

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Offering a full suite of services, the firm has a twin focus on advisory & transactional work where it has been involved in landmark corporate transactions, as well as complex and high-profile litigation and arbitration matters. In a 2018 survey on legal technology among leaders and decision makers in law firms in Singapore, 58 percent of respondents stated that there was no change in spending on legal technology in their firms compared to the previous year. As of 2018, Singapore’s legal sector is still in the infant stages of adopting this technology, despite a majority of respondents viewing the technology favorably. 4.4 Where the contract provides for international arbitration, do your jurisdiction’s courts recognise and enforce international arbitration awards? Yes, construction contracts in Singapore such as the SIA and PSSCOC standard form contracts do provide for arbitration as the method of dispute resolution.

Rajan Chettiar qualified as a barrister-at-law, and after working at several law firms, founded his own firm. They also ensure that assets and property are divided in your favour and child custody is in favour of the children. The corporate departments of law firms advise companies on the corporate deals which they are involved in, such as acquisitions of companies, important inter-company agreements, investment in Singapore by foreign clients, financing of large scale projects undertaken by clients and so on. Working in the litigation department of a law firm or in a firm that does mainly litigation entails interaction with leading lawyers and a taste of the judicial sphere of court practice.

Highlights Of China’s New Personal Information Protection Law

However, little, if anything, is known about the laws that were actually applicable. The British have always assumed that no law prevailed on the island of Singapore when it was acquired. The profile section contains a list of firms that have taken out commercial profiles in The Legal 500. It will also not affect Singaporeans expressing their own views or engaging in advocacy. The Home Affairs Ministry has also previously said it would not apply to foreign individuals or publications “reporting or commenting on Singapore politics, in an open, transparent and attributable way.” Those deemed or designated as “politically significant persons” under the law will have to comply with strict rules relating to donations and declare their links to foreign entities.

Singapore lawyer

Legal service law firm in Singapore, specialising in Civil, Commercial, Construction and Family Justice Litigation as well as Arbitration and Dispute Resolution. Law office covering corporate and commercial practice; shipping and marine issues. Legal services for personal and corporate needs in property, litigation and corporate areas of practice.


To ensure that you reach a fair and equitable outcome, work with an experienced and qualified divorce lawyer. From the largest, most complicated matter to the smallest, we are here for you. We understand how devastating divorce, annulment and family violence can be, so we want to provide a sympathetic ear combined with the best advice for you during this period of time.

Singapore lawyer

I was in a difficult phase in my life, Corrine, Jessica and her team assured me there was a way out. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all your hard work put in and taking your time to explain to me how the process works. Christina Lim is a very professional lawyer and she has given very clear instructions to ensure that her client could understand her intention clearly. At the same time, she also repeated the procedures on numerous occasions to avoid any potential confusion. She is always punctual for the appointments and generally PKWA have been very systematic and efficient with their services.

Too Many Lawyers, Not Enough Jobs: Singapores Legal Brain

Increasing numbers of overseas-educated lawyers are heating up competition in Singapore’s legal services job market and pushing down wages. New measures to tackle the issue suggest cleaning up the pool of qualified candidates and promoting opportunities for fresh graduates to gain more experience. When major stress has entered your life, it can be quite difficult to logically make all of the sound decisions that you will need to.

  • There are also other requirements, including a duty to identify the sender of the marketing message and provide clear and accurate contact information, as well as a duty not to conceal the calling line identity of any voice calls containing such marketing messages.
  • We have vast experience in, and are able to handle both contentious and non-contentious probate and administration matters.
  • Ramesh conducts seminars and trainings for the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants on insolvency and company law.

The course provides an in-depth study of the laws, legal systems, institutions and legal traditions of South, Southeast, and East Asia. Mr Mahtani is regularly appointed as Arbitrator and Arbitration Counsel in major domestic and international arbitrations, including those in the building & construction and oil & gas industries in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India and the region. Expats facing divorce in Singapore must consider a number of unique questions and issues particular to their international status. We offer a free initial 30 minutes consultation on the divorce process in Singapore.

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The Site Contents also does not constitute legal advice, which is why you should still obtain legal advice from a lawyer before taking any legal action. A good lawyer would make an effort to understand your case fully so that he can path the way for you and guide you throughout the divorce proceedings. You should also check the rates the lawyer will be charging for his services. Divorces are costly and it is better to budget between $1500-$2500 SGD as a safe option.

Singapore lawyer

The Automobile Association of Singapore reports that drunk drivers’ cars will be towed if they are found guilty of being over the legal limit and the owners will also have to pay for the vehicle towing costs. And while first time offenders are fined between $1,000 and $5,000 and can lose their driver’s licenses for one to three years, repeat offenders face fines up to $10,000 and jail time. Driving is a privilege in Singapore, something most can’t afford, with only 1.56 cars per every ten people. The government wants to discourage drivers, so along with expensive import duties and tariffs, a car comes with a mandatory 50% down payment and a 10 year license which starts at $45,000 USD.

The Act does not specify security measures to adopt and implement, however the Commission has issued best practice guidance which provides specific examples, including with respect to cloud computing and IT outsourcing. This type of trust protects the settlor’s assets from their investment or business losses. The assets placed into the asset protection trust are not considered as part of the settlor’s estate.

Singapore lawyer

Because of the complexity of legal laws, most people don’t even know about their rights. A lawyer does and they will not stand any injustice committed against you. Moreover, using their legal advice, you will know about your rights and when to use them during the case. One of the most significant factors in determining where the divorce proceedings will be heard is by who issues resident permit turkey the divorce petition first and in which country. At this critical stage, it is important to seek legal advice from an expert Divorce lawyer at the earliest opportunity. Our strong network of international divorce lawyers based in Australia, UK, the Americas, Japan, Europe, China and South-East Asia regions, work together with us to help serve our clients in cross-border matters.

For certified true copies, witnessing, power of attorney to be used overseas . Please note that OCBC Bank may not appoint us unless you have served the Notice of Redemption through its branch and indicate that you wish to appoint a specific law firm and specify LOH EBEN ONG LLP. The appointment of the law firm is at the Bank’s discretion. OCBC Bank may not appoint us unless you have served the Notice of Redemption through its branch and indicate that you wish to appoint a specific law firm and specify LOH EBEN ONG LLP. The appointment of the law firm is at the Bank’s discretion. Engagement of some legal services, such as Deed Poll for Change of Name, Divorce, Probate, Wills and Appointment of Deputy under MCA, can be submitted online through our various websites andSG Lawyers Mobile App .

Singapore lawyer

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