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European Citizenship By Investment Programs


European Citizenship By Investment Programs


Residency, Passport & Citizenship By Investment

Second Passport

We have excellent English-speaking lawyers that are currently helping people across the world apply for Croatian nationality. The Croatian Citizenship Act allows the possibility for the question of citizenship to be regulated on the basis of international treaties. However, at the time that this article was written, no such agreement was mentioned in the law. A person who at some point had Croatian nationality, but had asked to be released from it in order to become a citizen resident permit turkey of some other country, can request to be granted Croatian citizenship again. If a Croatian born in Croatia moved abroad, then their spouse can qualify to apply for citizenship under Article 11 without holding permanent residence ONLY IF the Croatian emigrant left Croatia prior to October 8, 1991. If a Croatian descendant living abroad wishes to apply for Croatian nationality based on lineage, their spouse may also apply for citizenship without holding residence in Croatia.

At the same time, if you prefer a more mild climate or retirement location closer to your family in Europe, Cyprus may be the better alternative. If you have an investment budget of at least 300,000 USD , then the CBI scheme may be right for you. Often only countries with a connection to the UK use the term Non-Dom.

Hatitsigire Kana Kupa Residency Nemabasa Ekudyara Muthailand Kune Avo Vataurwa Pazasi Vanhu Kana Mabhizinesi Muthailand:

These effectively let you invest your earning tax free, up to a certain limit per year. You should approach the Police Headquarters when you decide you would like to apply for Thai Citizenship in order to receive the Checklist of the documents you are required to submit. Many expats who have been living in Thailand for a considerable amount of time decide to undergo the long process that leads to becoming a Naturalized Thai Citizen.

Thailand citizenship by investment

Once you are approved and your investment goes through, you will be issued a certificate of naturalization which you can then use to apply for a passport. Which program is faster really depends on when you submit the application. Once you have gathered all the documents and submitted your application, the government will perform their due diligence process, which can take several months. In recent years, governments have been coming up with more creative investment options for investors interested in citizenship. In St. Lucia, nobody cares that you have a genuine connection to the country. Their passport is not as powerful, though, so there is a trade-off.

Running A Cambodian Company As A Foreign Subsidiary

The SLF had an eligibility limit on family income, but interest was 1 per cent starting a year after graduation. The programs were merged and the income limit modified after Thaksin’s government was overthrown. Since the introduction of the real estate option turkish citizenship by investment for Citizenship by Investment in 2015, Dominica has been validated as having the number one investment program for second citizenship. In response, St. Lucia became the first country to offer a COVID-19 discount on its citizenship by investment program.

The region is home to five Citizenship By Investment programs, and is responsible for making the sale of citizenship in exchange for donations mainstream around the world. Inside we have included a complete list of countries that give citizenship by birth. Brazil’s is such an easy passport to get because it is the KING of ‘flexible’ citizenship options– getting married, adopting a child, hell… even adopting a rainforest, in some cases. One, they refuse to extradite their citizens to answer for foreign crimes. The official requirement is that you show a minimum of $1,000/month in passive income to be eligible, but our lawyers recommend showing $2,000 or more.

The 10 Most Valuable Passports Money Can Buy

Later in the early Medieval period citizenship became slightly less important, though it remained imperative for merchants to secure safe conduct. In the 13th century Marco Polo’s father became the first European to receive safe conduct from Kublai Khan, granting him safe passage and access to the entire Mongol Empire. Passports are an invaluable document dating back to Biblical times when individuals could be granted “safe conduct” letters requesting that the governors of foreign lands grant them safe passage. The first mention of a passport is in the Bible’s book of Nehemiah from approximately 450 BC.

We have a very experienced team of professionals who are intimately knowledgeable about the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program. Clients are afforded personalized and confidential service through our team of dual citizenship specialists. We are industry leaders who have been tested and proven by our clients. Thank you for your interest in our Citizenship by Investment programs.

Following a successful result, a letter of approval in principal will be issued. Once this letter is received the Government contribution is paid. If real estate is being purchased the outstanding 90% of the purchase price will be required. This investment will enable not only you but also your family to become citizens of Dominica and receive your second passport in less than 4 months.

Thailand citizenship by investment

The President is the Supreme Commander of the Bangladesh Armed Forces and the chancellor of all universities. One of the key aspects of Bangladeshi politics is the “spirit of the liberation war” which refers to the ideals of the liberation movement during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The Proclamation of Independence enunciated the values of “equality, human dignity and social justice”.

European Citizenship

Obtaining a Vanuatu passport thus facilitates immigration planning, overseas assets management and global travelling. The Vanuatu Citizenship-by-Investment Programme offers visa-free travel to 130 countries, including the European Union, United Kingdom and many other popular destinations. With no physical residency required, and a streamlined route to citizenship-by-investment, the island nation of Vanuatu is an attractive option for worldwide investors.

Thailand citizenship by investment

A 12.5% real property tax is levied annually on the rental value of the property. Inheritances over THB100,000,000 are taxed at a 10% rate, though reductions may apply under certain circumstances. A gift tax applies on donations of assets exceeding THB20,000,000 . To become a citizen of Thailand, you must renounce your previous nationality. The permanent residence permit will allow you to stay in Thailand indefinitely without needing a visa. However, a re-entry permit must be applied to leave Thailand, otherwise your PR may be cancelled.

Compare European Citizenship

However, there is some sort of a “secret” path to obtaining Austrian nationality. There is a citizenship program that allows extremely wealthy individuals to gain citizenship in exchange for a donation of several million dollars. In addition, a high-ranking Austrian official must recommend you to the government, so it’s basically next to impossible.

This is the cost of participation in the Montenegrin citizenship program. By naturalization, a foreigner can become a citizen of Egypt if he has lived in the country for at least 10 years. It takes an average of 6 to 9 months to obtain citizenship by investment. The Egyptian citizenship program by investment is primarily designed for Syrian businessmen who live in the country as refugees. Before the program was launched, businessmen had asked the Egyptian government several times to create a faster path to citizenship.

  • The CBIU then considers the findings of this comprehensive report when determining if the individual is a diserable candidate.
  • Now I’m living in Barcelona and to applying for the citizenship here, I have to do it through the Croatian embassy in Madrid with a previous appointment.
  • As long as all the paperwork is in order, his application should go quickly.
  • This means, of course, that Portugal does allow dual citizenship.
  • The residence visa cannot be transferred but can be upgraded to the Elite Ultimate Privilege option for THB 1.498 million including VAT or the Elite Superiority Extension for THB 400,000 including VAT .
  • You can qualify if you have a parent who was a Norwegian citizen at the time of your birth.

When you get a Turkish passport by investment, there’s no requirement for you to reside or even visit Turkey after securing your citizenship. After your application is received, your residency permit should be issued within 7 business days. Once you’ve secured and paid for your property, you can move on to the next stage of getting your Turkish passport by investment. Once you have your Turkish citizenship, you can hand it down through the generations to your children and grandchildren. Children under the age of 18 can get a Turkish passport through your application.

Thailand citizenship by investment

You will need to have lived in the country for at least seven years with a residence card. On top of being able to speak and write fluently in Khmer, you will also need to have brushed up on your knowledge of Cambodian history. You will have to sit through an exam to prove your proficiency in these areas. Having Cambodian citizenship may come handy if you are looking to buy real estate while in the Kingdom. Montenegro’s Ministry of Internal Affairs is responsible for administering the citizenship program.

Thailand citizenship by investment

The law covers descendants of anyone who was a Hungarian citizen before 1920 or between 1941 and 1945. The law includes areas that used to be part of Hungary but are now parts of neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Romania. So, no ancestor has revoked their Italian nationality or become a citizen of another country before their next in line was born. U.S. Embassy Bangkok’s Consular Section has reduced availability for routine services until further notice. If you have a time-sensitive emergency need for a passport, report of birth abroad, or notary service please email with your name and an explanation of your situation. Please note the Royal Thai government is under no obligation to extend short-term visas and may end the practice at any time.

Keep in mind, though, that in addition to the donation or investment amount and the fees, you may need to pay a commission to an agent, a fee to an advisor, or a legal fee to a law firm. These parties will liaise your application process with the corresponding government. One thing that we should mention here is that Caribbean countries that offer citizenship by investment typically do not permit you to invest in a local business. All of the Caribbean citizenship by investment programs give you visa-free travel to the Schengen Zone (visa-free area of Europe).

Ershad pursued administrative decentralisation, dividing the country into 64 districts, and pushed Parliament to make Islam the state religion in 1988. A 1990 mass uprising forced him to resign, and Chief Justice Shahabuddin Ahmed led the country’s first caretaker government as part of the transition to parliamentary rule. The constituent assembly adopted the constitution of Bangladesh on 4 November 1972, establishing a secular, multiparty parliamentary democracy. The new constitution included references to socialism, and Prime Minister Sheikh Mujibur Rahman nationalised major industries in 1972. The Awami League won the country’s first general election in 1973, securing a large majority in the “Jatiyo Sangshad”, the national parliament.

Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the USA offer investment immigration programs, and Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Latvia offer EU investor visa schemes. A second citizenship is much more valuable than an investment visa, however, and investor immigration programs do not provide an instant second passport. The Dominica Citizenship Program offers an excellent second citizenship and powerful second passport at a much lower cost than investment citizenship programs in similar jurisdictions. Many industry experts consider Dominica the cheapest and easiest second passport amongst reputable citizenship by investment countries.

Start the online application on the official website by completing a series of forms. As one of the largest economies in the world as well as a strategic pathway to the European Single Market, in recent years, Italy has taken action trying to paint itself as an attractive location for foreign investors. Investors, their spouse and family members are all included in the program. Eligibility to apply for citizenship after five years as a legal resident while keeping other citizenships. Visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area and to 160+ countries.

Thailand citizenship by investment

Mehul Choksi, an Indian billionaire wanted in connection with a $2bn fraud at Punjab National Bank, moved in January to Antigua and Barbuda, where he has been a proud citizen since last year. If “home”, as Robert Frost, an American poet, put it, is where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in, Mr Thaksin is one of many to find that the home he inherited at birth is not enough. Thousands of passports are bought and sold every year, almost always by the wealthy. The number of commercially acquired residence permits runs into the hundreds of thousands.

Thailand citizenship by investment

Our rest of the world programs offer a variety of travel, business and lifestyle benefits for a wide range of investors. Citizenship-by-investment programs not only offer applicants many sought-after travel, lifestyle and investment benefits, they also provide a valuable source of income for developing countries and economies. Australians also have the option of continuing to voluntarily contribute to their personal superannuation funds. Similar to Thai retirement savings there are tax advantages while working in Australia. While these contributions don’t garner any tax advantage under Thai law, and any contributions are treated as ‘concessional’ after tax contributions under Australian law. The good news is that you only have to live in Australia for a minimum of 10 years from the age of 16 to be eligible for an Australian aged pension.

Thailand citizenship by investment

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