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Hong Kong Arrests Dozens, Including U S Citizen, Under Security Law

Hong Kong Extradition Bill Galvanizes Civil Society

At protest scenes, protesters used hand gestures for nonverbal communication, and supplies were delivered via human chains. Some were “scouts” who shared real-time updates whenever they spotted the police, while others were “firefighters” who extinguished tear gas with kitchenware and traffic cones. Protesters commonly used LIHKG, an online forum similar to Reddit, as well as Telegram, an optionally end-to-end encrypted messaging service to communicate and brainstorm ideas for protests and to make collective decisions. Unlike previous protests, those of 2019 spread over 20 different neighbourhoods. Protesters and their supporters remained anonymous to avoid prosecutions or future potential retaliation from the authorities, employers who had a different political orientation, and corporations which kowtowed to political pressure.

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But she is hoping for more details on the new visa scheme to understand if it will be of assistance to people involved in the protest movement that need it the most. While skilled and graduate visa holders will be able to extend their visas and businesses will be incentivised to move their operations to Australia, there are no plans for any special humanitarian intake for Hong Kong residents. Will not be required to meet any salary thresholds, unlike other migrants applying for a work visa from outside the European Economic Area. This is a crucial feature of the U.K.’s immigration system, set to be extended to EEA migrants from January 2021. Johnson said the law, which was passed on Tuesday and has already led to arrests of protesters, “violates Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy” and threatens the freedoms and rights of its citizens.

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Hong Kong’s crime rate is generally low but pickpocketing and other street crimes can occur. Singaporeans are advised to take extra care of their personal belongings including travel document, money and valuables in crowded areas. If you plan to stay more than 90 days, please obtain an extension with the Hong Kong SAR Immigration Department. If you plan to work or study in Hong Kong, you must obtain your visa prior to departing Singapore. Government estimates show that 2.9 million people and a further 2.3 million dependents will be eligible to come to Britain.

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A new visa scheme offering millions of Hong Kongers a pathway to British citizenship will go live later on Sunday as the city’s former colonial master opens its doors to those wanting to escape China’s crackdown on dissent. Where you have no claim to Chinese nationality, it is only possible to become a citizen of the People’s Republic of China through long-term naturalization. This requires that you officially give up any other citizenship to other countries. Critics say the law breaches human rights, as anyone seeking international protection must be guaranteed an asylum process. Business Standard has always strived hard to provide up-to-date information and commentary on developments that are of interest to you and have wider political and economic implications for the country and the world. Your encouragement and constant feedback on how to improve our offering have only made our resolve and commitment to these ideals stronger.

Uk Opens Visa Scheme For Hong Kong Residents To Become Citizens

As well as offering humanitarian assistance to support the rights of Hong Kong citizens, Taiwan views the move as a “great opportunity for Taiwan to attract talent,” said Chen Ming-tong, the minister of Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council, responsible for ties with China. A recent report claimed that the authorities have now implemented a “restriction order” that will prohibit stars with foreign nationalities from working in the country. Ahead of the PM’s commitment, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy called on the Government to “lay out the concrete steps” to fulfil its commitments to the people of Hong Kong. “It violates Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and is in direct conflict with Hong Kong basic law. The law also threatens the freedoms and rights protected by the Joint Declaration.

  • Activities considered as national security violations are broadly and vaguely defined.
  • To make things easier for everybody, all minimal risk passengers are encouraged to file their application for the Health Declaration online.
  • China doesn’t recognize dual nationals under its Nationality Law and Hong Kong residents of Chinese descent are regarded as Chinese citizens.
  • Britain has already stoked the regime’s fury after it said it will offer a path to citizenship to more than three million Hong Kong residents who were born before the handover to China.
  • After his death, protesters engaged in flash rallies against the police and attended vigils in various districts of Hong Kong.

Eight months after their wedding, she and her husband Chan Hei-wa started their life together in a foreign land. Now, having settled into a leased studio, Wong is charged with scouting for good schools for Chan’s nephews. Soon after arriving in London late last year, Judy Wong beat out more than 100 candidates to land a job at a startup.

Exchange Traded Funds Etfs And Bulgarian Citizenship

Currently, there are 350,000 BNO passport holders in Hong Kong and a further 2.6 million people are eligible. Hong Kong residents were able to register for a BNO passport from 1987 to June 30, 1997, the last day before Hong Kong’s reunification with China. Hong Kong passport holders do not require a visa to visit the United Kingdom for tourism interests if their stay does not exceed six months. Applicants from Hong Kong must apply for specialized visas for study, work, and commercial purposes. If you’re interested in Hong Kong immigration to the UK, please leave a message in the comments below. London made changes to its visa rules to give millions of Hong Kong residents a chance to settle in Britain after China imposed a new security law that democracy activists say will end the freedoms promised to the territory in 1997.

It is expected that up to 150,000 BNO status holders will arrive in the UK in the first year, and up to 320,000 over five years. The offer by the British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, followed the adoption of a resolution by China’s National People’s Congress to enact a national security law for Hong Kong. China’s move drew sharp criticism from western democracies, including the US, which announced it would begin revoking Hong Kong’s preferential trade treatment as the city was “no longer autonomous” from China. Reuters conducted polls in December 2019, March 2020, June 2020 and August 2020. The last poll showed that an increasing number of Hongkongers support the pro-democracy goals since the national security law was implemented. 70% wanted an independent commission of inquiry that looked into how the police handled the protests.

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Since the imposition of the National Security Law on June 30, 2020, the PRC unilaterally and arbitrarily exercises police and security power in Hong Kong. The PRC has demonstrated an intention to use this authority to target a broad range of activities it defines as acts of secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign entities. The National Security Law also covers offenses committed by non-Hong Kong residents or organizations outside of Hong Kong, which could subject U.S. citizens who have been publicly critical of the PRC to a heightened risk of arrest, detention, expulsion, or prosecution. PRC security forces, including the new Office for Safeguarding National Security, now operate in Hong Kong and are not subject to oversight by the Hong Kong judiciary. U.S.-PRC citizens and U.S. citizens of Chinese heritage may be subject to additional scrutiny and harassment, and the PRC government may prevent the U.S. The Home Office appears to have dramatically widened the pool of Hong Kong citizens that will be eligible to apply for UK citizenship, implying millions may be able to apply if China presses ahead with plans for draconian new security legislation in the territory.

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Another rumour was that the CIA was involved in instigating the protests after photographs of Caucasian men taking part in the protests were shared online. The pro-Beijing camp also claimed pro-democracy lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting was responsible for bringing protesters to Yuen Long causing the attack to occur, despite the fact that Lam himself was a victim of the attack and arrived after the attack began. The police blamed fake news for causing public’s distrust towards law enforcement, though the police itself were also accused by several media outlets and prosecutors of lying to the public. But in June of this year, China enacted a sweeping national security law bypassing Hong Kong approval that has drawn international criticism for its broad and vague language prohibiting subversion against the Chinese government and other acts deemed a security threat.

no Room For Debate: Hong Kong Outlines Security Law For Schools

The bill would allow local authorities to detain and extradite fugitive offenders who are wanted in territories that Hong Kong does not have extradition agreements with, including mainland China and Taiwan. Hong Kong is cosmopolitan and multicultural and had a foreign population of 485,760 in 1998, including large groups from the Philippines, Indonesia, the United States, Canada, Thailand, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, Japan, and Nepal. Most persons from the Philippines are female “domestic helpers” who have special visas that prevent them from becoming residents.

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Student protesters from the Chinese University of Hong Kong confronted the police for two consecutive days. A major conflict between protesters and police took place in Hung Hom on 17 November after protesters took control of the Hong Kong Polytechnic Turkish resident permit University and blockaded the Cross-Harbour Tunnel. Thus began the siege of PolyU by police which ended with them storming onto the campus and arresting several protesters and volunteer medics in the early morning of 18 November.

Hong Kong Issues Arrest Warrant For U S Citizen Under New National Security Law

Taking effect on Tuesday night, the law makes activities deemed subversive or secessionist punishable by imprisonment. It is seen as targeting anti-government demonstrations that have roiled the territory for months. Hong Kong last month said they would stop recognising British National passports as travel documents or identification. Australia previously cautioned its citizens that Hong Kong’s National Security Law could be interpreted broadly and Australians may break the law without intending to. Dual nationals should register with the Hong Kong Immigration Department if they wish to be considered a national of Australia. It is advised that Hong Kong citizens complete their eTA application 72 hours prior to their departure date.

After being a British territory for some time, Hong Kong was given back to China in 1997 with the assurance that the region would be able to maintain its capitalist system for 50 years after that. The United Kingdom will be offering many residents of Hong Kong a pathway to citizenship . ” is definitely intimidating, but the Hong Kong people are still fighting on,” said Jake, an international student from Hong Kong, who requested his surname not be used because he feared being charged for his involvement. “We hope the Australian side take an objective and rational view on the legislation, abide by international law and basic norms of international relations, and stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs.” But creating a special protection program for Hong Kong residents would further inflame tensions between Australia and China. Last month, the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab pushed his counterparts in the Five Eyes intelligence network — which consists of the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada — to help resettle Hong Kong residents if there was a “mass exodus” from the city.

Polling has shown strong public support for the proposal, with 42 percent of the respondents surveyed by YouGov in favor against only 24 percent who oppose the move. Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, urged China to uphold the promises it made in the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which was a legally binding international treaty. Former UK consulate employee Simon Cheng was granted asylum in the UK in June 2020. He was previously detained by Chinese authorities who reportedly tortured him to force a confession that the UK was involved in instigating the protests, though Chinese authorities stated that he was detained for “soliciting prostitutes”. On 3 June 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that if China were to continue pursuing the national security law, he would open a path to British citizenship for Hong Kong residents who were eligible for a British National passport .

HongKong citizenship

Completing a Health Declaration Form is one of the requirements of the Taiwan government for a traveler to enter its borders. The form needs to be completed before embarking on the flight and can be done online or in writing Turkish work permit by the traveler himself/herself. The online form can be found inside the section for Health Declaration and Home Quarantine under the Quarantine System for Entry within the Ministry of Health and Welfare website.

HongKong citizenship

Xi Jinping’s accession to General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012 marked a more hardline authoritarian approach, most notably with the construction of Xinjiang internment camps. The spectre that Hong Kong may similarly be brought to heel became an important element in the protests. On 16 June, just one day after the Hong Kong government suspended the bill, an even bigger protest took place to push for its complete withdrawal and in reaction to the perceived excessive use of force by the Hong Kong Police Force on 12 June. Police inaction during the 2019 Yuen Long attack and 2019 Prince Edward station attack further escalated the protests.

HongKong citizenship

Our travel assistance includes a mistake-free reviewed application, as well as 24/7 multilingual Customer Service support during the fulfilling of the form, as well as keep you updated regarding the status of your EVUS application, among others. Please note that our professional services are provided for a fee, which you can consult in our “About us” section. Should you wish to apply through the US Customs and Border Protection, you may do so here. By paying and using our private services you accept and acknowledge the above statements. Hong Kong courts continue to exercise the power of judicial review over Hong Kong legislation, but the NSL states the NPCSC, rather than Hong Kong courts, have the power to interpret the NSL. NPCSC decisions, including to disqualify four sitting HK LegCo members, have the force of law in Hong Kong and are not subject to judicial review by Hong Kong courts.

Those who were British subjects on 31 December 1948 were entitled to acquire CUKC status by declaration. The deadline for this was originally 31 December 1949, but the deadline was extended to 31 December 1962 by the British Nationality Act 1958. Foreign nationals who once held Chinese nationality can apply for restoration of Chinese nationality.

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