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Britain Threatens To Extradite Hong Kong Citizens


Britain Threatens To Extradite Hong Kong Citizens


Ce’s Letter To Hong Kong Citizens

Ctv National News For Friday, October 15, 2021

Despite this, the pro-democratic movement’s tactics were repurposed to pressure the government to take stronger actions to safeguard Hong Kong’s public health in the face of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong. Protesters demanded all mainland travellers be banned from entering Hong Kong. From 3 to 7 February 2020, hospital staff launched a labour strike with the same goal. The strike was partially successful as Lam, despite rejecting a full border closure, only left three of the 14 crossing points with mainland China open.

By this definition, anyone born in Hong Kong after it became a British colony in 1842 was a British subject. The Naturalisation of Aliens Act 1847 expanded what had been covered in the Naturalisation Act 1844, which applied only to people within the United Kingdom, to all its dominions and colonies. The Act made provisions for naturalisation as well as allowing for acquisition of British subject status by marriage between a foreign woman and a man with British subject status.


Britain on Friday hailed a new visa offering Hong Kong citizens a route to citizenship after China’s crackdown but Beijing said it would no longer recognize special British passports offered to residents of the former colony. If you haven’t already reported the loss or theft, you must include form LS01 with your passport application. Note that you need to report a lost or stolen passport at the British Embassy in the country you are located and also the local police force as the embassy would want the report.

“The enactment and the imposition of this national security law constitutes a clear and serious breach of the Sino-British joint declaration,” Mr Johnson said. “It violates Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy and is in conflict with Hong Kong’s Basic Law.” Under the national security law, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “Hong Kong’s promise of democracy has dimmed.” “The PRC has fundamentally altered the bedrock of Hong Kong’s institutions and suppressed freedoms of Hong Kongers,” he said in a statement. China introduced the national security law in Hong Kong on June 30, 2020, giving Beijing more power over the territory’s judiciary and criminalizing many types of political activities. Biden cited the “politically motivated arrests” of more than 100 opposition politicians, activists and protestors on charges under the national security law, including allegations of secession, subversion and terrorist activities. Britain believes that when China imposed its national security law on Hong Kong earlier this year, it breached the terms of the handover agreement signed by the two countries.

China Responds To Australian Concern Over Laws

It will cost the government an estimated HK$36bn, of which HK$600m is for administrative expenses. If you’re a British national , you and your family members may be able to apply for a British National visa. British overseas territories citizens from Hong Kong who did not register as British nationals and had no other nationality or citizenship on 30 June 1997 became British overseas citizens on 1 July 1997. To be eligible for an ETA, a Hong Kong national should possess a SAR passport for Hong Kong. FROM JANUARY 31st Hong Kongers are invited to apply for a new British National Overseas visa that leads to citizenship.

Failure to do so is an immigration offence in Malaysia and the penalties can be severe, including detention, a fine, and a ban from future entry into the country. “I am immensely proud that we have brought in this new route for Hong Kong BNs to live, work and make their home in our country,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said, referring to a special British National Overseas passport. Government has forecast the new visa could attract more than 300,000 people and their dependents to Britain. When you need to get your Hong Kong travel visa processed quickly, Travel Document Systems is here to help. All of the Hong Kong visa requirements and application forms, plus convenient online ordering.

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Tse’s announcement is a fruit of the recent reshuffled Chineseentertainment industry. The measures came after some celebrities either seriously violated Chinese laws or harmed the Chinese people’s national sentiment. For example, the tax evasion case of actress Zheng Shuang, the rape accusation against Chinese-Canadian rapper Kris Wu, and the visit of actor Zhang Zhehan to the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan. The details of the law were only revealed to the public at the very moment that it took effect, which is extraordinary in a common law system,” Nankivell told committee members. “It’s not simply a bilateral treaty, it was registered at the United Nations and Canada was a witness to that registration. As a result, Canada has an obligation to ensure that this international treaty is upheld, which is currently not the case,” Michael Chong, a Conservative MP and member of the special committee, noted during the meeting.

HongKong citizenship

If you had an HKSAR passport, that would tell us that you are a Chinese citizen, as HKSAR passports can only be issued to Chinese citizens with Hong Kong permanent residency, but you don’t have one so that doesn’t tell us anything. Several political and activist groups in the city formally disbanded on Monday in advance of the law being introduced. Shopkeepers tore down posters that supported anti-government protests, and many citizens hastily deleted social media posts and accounts. By the time Britain and China signed the Joint Declaration in December 1984, they had reached a compromise on the nationality issue, which took the form of an exchange of memoranda.

Apply For Citizenship If You Have British Nationality

The scheme will also be extended to include red minibuses, kaitos and tramways. The scheme, which was introduced June 2012 and since extended in phases, currently extends to MTR journeys, franchised bus routes, green minibus and domestic ferry services. It is expected that over 600,000 Hong Kong residents will benefit from the enhanced scheme. In order to prevent abuse the scheme will in future be implemented by means of an Octopus JoyYou Card with photo ID and will be restricted to locals. Applications from Hong Kong residents for the new JoyYou card are being accepted in phases from August but the card will only serve as a standard Adult Octopus until 27th February 2022. People holding an existing Personalised Octopus with “Persons with Disabilities” Status can continue to use that card and don’t need to apply for the JoyYou Card.

You’ll get extra time to provide your fingerprints, photo and additional information, and to book a citizenship ceremony. You must not have held citizenship or nationality of another country at the time or since. “We’re too British to be Chinese,” Eric Cheung, a British National Overseas, told the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

During the reporting period, the Hong Kong government and PRC took repeated actions to restrict the ability of Hong Kong voters to elect their representatives. Since 2016, the Electoral Affairs Commission required all LegCo candidates to sign a pledge stating that Hong Kong is an “inalienable part” of China. In July 2020, the commission disqualified twelve candidates for the since-postponed September 2020 LegCo elections, including four sitting LegCo members, for speech the commission deemed incompatible with the pledge. Under the supervision of the PRC, the Hong Kong government used the NSL to stifle pro-democracy voices and crack down on political activity. Since June 2020, elements of the HKPF and the Hong Kong Department of Justice worked with, and under the supervision of, mainland Chinese officials to carry out politically motivated reprisals against opposition politicians and activists. Applicants need to prove they can support themselves for the first six months of their stay in the UK.

HongKong citizenship

To submit a Hong Kong Par application, it is necessary to have an Indian passport valid for at least six months. The Hong Kong Pre Registration is available for Indian nationals traveling to Hong Kong for purposes of leisure, business, family visits or transit. The Hong Kong Pre Arrival Registration , introduced in 2017, is an Electronic Travel Authorization required for Indian citizens to travel to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region . A visa/entry permit will be issued only on receipt of an original, properly completed visa application form. To shorten the processing time, application forms and supporting documents can be sent by fax in the first instance.

freedom, Justice: Why Hong Kong People Are Moving To The Uk

Many Hong Kong residents are eligible for a British “overseas passport” because they lived on the island at the time the U.K. Returned control of Hong Kong back to China under the promise that China would allow Hong Kong to remain a democratic country. You will need to submit supporting evidence and pay the application and immigration fees. You are eligible if you have British National status, are 18 or over and you live permanently either in Hong Kong, or if you are applying from the UK, you live in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

According to an article in The South China Morning Post, the BN was first issued in 1987, 10 years before the return of sovereignty over Hong Kong from Britain to China. The document replaced the British Dependent Territories citizens’ passport. Anyone who was a British Overseas Territories Citizen by connection with Hong Kong was able to register as a British national before July 1, 1997.

Those born before the handover can apply for a special British National Overseas passport. The UK is offering BNO holders the right to live, study and work in Britain for five years and eventually apply for citizenship. The Chinese government, angry at the move, said it would no longer recognize the BNO passport as a valid travel document as of Sunday, Jan. 31. Will offer up to three million Hong Kong residents a path to British citizenship in response to China’s imposition of new national security law on the territory, Boris Johnson said.

The peaceful group held mass rallies, and engaged in other forms of protest such as hunger strikes, forming human chains, launching petitions, labour strikes, and class boycotts. Lennon Walls were set up in various neighbourhoods to spread messages of support and display protest art. Protesters had set up pop-up stores that sold cheap protest gadgets, provided undercover clinics for young activists, and crowdfunded to help people in need of medical or legal assistance. For the most part there are two groups of protesters, namely the “peaceful, rational and non-violent” protesters and the “fighters” group.

HongKong citizenship

The government has stated that these people, as well as their close family members, such as a spouse and children, will be eligible because it does not want to split family units (BNO visa Impact Assessment, p. 3). Prior to the UK’s handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, most residents of Hong Kong would have been classed as British Dependent Territories citizens , which conferred the unrestricted right to live only in Hong Kong, and not the UK. In the ten resident permit turkey years before the handover, these citizens were entitled to apply for BNO status, in order to retain a connection with the UK after the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong to China. The total cost in immigration fees for BNOs to become British citizens is presented in Table 1. It shows that the up-front cost for one adult Hong Kong BNO citizen to move to the UK under the route for five years is £3,370, with the total route to citizenship costing £6,965.

HongKong citizenship

For citizens of Hong Kong who are residing and staying in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and some EU countries, please contact our 24/7 Customer Support or email us to find out how you qualify for other Thai visa options. Litigation Services Siam Legal has a team of foreign legal professionals from America, Europe and Asia who are committed to extend impeccable service to its foreign clientele. Chinese authorities arrested 10 people under the new legislation during protests Wednesday marking the anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China.

You may also need to provide a TB test certificate if you have been living in Hong Kong or another country where you have to take a TB test for the past 6 months, or you did not provide a TB test certificate when you came to the UK. It is not possible for a dependant to apply after your visa decision has been made. Both you and your family members will need to prove in your individual applications that you have a qualifying relationship and that you live with each other.

HongKong citizenship

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